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Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunt Events - 2015

Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunt Events - 2015

2015 ~ 7:30pm until 1:30am ~ Tickets £45 per person

Experience a night of ghost hunting at Fort Horsted, Chatham, Kent with Ghost Hunt Events on 2015 7:30pm until 1:30am. Tickets £45 per person.
History of Fort Horsted
Fort Horsted, Kent was the largest of the five forts designed to defend Chatham's eastern and southern approaches. Many changes were made to the original design of Horsted since its inception in the 1860's. Most noticeably Fort Horsted does not have caponiers or other exposed external features clearly visible in earlier works such as the Drop Redoubt in Dover. This was due to the development of high explosive shells in the intervening period between the 1860's and the eventual construction some twenty years later. Fort Horsted was finished by 1889, but never received the full compliment of armament she was designed for. In 1902 Fort Horsted was mounted with seven machine guns. In the Second World War AA guns were mounted at the Fort.

During the site visit we came across some areas which were unpleasant for any length of time, just had that feeling that you wanted to get out!

This is a highly active place and very haunted with many tunnels and rooms which have been untouched for several years. This place oozes spiritual activity!
Reported paranormal activity:-
- Feeling of being watched
- A little girl whose voice has been recorded by visitors
- Shadowy figures witnessed in the tunnels
- Areas so scary that people refuse to visit!
- Sounds of people approaching, and no-one arrives
- Mumbling, whistling or talking sounds in the tunnels
- Spirits that make people laugh for no reason at all!

What to Expect

Our team of experienced investigators will be on hand throughout the night so that you can participate in:-
- Séances
- Vigils (in the dark)
- EVP (Ghost Voice) Experiments
- Ouija boards / Glass Divination
- Automatic writing, Dowsing and Pendulums
- Table tilting & rapping
- Use of our ghost hunting equipment
and much more with our experienced Mediums & Paranormal Investigators.

Event will include:-
- Usual group size 8 people (but may be a maximum of 12 on rare occasions)
- The number of groups depends on venue size.
- No lengthy briefings or workshops
- Controlled sessions & 45mins - 1 hour with our Mediums
- Free time for you to investigate / explore on your own
- Opportunity for lone vigils throughout the evening
- Regular breaks
- Complimentary tea and coffee available throughout the night in the breaks

We can't guarantee spiritual or ghostly activity but we can guarantee that everything you experience will be 100% real.

Please note

Over 18s only - No accommodation provided - Unsuitable for guests with limited mobility

Fort Horsted has been featured on the US TV show Ghost Adventures and in March 2012 some of our team (Steve, Sean & Kym) were interviewed & featured on this show, which aired in the USA in July 2012 & the UK in July 2013.

Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt
Date: 2015
Time: 7:30pm until 1:30am
Tickets: £45 per person - Deposit (£20) bookings available

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