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Lowndes Arms ghost hunt -13-10-2012

Friday, October 26th, 2012

The Lowndes Arms ghost hunt 13th October 2012
Whaddon, Buckinghamshire

Initially we were asked to undertake a ghost hunt at The Lowndes Arms for The Sun newspaper back in July 2012. After that event and the activity that we recorded we thought it would be worthwhile holding a public ghost hunt.

On the night there were two groups, one based downstairs, and the other with me upstairs.

In the first group we had some KII activity and some small amounts of communication via our electronic devices; however I decided that it would be better to hold a séance to get the spirit energies to interact with the guests.

A male spirit called Michael joined us, he was about 33 years old and a stocky build and he told me that he was a local farm hand and had passed away in 1850s (he wasn’t sure of the exact year).

Whilst Michael was able to move some of the guests arms, the thing that really surprised us was the amount of force that he was able to put on some people and drag them down to the floor and he was also able to push groups of people into one another. During this séance there were strange noises heard near the floor, creaking and groaning. Considering the other group were downstairs it was unlikely that anything that they were doing would make this kind of noise. It wasn’t floor boards moving either as I asked the guests that were nearest to the noise to jump up and down and this made no noise.

Also whilst we were holding the séance the motion sensors that we had set up in the corridor were periodically set off (this happened on the first investigation in July).

After a short break the second group came upstairs with me.

This time however there was a very high level of KII activity and during the séance part of the evening the guests really felt the spirit energy of Michael who was more than happy to move their arms and push and pull them. All of the guests felt Michael move them in some way and several guests were swayed. John & Steven were pushed together and then down on more than one occasion.

Once again we could all see the motion sensor lights set off more frequently than the first group and this time there were no noises similar to what I heard with the first group, although there were still some strange noises heard within the room.

At one point one of the guests felt his bum being touching which he found to be amusing and a little worrying at the same time!

A various times many of the guests were twisted (as if they were dancing) although some of the guests did feel unwell, however given that the spirit were manipulating us into some very uncomfortable positions and twirling people (sometimes on their own) and swaying and pulling people down, it is no wonder that some people felt a little sick. Although all of these feelings stopped as soon as we stopped doing the séance.

At the end of the session I conducted an EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were quite a few spirit responses after the guests questions, however some of them could not be interpreted clearly, the best ones can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in which many of the guests felt the spirit energy move them in ways that they never thought possible. Everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we also recorded some excellent video and audio evidence which will be published as soon as it can be verified by our experts.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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The Lowndes Arms ghost hunt – 14-7-2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

The Lowndes Arms, Whaddon, Buckinghamshire – 14th July 2012

We were invited to investigate The Lowndes Arms by the Landlord & Landlady as they had many paranormal occurrences happen within the pub. The Landlord had seen a figure in the bar as had the Chef had some of his knives thrown and items move about the kitchen.  The Sun newspaper was also going to be in attendance in the evening to watch and participate in the ghost hunt.

We arrived mid-afternoon as we had brought just about all our kit to investigate this pub and had many hours of set up to do. As we were relaxing in the garden a couple of patrons were talking to us and they too had seen a figure whilst eating their lunch in the bar just a few hours earlier.

We started our base line readings at 8.30pm to establish what the pub was like before any spiritual activity took place. It is normal that before we start to place objects around a building and start to monitor any paranormal activities that the level of activity is lower, these readings in all the upstairs rooms were all within acceptable limits and nothing unusual was spotted or recorded. Temperature was about 21 degrees Celsius in all the rooms and 0.5mG (milli Gauss) of electrical activity.

We had setup six remote cameras which could be controlled and viewed from an area within the main bar and at the beginning of the night no-one seemed interested in what we were doing, however as soon as we turned on the monitors the whole bar was now either watching our screens or talking about ghosts!

