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Pen and Paper

Pen & Paper

Finally the most important piece of kit is you!
Our senses are the best tool we can have, we can feel when something isn’t right or feels uncomfortable.

We can hear a pin drop in the right surroundings, and we know when the temperature fluctuates, we can feel it. You can hear a whoosh of a dress as a spirit walks past. Or a door slam in a prison. You can also smell the perfume or a cigar from a passing spirit.

We don’t need any special equipment to search for the paranormal, but we can’t remember everything so a pen and a notebook are essential so that we can record what happens during an investigation.

So no matter how much kit you have, don’t forget to write down what it feels like wherever you investigate and write down what happens, so that on future visits to the same location you can recall what happened and how you felt and compare each visit with previous visits.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too, investigating should be fun. As soon as it isn’t, stop.

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