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Fort Borstal – 28th February 2015 (Wayne)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 28th February 2015
Rochester, Kent

Hub Corridor with Carl

Session 1

Guests were handed ghost pros and K2 meters at the start of the session and briefed on how to use them.
Activity started almost immediately with all the K2s lighting at the same time into the red zone.
The ghost pros were active with spirit throughout the session.
Carl placed an interactive EMF bear at the end of the corridor with the laser grid set up pointing at the bear with the grid positioned on the bear’s nose so we could determine whether or not spirit had moved the bear. The bear was picking up on some type of activity as it lit indicating EMF spikes and temperature changes quite frequently during the session.
A voice that sounded like a “clearing of the throat” was heard in between Paula and myself (Wayne) which was distinctly not human. I sensed the spirit of a nurse in the area called “Alice” but this wasn’t confirmed by any communication devices, we also sensed a male spirit standing at the wooden doors towards the outside areas.

Session 2
(VIPs and Kym)

K2s and ghost pros were again active during the session with plenty of spiking into the red zone.
As with session 1 a few of us sensed the male spirit watching us from the same double doors. Myself, Carl, Louise and Emma (guests) could make out a solid shadow figure staring back at us with his arms crossed and leaning against the wall with his legs also crossed. He would move position every so often almost like his legs were stiffening up. So Carl used the thermal imaging camera focusing on the doors to see if he could document this. He managed to get a small dark mass to show on the screen and also a couple of temperature hits were also captured. We then attempted to communicate with this or any other spirit through the SB7 but had no voices come through.

Session 3

This last session became rather quiet, the guests were still having activity on the K2s and ghost pros but the bear was inactive and also no voices were captured on the SB7.

Wayne, Paula & Carl
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