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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 26-5-2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 26th May 2013
Pluckley, Kent.

Our Pluckley ghost hunts are very popular which is why this particular event was held on a Sunday, albeit a Bank Holiday weekend in the hope that it wouldn’t be busy either in Pluckley or the woods, however there were a large number of people in the car park when we arrived and were leaving after spending a couple of hours getting muddy walking around the woods. By the time we started they had all left the woods, but we could still hear them shouting in the car park.

However as we walked deeper into the woods, thankfully we could hear less of their shouting and screaming. After stopping in the middle of the woods, which is where I normally start and after handing out some of our portable ghost hunting equipment the spirit energies started to make themselves known. Firstly by lighting up our KII (EMF) meters and then using the communication devices so that the guests could ask questions and get responses. Many people also took photos at this time and some of their photos contained some strange anomalies, namely mists. Light anomalies or orbs we ignore in the woods because it is probable that they are caused by an environmental issue; like pollen, moisture or insects. A male spirit called Thomas, aged 34 years old joined us briefly and some guests were able to use the electronic equipment to ask him questions.

From here we moved onto another active spot, in fact it is the spot where I and previous guests have heard a strange female scream, which is probably how the woods got its name.

At this location we were joined by a familiar male spirit to me, his name is Philip and he passed away in a motorcycle accident near to the woods in the 1960s. I asked Philip to move the arms of the guests when we were holding the séance, which he was able to do with ease. One of the guests was Spanish and did not understand any English, so it was quite a surprise to him when his hands started to move. Other guests including myself found this quite interesting because this particular person didn’t understand English then he could not have known what I was asking the spirit to do to him and others, which proved to the guests that it wasn’t mind over matter. Lots of guests also felt swaying motions and being pulled backwards into a sort of limbo position! Many guests were also touched (by the arms of other guests) on limbs that were recovering i.e. broken arms, shoulders, ribs etc.

At the end of this séance session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment.

Unfortunately most of the questions contained too much background noise like coughing, whispering and general shuffles to hear any spirit response, however one question had a clear answer from Philip. This can be heard at

From here we moved onto another active spot within the woods, the particular area is a much more spooky part of the woods, the trees have grown in an odd way, which many guests say they look spooky and that the trees seem to watch!

Turning on my spirit box (a device that’s scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) and asking for the spirit present to say someone’s name it didn’t take long before we heard “Steve” plus some other names, although none of those were guests names. But we did hear the words “Go” and “Now”. With this the guests wanted to leave this particular part of the woods as that had spooked them out. Just as we were about to leave the area, two guests (a mother and her son) both heard a voice say “Jesus” however no-one else heard this, nor any noise that could be interpreted as a voice. This is something that happens frequently in this part of the woods, people have often heard voices or noises that no-one else hears.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which many guests had some form of paranormal activity that they couldn’t explain happen to them.

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