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Landguard Fort – 14th March 2015 (Wayne)

Languard Fort ghost hunt14th March 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Gun Room

Session 1

We used K2s, Ghost Pros, SB7 Spirit Box, REM Pod, Laser Grid, Ovilus 3, EM Pump, Full Spectrum Video Camera and Digital Voice Recorder throughout the sessions.

Guests used the ghost pros and K2s with great success having a lot of activity and communication throughout the session, all K2s showing the same light pattern and spikes at exactly the same time. A male spirit communicated through the ghost pro with one of the guests establishing that he was killed in an explosion on one of the staircases within the fort. We also had a female spirit called “Jane”, she was killed outside the fort in the mouth of the river by her sister “Carol” who was jealous over a man in 1864. She was in her 20’s. “Jane” admitted pulling a guests hair at least 3 or 4 times during our communication with her, I (Wayne) asked the guest what her name was, Jasmine she said, then she added but my middle name is “Jane”.

Session 2

We had activity with the K2s and ghost pros again communicating with the spirit of “Jane” while another guest had a female spirit with the initials “G” and “A” we later managed to confirm this spirit as “Gladys” she also stated that she was the auntie of “Jane” and “Carol” and knew about the terrible act carried out on “Jane” by her sister.

Session 3

A quieter session in terms of K2 and Ghost Pro activity but we had some great responses on the SB7 in this session, capturing 2 male spirit voices through the spirit box both stating their names “Bill” and “Danny” respectively. One guest decided to roll a coin to the other end of the room past everyone into a clear space, we all watched it roll past and heard it come to a stop before it reached the doors, the guest then asked if any of the spirits present could roll it back to him, we heard a slight thud in the direction of where the coin would be but nothing else happened so we asked again. When nothing happened this time we went to where the coin had stopped, but it had disappeared the whole group looked for it throughout the room, underneath the mock cannon, in the cracks in the floor (which weren’t deep enough or open enough to hide a coin) and in the corners of the window recesses but the coin was never found. We done another SB7 spirit box session and asked if “Bill” or “Danny” were still present and if either of them had taken the coin to which we had an answer from “Bill” saying “Yep” in very smug sounding tone.

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