From 10.11pm until 12.30am many orbs (light anomalies) and spiritual activity was recorded on our remote cameras, we had motion sensors placed upstairs and for no obvious reason these were being set off. Our KII Meters were showing high levels of activity and our MEL Meters recorded spikes. The majority of the team spent time upstairs within the environment to record and witness any spiritual activity and this ranged from; hearing footsteps of a wooden floor (the corridors were carpeted), hearing whistles, feelings of dread and despair, huge temperature drops and participating in some glass movement across a table. Some of the strangeness that we witnessed, including the EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) can been seen at

A strange photograph was also taken by us (see below). What we find odd is that the left hand side of the picture is in focus whilst the right hand side isn’t. We cannot find an explanation for this.

We started our séance circle with the reporter from The Sun at 1.30am in the biggest room upstairs, this room was directly over the bar. Almost instantly we were joined by a female energy called Angela who was 47 years old and she told me that she was a School Mistress from 1870s and worked in the local school. She was a very strict person and called us “Naughty little boys”.

During this séance there was some very gentle arm movement and some slight pushing felt by those present. We were also joined by two children spirit energies who I had spotted on my initial site visit several weeks earlier, although they did not enter the room, they stayed in the corridor.

We were also joined by a male energy called Timmy who was about 62 years old and a fairly portly gentleman and 5’6” in height. He was a local farm worker and passed away in 1917 in a farming incident. He told me that he was using a new piece of farm machinery and had been “pulled in”. He was a happy fellow and it was his energy that was responsible for the gentle movement of our séance circle.

During this séance I conducted an EVP experiment and many spirit voices were recorded after each person, however some of these voices could not be interpreted by our experts. The clearest recordings can be heard at:-

The séance consisted of; Lee (the Reporter), Suzy (the Landlady), Sean (GHE Team), Kym (GHE Team), Marc (GHE Team) and myself. Also present in the room was Alex (The Sun Cameraman), Mike (The Sun Photographer) and Carl (GHE Cameraman)

We then had a quick break and then resumed the ghost hunt in two groups. The Landlord Jeff had joined us and Lee, Jeff, Sean and I started a Ouija board session. Kym, Carl & Marc went back upstairs to the large room to conduct their own vigil.

There was slight movement on the Ouija board but nothing very impressive as the spirit energy that came forward could not spell. However during this session we all heard various whistling noises. Sean contacted (via Walkie Talkie) the other group to check whether the whistling that we were hearing was them, but the sound of them whistling and what we had heard were different. The group upstairs also heard whistling and “screams” that we did not hear and although this was recorded by Carl none of these whistles or scream could be heard on the recording, but strangely the audio from the camera could clearly hear us downstairs.

Whilst we were trying to get the spirit energy on the Ouija table to spell their name we could all hear a breathing sound, Sean commented that had it been windy then he would have assumed that it was the wind, but it was a still night, there was no wind. Jeff commented that this noise was normal, although he had no idea what was causing it. To me the noise sounded like someone was asleep in the corner of the room and although we searched for the cause of the sound, nothing could be found. This was mainly due to the fact that it sounded different in different areas of the building, those in the bar thought it came from the restaurant area, whilst those in the restaurant though it came from the bar. Jeff confirmed that no electrical equipment was on that would make this noise. The only electrical equipment which was turned on was in the cellar but we could all clearly hear the cooler above the sound of whatever it was we were hearing. However what was strange is that when we became aware of the sound it lasted for about 10 minutes and then stopped and we did not hear it for the rest of the night.

The group upstairs heard many knocking sounds, taps, whistles and screams but none of this was recorded on any of our equipment. They also commented that at various time the motion sensor lights came on, yet on inspection of the remote camera recordings the motion sensors were not activated.

The ghost hunt finished at about 2.30am.

This was a very interesting ghost hunt as it is unusual that we have the time or the space to set up our remote camera system and monitor it for six hours. We feel that based on the evidence that we recorded it would be worth a re-visit later in the year to ascertain whether the phenomena that we witnessed is recurring paranormal activity or a one-off. We recorded over 27 hours of video and have numerous examples of light anomalies (spirit orbs) and other unexplainable activity recorded during the ghost hunt.

Those present from Ghost Hunt Events were:-

Steve – Psychic Medium
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Sean – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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