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Marwell Hall – 24th October 2015 (Kym)

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 24th October 2015
Winchester, Hampshire


Area: Library
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Glass Work, Writing Planchette
With the first group we had some slight movement with the table rocking gently.  In the second group we had a little communication with spirit on the Ouija – young girls with the initial F R or the first two letters of her name.  However, in the third group we had much more interaction on the Ouija: Vera aged 78 and lived here.  Then Anna aged 82 who was friends with Vera.  They lived here together, and passed away together.  Anna had 3 children but one died.  Guests were also asking the spirit to spell their names, which to their surprise spirit did, spelling Cath and Donna.  However, I wanted to try an experiment and asked the guests if they minded being blindfolded.  With their consent we asked spirit to spell their names again, to which the two names were spelt correctly, and with ease.  I also asked spirit to spell another guests’ name, of which Amy was spelt, who was also on the table.  Spirit also stated the ages of Amy & Cath correctly.  We then tried some table tipping, and the table started moving quite easily.  Rocking, spinning then walking out the room, and tried going up a few of the stairs.  We then asked the spirit to walk the table back into the library which it did.  One of the many questions asked was do you have a favourite book, and the spirit, whose name was Michael was able to direct us to his favourite book on the shelf about horses.
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