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Red Lion Hotel

Event Showcase: Red Lion Hotel

History of Red Lion Hotel
The Brook Red Lion Hotel in Colchester, Essex is a historical Grade I listed building dating back to 1465. Located in the busy town centre of Colchester, Britain’s oldest recorded town, The Brook Red Lion Hotel in Colchester is one of the oldest inns in the area.

The Parliament Restaurant at the Red Lion Hotel was once the old Banqueting Hall, still showing its timbered beams.

There are three known ghosts – a small boy that can be seen in the Parliament restaurant occasionally and has appeared in a guest’s photograph, a ghostly monk that hangs around in reception, but the most active is Alice Millar.
Alice was a chambermaid at the hotel and was killed by a lover.
Alice has regularly been heard whispering and even talking to staff. There are recent accounts of people’s hair being pulled and a womans voice appearing on a video taken in one of the rooms, with no obvious cause.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating the #RedLionHotel since 2012 and we have witnessed mountains of paranormal occurrences. To list everything that has happened in the last 8 years would take a while, but some of the best experiences haven’t been recorded. On one Hen night they were sitting around a table in the Restaurant starting a Ouija board session when one of the bayonet light bulbs jumped up and out of the chandelier and landed unbroken on the table below where the ouija board was. To say that everyone screamed would be an understatement!

Our favourite areas are; Rooms 7 & 10 and the cellar, although we have has things happen in rooms; 5, 6, 9 & 11. Room 6 & 7 are good for Ouija boards, the cellar is good for séances and other activities. All the rooms are good for tech. The restaurant is good for ouija boards too. Each room has its own story and its own activity.

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