Mission Statement for Ghost Hunt Events

Why Chose Us?

Our ghost hunts are different, we don't do history tours or walk through a venue before the investigation. After the introduction briefing we start the investigation. We will split the whole group down into smaller groups of no more than 10 people and each group will spend time with our experienced paranormal investigators and Mediums. All groups will experience real paranormal activity, nothing is falsified or faked and we aim to give you the best evidence of ghostly activity through physical experiences of your own.

The Experience

Real ghostly paranormal activity in haunted venues in a controlled manner and under the guidance of our experienced and professional psychic Mediums and paranormal investigators. Participate in activities like; real Séances, Vigils, EVP experiments and the use of EMF (KII) Meters, Ghost Communicators, Spirit boxes, Ouija/Spirit Boards, Automatic writing equipment and more. See all our Equipment. Our ghost hunts are 100% investigation and vigil events. Many of our locations in the South East UK are unique to us.

The Cost

Prices for our events start from as little as £40. The majority of our indoor events there is a deposit option to secure your booking, the balance is due four weeks before the event.
With every ticket purchase you will receive reward points, 1 point for every £1 you spend. 50 points you can redeem and receive £5 off your next purchase.
If you refer a friend and they book with us we'll give you 100 reward points (worth £10) per referral.

Paranormal Research

At Ghost Hunt Events we take the investigation seriously, however we still have fun in doing so. We don't use any Pseudoscience techniques or questionable apparatus to capture evidence. What you see and hear at our events is real.

Ghost Hunt Events also do not dictate to you what to do on our ghost hunts, and we allow you to get involved and use our equipment. It is very much a hands on investigation. We also allow you to bring your own ghost hunting equipment, cameras and video cameras, as you never know what you may record!

The purpose of paranormal research is to submit evidence of the paranormal in a fashion which eliminates any known domestic or scientific possibility for the phenomena being captured.

Before any of our evidence is published it is checked and checked again (by audio-visual experts) so that we can be as sure as we can (given current technology) that any paranormal results are not the result of subjective interpretation, or misinterpretation and in the case of EVPs that they do not fall into the bracket of Auditory Pareidolia.

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