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Wouldham Burial Mound Ghost Hunt – 1-10-2011

After a strenuous walk uphill we were glad to find the burial ground, this was the weekend of the Indian Summer and it was very pleasant to be able to investigate without a coat in October.

When we arrived it seemed a fairly serene place however after about 20 minutes the mood changed, especially once we sat down. Since we were all looking in the same direction we all felt that from time to time someone was standing or moving behind us and everyone was a little jumpy. It didn’t help that the leaves on the trees were dropping constantly.

We all heard footfalls in the surrounding woodland and mumbling which since it was a still night could not have been sound travelling on the wind. Many strange lights and orbs were captured on cameras and shadows seen in the direction we were facing.

I felt on many occasions spirit touch me, especially when I walked away from the group.

Whilst we were sitting still Graham (guest) felt that his T shirt was being moved and as we all gathered around we all could see it “breathing” like someone tugging on it and then letting go.

During our EVP experiment Debbie (guest) heard a noise in her ear which she described as a “Woo woo” sound much to our amusement! However when Graham asked his question, both he and I shivered. He asked whether it was spirit moving his T shirt.

Our respective EMF metres pulsated with light almost constantly until we walked around the far side of the burial mound and woods. Here the mood changed, as when Scott, Debbie and Graham all walked on this path on their own, they all came back quite quickly as they all heard noises in the woods that unnerved them. So I suggested we all walk that path!

A male energy who was called Frederick stepped forward immediately and even though we weren’t holding hands started to push people to the point that they nearly fell over. Whilst we were standing in this spot both Scott and myself had a pain that just happened without warning in our knees. It felt as if someone had kicked as in the knees, it was very painful.

As we walked around the path back towards the burial mound and onto the mound we all noticed that a particular point of the mound was warmer than the rest. In fact we all walked back and then over the same spot again just to see if it was our imaginations or whether it was actually warmer and we all came to the conclusion that it was warmer, because after about 5 minutes this warmness disappeared. It was a really strange sensation, as I have felt cold spots before but never warm ones when I have been outdoors.

Even though this was a short Ghost Hunt it was a very surprising one, with lots of different activity felt by everyone who was present.

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