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01-07-2024: New website

20-05-2024: Tidied the Terms and Conditions.
20-05-2024: Added Instalment payment Option.
03-05-2024: Added HMS Warrior page.

29-04-2024: Updated restictions on food (all events).
28-04-2024: Added Shaw House page.
28-04-2024: Added Berkshire events page.

24-01-2024: Added Bursledon Brickworks page.
22-01-2024: Added "Back to Main Page" on Voucher & Booking confirm pages.


14-12-2023: Changed Menu (main website)

17-10-2023: Added Shewsbury Prison page.

22-09-2023: Updated Terms and Conditions.
21-09-2023: Added Glemham Hall page.

22-05-2023: Updated Deposit email text.
20-05-2023: Made all events pages consistent (Desktop).
19-05-2023: Added 14+ to Under 18s page & Events.
19-05-2023: Updated Under 18 page, added events.
18-05-2023: Added Royal Victoria Bull Hotel page.
03-05-2023: Updated Registered Address.

18-04-2023: Automated Info email.

25-01-2023: Added Fort Horsted page.
25-01-2023: Updated The Guildhall page.


25-11-2022: Updated Evidence page - duplication of title
17-11-2022: Added Tide Mill Page
16-11-2022: Added HMS Warrior Page

21-10-2022: Added British Schools Museum page
19-10-2022: Updated Refunds page
19-10-2022: Updated FAQ page

14-09-2022: Changed default payment to Credit/Debit Card for vouchers

02-07-2022: Paper Ticket price increased from 1.99 to 2.35

22-06-2022: Updated Company Address

15-05-2022: Added Medway Queen page

02-03-2022: Added mobility suitability info to event pages
01-03-2022: Changed default payment to Credit/Debit Card

24-02-2022: Added Devizes Town Hall page
19-02-2022: Added The Keep page

21-01-2022: Added Merley House page
13-01-2022: Added variable VIP Price per event
13-01-2022: Removed Covid declaration from booking pages
11-01-2022: Updated Terms and Conditions


23-12-2021: Added Swindon Health Hydro Spa page
23-12-2021: Added Wiltshire Events Page

23-10-2021: Updated Vouchers page
21-10-2021: Added Deal Castle Page
11-10-2021: Added option to only allow Deposit bookings for events

17-08-2021: Added Bristol Event page
17-08-2021: Added Warmley Clock Tower page

12-07-2021: Removed Covid guidelines / news page

10-06-2021: Added Museum of East Dorset event page

27-05-2021: Added pay by Card option to Balance payments (Square)
20-05-2021: Added pay by Card option to Gift Vouchers (Square)
18-05-2021: Added pay by Card option to Ticket payments (Square)
14-05-2021: Updated Covid news, removed covid page
01-05-2021: Updated Terms and Conditions with Covid rules

30-04-2021: Updated Find My Booking page
30-04-2021: Added expiry to covid information
25-04-2021: Added Latest EVP video to homepage
12-04-2021: Updated Covid info

15-02-2021: Updated Coronavirus info/page

04-01-2021: Updated Coronavirus page
02-01-2021: Updated Gift Voucher amounts


04-12-2020: Added Fisher Gate page

26-11-2020: Updated Coronavirus page

30-10-2020: Added Events by Price page
04-10-2020: Updated FAQ Page
04-10-2020: Updated Voicemail Telephone Number

28-09-2020: Added Halloween Event
25-09-2020: Updated Coronavirus page
21-09-2020: Added Covid secure certification
14-09-2020: Updated Coronavirus page

30-08-2020: Added Oxford Castle page
02-08-2020: Updated Coronavirus page
02-08-2020: Updated booking form with Coronavirus declaration

16-07-2020: Updated booking forms with required fields
09-07-2020: Added Event Showcase links to ticket emails

28-06-2020: Updated Coronavirus page
24-06-2020: Changed CSS on Mobile site for events for clarity
24-06-2020: Added Agree to Waiver and T's & C's to booking process
23-06-2020: Updated Coronavirus page
21-06-2020: Added Expiry date to Vouchers

18-03-2020: Added Coronavirus Page
11-03-2020: Added SSL verification icon
10-03-2020: Added Old Church House Inn page
07-03-2020: Added Shire Hall Courthouse page

24-02-2020: Terms & Conditions updated and simplified
21-02-2020: Added Highest Priority to emails from site (Booking/Tickets)

22-01-2020: Added CSS to Mobile site for Booking/Sold Out links
11-01-2020: Added better title h4 on Mobile site
10-01-2020: Added Wales-events Page


16-12-2019: New Mobile Site Added
15-12-2019: SSL Added

26-11-2019: The Royal Hotel page added
14-11-2019: Beacon Hill Fort page added

01-10-2019: Mobile site crashed

17-09-2019: Added Waiting list function
16-09-2019: Added Margam castle event page

21-08-2019: Added What3Words address system to events
20-08-2019: Added 2019 latest videos to home page on desktop and mobile sites

