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Fort Amherst – 11th December 2015 (Kerry)

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 11th December 2015
Chatham, Kent


The Radio Room – Ouija, table tilting

We began this session by trying some table tilting, and for quite a long time, nothing happened but eventually the table started to rock gently, and after a while it tilted up on two legs. After much encouragement for spirit to do more with the table, it still was not responding very well, so I decided to move on to the Ouija. First of all, we were joined by a female spirit by the name of Wendy who was from 1885, and was 62-years-old. She seemed happy to communicate and told us that there were 6 spirits in the room with us including herself, but that not all of them were friendly. When we asked if she knew any of the other spirits, she replied no. The glass then stopped moving and we realised she had left us, but we were then joined by a male spirit called Timothy. Interestingly, our medium Steve had seen a spirit called Timothy in the same room during the previous session. Timothy then went on to tell us that he had been shot during the war in 1945, he was never married and had no children. One of the guests asked if he was happy that we were there and he replied yes. We asked if he had a message for us, to which he spelt out “say goodbye”. When asked if he wanted to say goodbye to someone who was still living, he responded with yes, and proceeded to tell us that he wanted to say goodbye to his sister, Ruth. He told us that he is always at the fort and likes being there. We also had a lot of responses on the ghost pro which was corresponding to the responses on the Ouija board.

Unfortunately, in the second session we had no movement on the Ouija after several attempts at asking spirit to join us, so we tried some table tilting. It was slow to start with but the table did start to rock and tilt, and eventually we had some random spins, which the guests enjoyed. Spirit also walked the table a little.

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