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Laser Pen

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Laser Pen

We use these laser pens to detect shadows or movement in dark surroundings, these are highly effective in outdoor scenarios.

These laser pens were originally design for office presentations but were adapted for the ghost hunting and paranormal market by the addition of a filter which splits the beam of light into a grid.

The high-powered laser emits a grid of green, red or purple (depending on the laser colour) dots useful for detecting visual disturbances during an investigation. The size and shape of the star grid is adjustable by turning the lens.
There are only a couple of limitations, one is the size of the area that it is illuminated, outdoors is good, but the light beams can be lost in any vegetation. Indoors the room needs to be quite big otherwise it is too bright. This has an interesting ambience in fog!

One of the other limitations is being able to hold down the switch for long enough. Small tripods have been developed with a holder that keeps the button down, along with special clamps but in all honesty we just use a cable tie that isn’t tight, but tight enough to be moved on and off the switch.

We like these pens because it only requires 2 AAA batteries and is light to carry and they are fairly cheap and plentiful on eBay or Amazon, costing about £8-15 each with a set of filters.

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