01-02-2019: Updated the ghost video page with latest videos

19-01-2019: Removed ability to book request ghost hunt when no dates available


06-12-2018: Added Town to Voucher form

15-11-2018: Added North Weald Railway page

04-10-2018: Added unique Voucher codes to Rewards page
03-10-2018: Added Steelhouse Lane Lock Up page
01-10-2018: Added Drakelow Tunnels page
01-10-2018: Removed auto Voucher number from Rewards page

21-09-2018: Added Shepton Mallet Prison page

10-07-2018: Removed Report links from Events pages

20-03-2018: Changed Terms and Conditions to specify that all events are over 18s only

12-01-2018: Added Refunds and Cancellation page


14-12-2017: Removed Deposit option for paper tickets

19-09-2017: Added Oxford Castle page
15-09-2017: Increased VIP priviledge to £10

23-08-2017: Removed APO page
09-08-2017: Added map of venues to Location pages

14-06-2017: Added Fort Burgoyne page

22-05-2017: Added Epping Forest Musuem page

24-04-2017: Added Royal Engineers Museum page
24-04-2017: Added Bilsington Priory page
24-04-2017: Added function to allow/disallow vouchers to be used on certain events

29-03-2017: Changed all event pages from scrolling images to static images
21-03-2017: Added price to Mobile site booking links
13-03-2017: Added Royal Gunpowder Mill page

22-02-2017: Added Harwich Redoubt Fort page

27-01-2017: Added 2017 video page
18-01-2017: Added Newhaven Fort page


15-12-2016: Updated Mobile page to include latest news and forthcoming events
15-12-2016: Added Limitless ghost hunting page
14-12-2016: Added Ultimate offer to gift voucher page
09-12-2016: Added Christmas voucher offer

18-11-2016: Changed Special Offer on Desktop page
18-11-2016: Added Special Offer on Mobile page
16-11-2016: Added Kelvedon Hatch Page

27-10-2016: Hashtags added to all pages

31-08-2016: Added Pilgrims Way page
11-08-2016: Added Herring Smokehouse Works page

28-06-2016: Added Norfolk events page
11-06-2016: Added the option to pay monthly for APO Membership

16-05-2016: Added £5 penalty for late payment on deposit bookings
13-05-2016: TV site updated to responsive layout

08-04-2016: Mobile site live
04-04-2016: Updated all event pages with consistent info

31-03-2016: Updated Outdoor Events page
21-03-2016: Booking page updated
07-03-2016: Removed text from home page, placed on Mission page
02-03-2016: Added 2016 Event Video page

23-02-2016: Added Investigation report 2016 page
23-02-2016: Added Outdoor ghost hunt page
19-02-2016: Added verification to subscribe to newsletter
15-02-2016: Added Torquay Museum page
09-02-2016: Deposit/Balance option changed from 2 weeks to 4 weeks prior to event
08-02-2016: Instagram Account created
08-02-2016: Social Media icons updated on home page
08-02-2016: FAQ's updated
01-02-2016: Added County links to home page

28-01-2016: Added Old Forde House page
25-01-2016: Added 750 & 800 points conversion to rewards
25-01-2016: Updated What to Expect page
05-01-2016: Terms & Conditions updated


16-12-2015: Added all year month links to home and event page
14-12-2015: Added Venue list to Under 18 Page
10-12-2015: Added Day of Week to event pages

30-11-2015: Added Valentine's Day ghost hunt page
25-11-2015: Added Mother's Day ghost hunt page
19-11-2015: Added The Experiment page

30-10-2015: Changed time limit on What to Expect page
26-10-2015: Added Booking Ref Nos to Deposit confirmation emails
26-10-2015: Added function/page; Find My Booking
12-10-2015: Fixed a problem with VIP tickets and deposits
12-10-2015: Updated Outdoor event page to include Existing Customer only events
08-10-2015: Added True Crime Museum page
07-10-2015: Added Army Flying Museum page

25-09-2015: Updated Outdoor event pages for 2016
10-09-2015: Added Bodmin Jail page
10-09-2015: Added Outdoor event booking to Rewards
03-09-2015: Increased the max people from 8 to 10 on booking page

24-08-2015: Tel number mandatory for Outdoor event booking
24-08-2015: Added Sutton House page
21-08-2015: Added Upnor Castle page
07-08-2015: Terms and Conditions updated
07-08-2015: Event pages updated with Last minute ticket option
06-08-2015: Booking process for hotel rooms and deposits updated

30-07-2015: FAQ's updated
16-07-2015: Added news page for last 20 articles
16-07-2015: Updated the home page of the website, changed layout for videos, reports and news
15-07-2015: Increased the number of tickets available to be purchased for outdoor events
15-07-2015: Updated Hen, Birthday and Private Group pages
09-07-2015: Added/updated video playlist on all event pages
02-07-2015: Terms & Conditions updated
02-07-2015: Added Last Minute Tickets page
02-07-2015: Added APO Friend Voucher scheme
02-07-2015: 3 month reward special offers added

11-06-2015: Increased size of map on all event pages
02-06-2015: Rewards page updated

