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Landguard Fort – 30th January 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 30th January 2016
Felixstowe, Suffolk


Area: Tunnels
Equipment: Table Tipping & Ouija

We initially started in one area, with the Ouija in a room and the Table Tipping in the corridor, but with only slight movement on the table we moved throughout the tunnels until we felt a stronger spirit presence.  This was in the far end, in the Boiler Room.  The glass on the Ouija only moved slightly, but with a little more movement on the table we decided to see if the male spirit that was with us would move the table more if only females present, which it did.  The guests enjoyed interacting with the spirit, and with encouragement from us the table started rocking quite a lot.  Gareth, Dennis & Brian (guests) stayed with the Ouija, had a little movement on the glass, but did hear two of the empty chairs creak, as if someone had sat down on them.  In the Boiler Room one guest saw a large white flash of light on the floor by the boiler, checking to make sure it wasn’t a torch light, it was left unexplained.

With my second group we all tried the Ouija but having no movement switched to the Table Tipping.  We initially started in the corridor, and immediately the table started rocking.  We asked the spirit to tilt the table towards the room we were just in if he wanted the table moved into there, which he did.  So moving the table back into the room we were in, the table started rocking quite a bit.  We noticed when we were laughing the table would move more.  When the guests started singing the table lifted up one side and started spinning around.  With more singing and encouragement, the table would continue doing this to their request.  The table when asked, also walked out of the room, then came back in.  With lots more spinning and movement on the table, our time was up.

With my last group we started with the Table Tipping in the main room.  The table responded after about 5 – 10 mins by gently rocking, then with everyone laughing, singing and encouraging, the table started moving more, spinning quite a lot too.  Also the control when the table was leaning over, almost to the ground, was incredible.  We were just touching the table with one finger each, very lightly, and the table just stayed there balancing.  Amazing.  The guests then wanted to try the Ouija, and the glass started moving immediately.  The spirit spelt his name as Dick, short for Richard.  He was the spirit that had been moving the table.  Asking what year he was from – 909.  His age was in his forties.  Asking where he came from, he spelt a name we did not recognise.  Going through the countries, he confirmed he was from Italy, he was a Roman, and Caesar was there.  He said he was buried here on this land.  He was married, and did spell his wife’s name.  Asking if he had a message for us, he gave us “MZPXAMAMAM”.

We wondered if that was roman numerals or Latin.  We did ask Dick to help us with an experiment, he said yes.  So five guests that were touching the glass wore blindfolds, whilst those that weren’t asked the questions, the same as before to see if the same answers came back.  The results were about 50/50.  Then the glass started spinning in circles, and I asked Amanda who wasn’t touching the glass to hold her hand up when she wanted the glass to change direction, to our surprise it did but only once.  We also asked spirit to take the glass to where he was standing, and it went towards Ben.  He then felt a coldness in front of him.  The guests continued to interact with Dick, asking many questions about themselves, to which Dick confirmed the answers, always correctly.

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