Ghost Hunt Events FAQ's

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If I pay in full, when will I receive my ticket? Show/Hide

How big are your group sizes? Show/Hide

Under 18s. Do you allow children? Show/Hide

Do you use Ouija boards? Do I have to use one? Show/Hide

I am disabled can I come to an event? Show/Hide

I am disabled, can my carer attend with me? Show/Hide

How long does the investigation last? Show/Hide

Can I bring any photographic or ghost hunting equipment with me? Show/Hide

Do you provide Food & Drink at your events? Show/Hide

Do you organise group events, group ghost hunts or private ghost hunting events? Show/Hide

I see that you accept PayPal as a payment method, I don't have a PayPal account, is there another way I can pay? Show/Hide

Do you have Public Liability Insurance? Show/Hide

If I pay a deposit for a booking when do I have to pay the balance? Show/Hide

Can I use your equipment? Show/Hide

I haven't received my confirmation / ticket, what should I do? Show/Hide

Can I copy your images/photos? Show/Hide

If I cancel my booking, will I get a refund? Show/Hide

I have tested positive with Covid-19 can I get a refund for my tickets? Show/Hide

If you have any questions regarding our events, feel free to send us an email

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