27-05-2015: Added VIP Review videos to home page

23-04-2015: Updated the menu to be more compatible with mobiles

30-03-2015: Added the ability if the event is Outdoor to book 10 tickets
30-03-2015: Added warning to tickets (clothing, shoes, walking, stairs)
11-03-2015: Updated Merchandise page

21-02-2015: Added image slider on home page
12-02-2015: Updated Menu
10-02-2015: Reports updated and links to Paranormal Investigator reports added
08-02-2015: Updated all venue pages with consistent format

28-01-2015: Added Chelmsford Museum page
08-01-2015: Booking page updated
08-01-2015: APO Membership Live


11-12-2014: Added VIP tickets to events
10-12-2014: Added no of tickets left to venue page
07-12-2014: Updated Deposit confirmation email

14-11-2014: Changed main menu
13-11-2014: Added new venues pages (Explosion Museum & Ragged School)
05-11-2014: Added Balance payment system
05-11-2014: Added Event Date to Bookings
02-11-2014: Updated Terms and Conditions

16-10-2014: Request ghost hunt date/venue restriction added
15-10-2014: Public Liability Insurance document link added
07-10-2014: Added landing page for Mobile phones.
01-10-2014: New clause added to Terms & Conditions [no. 5] and [no. 17] updated.

24-09-2014: Removed old and unused pages & images for venues

20-08-2014: Added Fort Amherst event page

22-07-2014: Added Scaling options for mobile/tablet devices
22-07-2014: Made address, town, post code & Tel No optional fields in booking
22-07-2014: Shortened Price display
17-07-2014: Updated the way Exclusive image displayed
04-07-2014: Updated Rewards page

25-06-2014: Added Port Lympne Mansion page
22-06-2014: Updated Private Group Events page
20-06-2014: Added full event video links to event pages
04-06-2014: Added Promo Video links to Next Events (Home page)
02-06-2014: Added/Updated Promo Video links to Event and Location pages

23-05-2014: Added Event Videos page
21-05-2014: Added Oldbury Hill Fort & Toys Hill pages

28-04-2014: Changed the main menu
27-04-2014: Added new footer bar to home page & tidied home page
27-04-2014: Added Tag cloud to home page
27-04-2014: Updated Contact page
23-04-2014: Updated Latest Investigation reports on home page to include links to event videos

22-03-2014: Added the Live Ghost Hunt page
07-03-2014: Updated Request ghost hunt with times based on event month
03-03-2014: Updated Terms & Conditions page

20-02-2014: Added a Calculation for Private Group Events
01-02-2014: Added Exclusive Venue image to photos on Home page

29-01-2014: Added link to latest newsletter on Subscription page
26-01-2014: Equipment page updated
24-01-2014: Booking Ref numbers altered (for easier understanding)
14-01-2014: Removed Live Chat feature to Hen night, Group events & Contact pages


21-12-2013: Added earlier times for private events for Winter
06-12-2013: Updated Booking form
04-12-2013: Updated Rewards page to show exclusive content
04-12-2013: Updated Evidence page to show groups on right

24-11-2013: Added last updated date to rewards page
05-11-2013: Updated the Links page

27-10-2013: Updated the Locations page, images bigger and changed layout
27-10-2013: Added image to show events which are Exclusive to us
26-10-2013: Updated the general booking page to show all bookable events
16-10-2013: Added function to view video trailers on event pages
14-10-2013: Added Booking Ref Numbers to confirmation email

27-09-2013: Condensed report links on pages where there are many reports
23-09-2013: Updated the home page, moved the news to the right
16-09-2013: Updated Report Video links, direct links to videos
14-09-2013: Updated Locations page with clearer text to next event
03-09-2013: Updated home page to include bigger photos of next events

28-08-2013: Updated Reports links on all pages
14-08-2013: Added Paranormal Investigations page
14-08-2013: Added Booking Reference Number
14-08-2013: Updated the Maps on Locations pages, better zoom level
05-08-2013: Added Live Chat feature to Hen night, Group events & Contact pages

15-07-2013: Added Tweet button to event pages for user to share with their followers
14-07-2013: Added date to customers feedback comments

21-06-2013: Added map to booking confirmation page (customer address to venue/meet location)
14-06-2013: Added more times for Request (Private) Ghost Hunts
11-06-2013: Added new field to events pages (Venue Name).

23-05-2013: Added ability to book hotel room within main booking page.
22-05-2013: Added information URLs to the Locations page.
13-05-2013: Updated Voucher form to check for a proper UK Post Code.
12-05-2013: Update to the main menu navigation, improved for mobile devices. Affects mobiles, tablets.
11-05-2013: Update to the Request ghost hunt page, changed dates to include the day of the week.

28-04-2013: Update to the next event part, added orange highlight for events with less than 5 tickets left.
24-04-2013: Update to the booking pages, general improvements and to make easier to read for mobiles.
11-04-2013: Updated header part of website to include social media icons.
10-04-2013: Update to all events pages, increased functions and correct bugs related to menu display.
10-04-2013: Update to rewards page, added function to see unused vouchers.

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