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Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt – 14/5/2011 Lynns Report

The evening was nice and calm we had had quite high winds during the day, but when we arrived at the woods it was calm. We had 11 guests with us for the night’s investigation. Also present was Steve and myself.

My group which included, Heidi, James, Matt, Joe and Katie went our separate way; we went into a part of the woods that we had only investigated once before.
We got ourselves sorted Joe and Katie had not been on a ghost hunt before and Joe was sceptical but was very open. We started with a séance circle, within 10 minutes an energy came through behind Katie, he gave his name as Jeff, he appeared to be late 20s was about 5’10” could not make out when he had passed, he just stood looking at us. A few minutes later another energy came behind Joe this was a lady called Evelyn, I could not get her age but would have said she was about 55, 60 years old, I asked the group how they were feeling Heidi said her back was very hot, no one else reported anything.

I asked Evelyn if she could give us some evidence that she was there with us asked if she could move someone, push them or touch one of us, straight away Joe and mine arms started to move up Joe was speechless, I let my hand go limp so Joe knew it was not me doing this, I thanked Evelyn for her effort and asked if she could do anything else, at this point, Joe was started to be turned towards me and his arm was still be moving up and down, I asked spirit if they could move anyone else, Matt who was standing next to Joe noticed a strange feeling in his arm it then started to move upwards as well, at this point I noticed another energy behind Heidi, I asked Heidi if she was OK, she said that she still felt very hot on her back I explained there was an energy behind but was unable to tell her anything about them as they would not show themselves to me, I asked this energy if they would be able to give Heidi some prof that they were there by either moving Heidi or lifting her arms, spirit coopered and went on to move Heidi and James arm up, the only person at this point who had had no evidence was Katie, I asked spirit to please move Katie in some way and both our arms were lifted, poor Joe and Matt were still being turned and having their arms moved this went on for some time. Heidi said that James and her arm was now swinging back at forth,
Joe and Matt arms were now being swung quite violently I asked spirit to please be a bit more gentle, they did not oblige. I decided at this point to thank spirit and asked everyone to drop hands.

We took some photos (many orbs caught on camera) and made our way out of the woods to the footpath as we were making our way down all 5 of us noticed a very sudden drop of temperature, I suggested we did a séance there. As soon as we started Joe had the sensation of being pushed by the shoulders down into the ground, all 5 of us heard running in the wood were we had come from. Joe said that it was no way an animal as there was only 2 foot steeps, (there was no way a human could have been running in there as the trees were very close together and there was no torch). I must say at this point I felt quite unsettled and made the suggestion we went to find then rest of the group.
Everyone said they had had a good hour and was looking forward to the rest of the evening.
Joe said he was definitely a believer now.

Trainee Medium / Paranormal Investigator

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