Edited full length ghost videos of our Ghost Hunts and ghost hunting nights

Ghost Hunt Events investigate haunted venues on a weekly basis with members of the public attending by purchasing tickets. The majority of our events are filmed and the videos edited into shorter clips. These clips are presented on this website.

Edited highlight videos

Below is a selection of our edited highlight videos from real ghost hunts which is the most interesting parts of our events (most events are 6 hours long) edited into a shorter video.
All of these videos are real, as it happened with the guests that were present at the time of the ghost hunt.

We use no stooges, props or fake anything, these are real members of the public who have paid to attend our ghost hunts, you will be watching their experiences and reactions, as it happened.

If you would like to attend an event, see our main website to purchase tickets - Buy a ticket to a Ghost Hunt

2022 Ghost Hunt Videos

Ghost Hunt Previews

VIP Reviews

At some of our events we have VIP tickets available to purchase. A VIP guest has extra time at the venue, a dedicated GHE team member for the night and has a tour of the venue before we start the ghost hunt.
Below are the VIP reviews we have to date.


If you would like to attend a ghost hunt (public or private) please see our main website Ghost Hunt Events.


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