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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 17-2-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods Ghost Hunt – 17th February 2012

This time of year is perfect for us to go to Pluckley, the lack of leaves on trees and the noises of the wood being at its minimum means any unusual or strange occurrences can be easily identified as animal or other. Usually it is the other and unexplainable!

After setting off and walking deep into the woods we stopped at a familiar spot and although spirit activity was present it wasn’t enough activity to warrant a proper séance. Our K2 metres picked up energy but it was less than usual.

After moving to another spot we did begin a séance and almost immediately a spirit which I have encountered before made himself known to me, his name is Philip and he is a farm worker, ginger hair and very pale skin of slim build and about six foot in height.

He started (as he has before) by moving the arms of myself and whoever is standing next to me, much to their surprise and something which I usually “forget” to mention! Philip kindly allowed the guests to feel his presence by moving the guests arms gently. Not in a scary way but usually the guests find this surreal.

Philip also followed us to another spot on the same path, here is usually quiet however on this particular occasion we all heard some very heavy footfalls and some other loud rustling which didn’t sound like rabbits, foxes or badgers, this sounded more like the noise cows make, however there are no cows in these woods.

During the séance Darren (guest) got pulled backwards much to his and everyone else’s surprise, we were also joined by a female spirit whose name was Elizabeth, she was aged approximately 30 years and by her dress was from the 1860s. I heard on more than one occasion the sounds of people mumbling or talking very quietly, which didn’t seem to emanate from any particular direction, only after the séance guests also commented that they too had heard the same mumblings. Guests either side of Darren also heard grunting and groaning, which I have heard in this specific spot before. There were also distant whistles heard by the guests.

During my whistle experiment and when I had set up the laser grid, the K2 metre was exceptionally active although no real evidence was seen or felt. Guests however di have many orb or light anomaly photos.

Our final session was on the path to Fright Corner and we met an Italian by the name of Angelo who was extremely energetic and manipulated the guests without hesitation. Angelo was 34 years old and from the 1970s and had no trouble moving or touching the ladies. Also during this period many guests and myself heard the same sort of mumbling and one or two guests also heard a male sounding groan.

After this I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment and on playing back the recording, various responses were heard, however when these were analysed only one out of the potential four could easily be recognised and understood. You can listen to this recording at

Whilst walking out of the woods some guests clearly heard the sound of bells, not dissimilar to church bells, this is something which we have encountered before and although we cannot rule out the possibility that these are Church bells, I find it very hard to believe that any village church would be ringing the bells at 2:00am!

Once again another successful ghost hunt and one in which the guests thoroughly enjoyed.

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