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Fort Amherst – 29th January 2016 – Steve

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 29th January 2016
Chatham, Kent


For this event I chose the Guardhouse for all my sessions

The first group experienced Thomas (spirit) downstairs who pushed some of the guests, upstairs there was a Captain and a Sergeant who seemed to only make noises (footsteps) upstairs when we were downstairs. Odd smells were smelt by many including some very unpleasant ones. Hot and cold spots were also detected but it was a windy cold night in Chatham.

The second group didn’t feel the same spirit energy as the first group, mainly because no one really asked for anything or even spoke. There were a few odd smells again but they were not as strong as the first group session.

The third group experienced lots of movement in the séance including pushing and pulling of different people and everyone experienced their arms being moved in some way or spirit pushing down on their shoulders. There were two spirits with us at the time George; a key holder to the building and Thomas who I met with the first group who said that he wanted to talk, although I have no idea what was meant by this statement as he didn’t say anything.

This was another excellent ghost hunt and as ever we look forward to returning later in the year.

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