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Darnley Mausoleum – Private ghost hunt – 14-10-2011

Darnley Mausoleum Private Ghost Hunt

This is the second time I had held a ghost hunt here and once again it did not disappoint, although it was a reasonably cold evening, but the brisk walking soon warmed everyone up. There are a number of places along the main path towards the mausoleum which are very active.

The first session we held in a spot of high activity on the main path, a male energy by the name of Bradley Cooper-Smith  who was a WWI soldier joined us, although he seemed disinterested in what we were doing, however we were shortly joined by a female energy who gently moved around the circle and raising the arms of most of the guests. Many people had tingling sensations in their arms or shoulders with the exception of one person. During this time there were many an odd noise heard plus we had to contend with cows, which roam freely around this area.

After we had moved on to another location nearer to the mausoleum we passed some cyclists who were probably just as surprised to us as we were of them. However whilst walking one of the guests pointed out some green goo on the back of another of the guests. It looked rather strange as it was a small patch in his lower back. However he bravely touched it and said that it smelt of hair gel. None of the guests used hair gel (and when we returned to the cars, it was not present in the car the guest had arrived in) nor had seen when this goo had been present on the person.

Our second session was near to the mausoleum and spirit activity was slow to start however once a male energy who was a farmer from 1970s joined us this started to pick up. The male energy was dressed in a white and blue checked shirt, brown corduroy trousers and seemed to be quite tall. He also informed me that he had passed away in a farm accident near to this location. People were moved by this energy, pulled back from the group as if the energy was trying to break the circle. There was a lot of arm movement and twisting of peoples arms. Generally everyone sensed the feeling that they were being pushed downwards. Many guests also experienced strange cold spots which would engulf a person and then move to a person elsewhere in the circle. As we were about to leave the area the EMF metre started to pulse through the lights, then unexpectedly it just flashed the orange middle light all on its own. This is not supposed to happen with these EMF detectors.

Our third session was the most interesting, this is also the area where on my previous visit to these woods proved to be very strange and interesting all at the same time.  After asking for spirit to make a noise, we all heard a faint but definite noise, it sounded a reasonable distance away, but it also sounded meaningful. I then asked if we could hear spirit’s footsteps on the ground and sure enough a few moments later we all heard the sound of someone approaching. I asked many more times for spirit to make a noise and every time we heard either an odd cracking noise (like a stick being stood on) or a thud (like something falling). The two girls present could both smell perfume, but no one else could. I then asked spirit to make a loud noise and once again we all heard a very loud noise, it actually sounded very near us and with that just about everyone wanted to leave, but as ever I wanted a little bit more, so I asked one last time for a loud noise and once again I got what I asked for, it sounded rather odd, completely different to all the previous noises, it sounded like the noise you get if you hit a plastic container with a baseball bat only much louder. As soon as we heard this noise we all started making our way out of the woods. Many of the guests we feeling quite scared including some of the men. Those who didn’t quite believe had a different opinion of the spirit world after this ghost hunt.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and thankfully the weather was decent enough albeit a little cold.
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