Ghost Hunting Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers for ghost hunting tickets. Don't know what to get someone for Christmas? A Birthday? Or a present?
Buy them a gift voucher which can be redeemed against any of our Public Ghost Hunts, vouchers vaild for 1 calendar year.

To purchase a gift voucher, please fill in the details below. The recipient will receive the gift voucher by mail.
Gift vouchers can be redeemed against tickets to any of our public ghost hunting events. They cannot be used for private ghost hunts.

Ultimate Gift - £295

Do you want to give someone the ultimate ghost hunting gift experience?
Spend the day with our Psychic Medium and MD Steve as he visits a potential ghost hunting site
You will accompany Steve on an appointment, get to see what criteria Steve looks for in a venue before booking it as a haunted venue
Lunch or a late Lunch will also be included, plus you will also get to go on a public ghost hunt of your choice and get our VIP experience (ghost hunt not necessarily on the same day as the appointment)

The recipient must be able to participate during the working week and be able to get to Kent (Gillingham) to attend this excursion.
This is a full day activity starting at 10am, leaving at 11am and will include transport from Kent to the venue and back including lunch (in a pub local to the venue) and return back to Kent at approximately 7pm.

For more information please email us, or purchase below.

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