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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 8-3-2014 (Kym)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 8th March 2014
Rochester, Kent

Area: Officers Mess Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group C  – handed out rods & pendulums, explaining how to use them.  Guests stayed for a short while outside room 1 using these, then went off to explore.  Guests were continually amazed to see the rods and pendulums move – especially when they established a yes & no. We tried the writing planchette, and glass on table but received no movement, however we moved the table to room 6 and the glass started moving.  The spirit was willing to answer questions by moving the glass to the light for yes, or away for no.  The spirit confirmed he was a prisoner, had murdered someone, was in his twenties, had died in the prison, and his initials were G O.  Asked if he meant “go” – he said no.  Some of the guests felt they were being touched.  As the questions being asked (and not answered) were about his death, to lighten the mood we asked spirit if they wanted to play with the glass – in answer to this the glass started moving in rapid circles.  All guests took it in turns to ask the spirit to stop the glass and change direction – to which it did.  The glass also started twisting around, with the guests moving around the table with the glass.

Group A – A sheep had been spotted roaming the fort when we finished the last session, and being told that it could be in our area, we was very cautious when entering.  I think I was more scared of a sheep jumping out on me than a ghost! With no animals found we started with four guests trying the glass work, whilst the other four tried the rods & pendulums.  I went back to check on guests with glass, and after encouraging spirit to come forward we had some movement, but only for a short while.  I then swapped the guests over, and although we did receive some glass movement, the table started rocking at the same time.  We tried some table tipping but only received slight movement.  All the guests then explored the area with rods & pendulums, I also handed out some Ghost Pro’s and KII’s.  We had two spirits come through on the ghost pro’s; male in his thirties – worked as a cook at the fort, and female who worked at the fort for Sgt Andrews.  Asked if she had passed to the light, she replied yes.  Asked if with her loved ones, replied yes.  Asked spirit to touch any of us or make a noise – we heard one bang.  Asked spirit to repeat with two bangs, but heard nothing.

Group B – We started with all guests at the top of corridor using the rods & pendulums – and were amazed to receive lots of movement.  Myself and guest to my right both felt a cold breeze on our hands holding the pendulums.  The rods & pendulums were moving on command which amazed many.  Some then tried the glass in room 6, but with no movement moved table to room 5 and tried the writing planchette.  The writing planchette started moving straight away.  We asked for spirit to write his intials and we got S A.  Asked spirit if he was Sgt Andrews to draw a circle – and it did.  We asked spirit to draw the number of his room that was his office – he drew the number 4.  Whilst the planchette was moving around the table, the table started rocking too.  Randomly the planchette would also lift up.  We asked how many spirits were in the room – drew the number 9.  As there were nine of us in the room – we asked if each spirit could touch us in the same place.  However one guest started feeling sick and unwell, and as our time was up we finished the session.  On checking with guests if they felt a touch, one guest had a touch on her knee, another had a touch on her hand, and I had felt a touch on my head.

With the free session I joined guests back in the officers mess.  Some wanted to try the glass on table, and whilst the glass was moving around the table, the table was rocking slightly.

An interesting night tonight – with movement on table in more ways than one at the same time – very unusual – but of course Fort Bortstal always surprises us.  Until next time…

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