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Margam Castle

Event Showcase: Margam Castle

History of Margam Castle
Margam Castle in Port Talbot, Wales is a spectacular Tudor Gothic Mansion and is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Wales. The Castle was built between 1830 and 1840.

The Margam estate had been in Thomas Mansel Talbot’s family since 1536. The site was deliberately chosen for its historic associations and picturesque position at the foot of a wooded historic hill, Mynydd-y-Castell, itself the site of Margam’s earliest habitation, with the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey and the eighteenth century Orangery visible to the West. The prospect of the house, rising above the Orangery and monastic remains to the west is unique in Wales.

Margam Castle’s own Security Guards have reported many strange experiences such as running footsteps, cries and the laughter of Children even when the building has been reported to have been empty.

Ghost Hunting
Our first investigation at #MargamCastle was in February this year (2020) with storm Ciara raging in the background, certainly making it atmospheric!
On this investigation we witnessed disembodied voices, chuckles and whistles. Some superb table tilting and some unnerving experiences in the old nursery room.

The staircase was a strange place to be and various people felt strange or odd whilst ascending or descending the staircase. We have a strange light anomaly recorded on the main staircase and the comment made by the guests who were descending it shortly after make it very interesting too.

Our favourite areas are:- the downstairs rooms were good for tech and gadgets, as were the rooms upstairs. The nursery was the excellent for ouija board and the main bedrooms were good for séances and table tilting.

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