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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer gun

Our thermometer guns measures temperatures from -50°C – 420°C. It is designed for; hot water pipes, cooking surfaces, axle bearings, heating, air condition, food etc.
The built-in laser is for precise aiming. We use it for detecting spikes in temperature in the room, mostly around people if they report a change of temperature.
One of the biggest misconceptions with these thermometers is the use of the laser. The laser is there so you know what you are pointing it at. It does not measure the temperature at the laser point. The laser cannot measure temperature.
Yet time and again people think that they are measuring the temperature wherever the laser points.
All of these types of thermometer have a radius that they measure the temperature at, so if you imagine a cone coming from the temperature gun widening to about 1 meter wide at 1 meter away from the gun, this is the area in which the temperature is measured. The further away the source the bigger the cone.
To get a more precise temperature reading, you need to be as close as possible to the temperature source or fluctuation.
We like these temperature guns because of the ease of use, easy to carry and it is a quick way to establish whether there is a temperature fluctuation or whether it is just someone imagining that they felt a temperature change. Usually we also have our Thermal Cameras on hand to get a better thermal photo and to see if someone is experiencing a temperature fluctuation.
These have become more popular recently (June 2020) due to the Coronavirus outbreak but you can still pick up a decent one from eBay or Amazon for about £15 (look in the tools section, not ghost hunting)
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