Event Videos 2014

Highlights of our ghost hunting events from 2014, these are edited highlights of the most interesting ghostly activity from our public ghost hunts.
The majority of these videos include:- ouija board sessions, table titling and séances and any other interesting video from the event.
These videos are a record of what happened on the night of the ghost hunt, this is real and "as it happened".
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We would love to be able to share/publish more video from all our events (indoor and outdoor) and show more unique footage, plus offer the opportunity for our website viewers to watch our ghost hunts live in real time, however our ticket prices only really cover the event (hire fees, insurance, refreshments etc.) for the people present. To record video from all events we need donations to make this a reality, please consider donating using the PayPal donate button below. All donations, no matter how large or small are gratefully received.

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