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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 11-1-2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 11th January 2013

Pluckley, Kent

This was the first visit of 2013 to the woods and it was a very calm evening with no wind and to me it really wasn’t that cold either. The level of mud on the other hand hadn’t decreased since our last visit in December, but the level of spiritual activity was just as high.

The first session we encountered lots of KII (EMF) activity as well as lots of communication from our electronic equipment. We were joined by a male spirit energy, approximately 23 years old. He looked rather rough, with an unshaven face and he didn’t want to talk to me. He did however give some of the guests the sensation of being pushed.

Also present was Philip, a spirit energy who I have often encountered in these woods, as he had a motorcycle accident no too far from this location. There was also a female spirit energy present, but she seemed very shy and did not want to approach us.

During the resulting séance the spirit energies joined together to move the arms of some of the guests and to push and sway them.

The second location I shone the laser grid further along the pathway, as this has proved to be very successful on past visits, however this time nothing notable was seen in the grid even though the spirit energies present were communicating with us via our electronic equipment and saying that they were walking into the laser lights, but we didn’t see anything. Also in this area there were very high levels of EMF shown on our KII meters.

When I turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio channels at 100ms in reverse) we heard “Hi” and “Hello” almost immediately followed by various names, I had asked for the spirit to say one of our names, but these name were not the same as the people present. Then after a gap of about 5 minutes we heard “Steve & Stephen” followed by “Alfred, Robert, Bob”. When asking for the spirit to say the number of people we all clearly heard “9” but there were 11 of us. However one thing that we don’t know is whether the spirit that was using this device to talk to us could count.

During this time many guests heard strange noises in the woods and since we had not heard any animal noises all evening, I question what had made these strange noises, as it didn’t sound like an animal, more an impact sound.

Since many people were feeling cold we started to walk out of the woods, but stopped on a crossroad since the guests who were holding the electronic equipment started to see high spikes of EMF on the KII meters and communication resumed via the other equipment.

We then entered a small piece of woodland to try to hear if spirit would repeat a whistle, but nothing was heard apart from lots of dog barking.

This was a good ghost hunt with some “normal” activity felt by the guests, but many guests could not stand the coldness of the woods and the ghost hunt finished early.

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