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Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt – 5-4-2014

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt 5th April 2014
Ely, Cambridgeshire

This was the first ghost hunt that we have undertaken at Oliver Cromwell’s House and as a team had no idea what to expect from the night. I had previously visited in the day time albeit months previously and had my suspicions about which rooms would be eventful, fortunately those rooms and some others we had some great paranormal occurrences.

On this particular evening I wasn’t feeling too well and because the groups were smaller I decided that I would join in with other groups rather than hold my own sessions.

The first session I joined in with Sue and Carl (GHE team) in one of the bigger rooms, lots of communication was apparent from our electronic devices although little of no KII (EMF) energy was seen on the meters.

When Sue held scrying sessions in the mirror in the room various people who tried this saw their faces change as did the people who were watching.

The second session I joined in with Sue and Kerry (GHE team) and after I scared Kerry by entering a different door to get the Study we settled down with a séance. There were some gentle movements and swaying felt by some people, but since I wasn’t part of the séance I spent the time describing the spirit energies that I could see. In this room there was a Mayor or a very important person. He was dressed in a black suit, aged in his mid to late 50s and generally was a quiet man.

From here we moved into the Bedroom and this time I joined in the séance circle. Some slight arm movement was felt between the people either side of me and we all heard some odd noises. One of the noises sounded like the radiator cooling down, but after asking the staff about the heating, they told us that the heating had not been on all day and thus should not have been making any noise.

The third session I joined in the séance with Jo (GHE team) as I was feeling better and felt that I could cope with the physical movement that would undoubtedly occur. This time we started in the Bedroom and we were joined by a male spirit called Peter who had passed away relatively recently, I was given the year 1980 and he had passed away in a Motorcycle RTA (Road Traffic Accident) on the road outside Oliver Cromwell’s House.

Peter proceeded to lift the hands of the guests and push and pull us. This is exactly what I had asked for and when Peter got the hang of doing this several of the guests were intertwined with each other. Others were dragged by their arms across the room and other guests had their hands moved in rather painful ways.

Once the movements stopped we moved in the adjoining Study where cold spots and draughts were felt although no-one could work out where the draughts were coming from as the majority of us were sitting on the floor and we couldn’t work out how a draught could be felt if someone was sitting next to the person who felt the cold spot or draught when that person couldn’t.

Several odd noises were also heard in this room and one of the noises sounded like the candle sticks being moved as it sounded like metal on a stone floor. However we don’t know and it may be possible for us to check this sound on the video that was recorded in the room.

The other sessions with table tilting and Ouija boards which were held in the downstairs rooms were very successful with lots of movements and in the case of the Ouija board lots of useful communications were received by the guests.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt and a location that we hope to return to in the future.

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