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Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt – 14/5/2011

Pluckley screaming woods never cease to amaze me, this time our ghost hunt was split into two groups, with Lynn taking 5 people to a different part of the woods. My group continued further into the woods to the particular area where we have had so much activity in the past.

The séance started off quite normally with some gentle pushing and pulling and gentle arm movements, but as time went on the movements were getting more defined and forceful, the energy that was responsible was a male energy about 5’10” in height and of slim build and looking at him I would have put him in his early 30s. He was dressed as a typical farmer of 1870s and was wearing a white shirt and green/olive trousers. He gave his name as Mark, and as soon he became aware of what he was able to do, he began pushing Diane (guest) and Graham (guest) into extreme positions, whereas I, Chris, Debbie, Zoe & Kim (guests) were just gently rocked. During this period of time we all heard various noises from within the woods, some sounded familiar (like rabbits etc.) but some sounded unusual including some voices, which were not coming from the direction of the other group. At one point something touched me on the back of the knee which startled me, as I thought it could have been an animal, but it wasn’t. I don’t know what it was but it felt like a hand.

I then proceeded with an EVP experiment, and although I can hear noises after people asked their questions, it is too quiet to be able to understand what is being said.
Once the other group joined us, we continued down the path to where we heard the female scream on a previous ghost hunt. The energy that joined us here was very forceful and pushed some of the guests to the ground. This séance circle was split 50/50 between gentle movements and harsh movements. Fortunately I was on the gentle side and a male energy by the name of Thomas made himself known to me. He was quite a tall (5’11”) stocky man who was mostly bald and had a very wicked sense of humour and he knew what he was able to achieve with us. During this very energetic séance we didn’t hear too many unusual noises until we had nearly finished. It sounded like a circus in the distance, not too far away, but we could hear music. Bearing in mind this was 1.30am the likelihood of it being music in these woods is slim, because we met the Police back at the cark park who were in the area looking for anything unusual, they were just checking the area as they do every weekend. Once we finished the séance I conducted another EVP experiment and the results from this session are much more audible. and there are two more which were captured but the Ghost Hunt Events audio expert and myself cannot agree on what is being said.

All in all another excellent night of ghost hunting in Pluckley woods and everyone had some form of evidence, two people had some really excellent evidence because they were pushing to the ground and one of them (Joe) couldn’t get up immediately.

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