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Fort Horsted group two – 8-6-2013


Carl & I were in the Hanging Room for tonight, and with our first group we passed around the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s for the guests to use, explaining how they all detect spirit.  We had activity on the Ghost Pro’s within a few minutes, initially we had a female spirit, then a male.  After a short while of guests asking the questions to spirit, we decided on holding a séance circle.  We had some swaying within the circle, and may have heard some whistles, but couldn’t establish where they came from.  We broke hands as no more activity, and all guests had the opportunity to explore with kit.  One guest whilst standing next to the area where someone was reputedly hanged, had some strong KII activity.  One of the guests whilst walking along a tunnel felt claustrophobic.  Another guest commented on seeing on the Ghost Adventures programme the spirit box being used, so for 10 minutes we used this, but no voices came through.

For our second group, again we had activity on the Ghost Pro and some KII lights.  We detected two male spirits, a British and French soldier.  We then tried the Ouija table and had some gentle glass movement, but no communication.  We asked spirit with the Ghost Pro if they were able to move the table, and encouraged by a yes we tried this.  The table started rocking gently, and a tap was heard under the table.  The guests then wanted to try the glass on the Ouija table again, and they had movement immediately with communication; Male – Bobby – age 82 – here in 1918.  The spirit also spelt one of the guests name “Adam” to his surprise.  The spirit then seemed to want to have fun, so the guests asked for shapes, circle, bigger circle, faster, and stop and change direction – and the spirit was able to move the glass to the guests request every time when asked.  The spirit also took the glass to the edge of the table to show where he was standing – which was to Adam’s right.  The glass continued moving around the table, twisting under the guest’s fingers, even when they all had the side of their fingers on the glass.  And whilst Carl was filming he had a stone thrown on his leg, by his left knee, looking down on the floor there were several stones, and one a little bit larger which could have been the one.

Taking our third group to the Hanging Room, we had very high KII activity as soon as we walked into the room.  On walking into the room almost everyone felt uneasy, sick, dizzy, headaches, tightness of chest with difficulty breathing, and a sickness in the chest.  Myself & Carl felt a very different atmosphere from before.  We had our new team member Jo with us this time, and as a medium she was able to say who she sensed was in the room with us.  It was a male spirit, called Malcolm, and was hanged in this room.  He was very sad, had lost his family, and took his own life.  We tried to communicate with him on the Ouija table but although had little movement on the glass, no specific words.  We tried some table movement, and the table rocked quite fast, not leaving the ground but fast enough to rotate the table slightly.  Asking if the spirit needed our help to pass over, he promptly left, Jo sensing he was punishing himself by staying here.  We all stood in the room for a little bit longer, and Jo was able to sense another spirit with us.  A man in a grey/blue uniform – Sergeant Rogers – tall with dark short hair, and very dark eyes, slightly evil looking, but not an evil person.  Had an air of authority about him.  He wore very shiny shoes, and was from 1914.  He didn’t particularly like Carl, said he didn’t respect him.  Perhaps he was the spirit that had pushed Carl in this room on previous times.  Feeling this was the case, Carl stood in the corner where Sergeant Rogers was standing, asking for him to move him again.  Whilst standing there Carl felt like someone was tugging at his belt, looking around each time, no-one was near him.

Again a great night at Fort Horsted.

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