Website Updates for Ghost Hunt Events

13-01-2022: Added variable VIP Price per event
13-01-2022: Removed Covid declaration from booking pages

23-12-2021: Added Swindon Health Hydro Spa page
23-12-2021: Added Wiltshire Events Page

23-10-2021: Updated Vouchers page
21-10-2021: Added Deal Castle Page
11-10-2021: Added option to only allow Deposit bookings for events

17-08-2021: Added Bristol Event page
17-08-2021: Added Warmley Clock Tower page

12-07-2021: Removed Covid guidelines / news page

10-06-2021: Added Museum of East Dorset event page

27-05-2021: Added pay by Card option to Balance payments (Square)
20-05-2021: Added pay by Card option to Gift Vouchers (Square)
18-05-2021: Added pay by Card option to Ticket payments (Square)
14-05-2021: Updated Covid news, removed covid page
01-05-2021: Updated Terms and Conditions with Covid rules

30-04-2021: Updated Find My Booking page
30-04-2021: Added expiry to covid information
25-04-2021: Added Latest EVP video to homepage
12-04-2021: Updated Covid info

15-02-2021: Updated Coronavirus info/page

04-01-2021: Updated Coronavirus page
02-01-2021: Updated Gift Voucher amounts

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