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White Horse Stone ghost hunt – 12-10-2012

White Horse Stone ghost hunt 12th October

This location was chosen as part of The Pilgrims Way ghost hunt, but it is too far to walk to do both in one night, therefore after an initial meeting on the A229 and the customary chat with Kent Police (They often seem to come across us on our ghost hunts) we headed into the woods which is one of the shortest outdoor ghost hunts we undertake.

At the Stone several strange noises were heard, although no KII activity was recorded. When moving further up the path and into a spooky looking area there was good communication from our electronic devices and some small amount of activity on our KII meters.

During the séance held in this area a male spirit by the name of Terry came forward his was about 6’ tall and of slim build, about 55 years old and he passed in 1970s. There was another male energy present although he did not give me his name but he looked to be in his early 30s.

Terry was able to give the guests some physical evidence of his presence by moving their arms gently, which surprised them.

After we finished the séance I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment, on playing it back some strange noises were heard in the recording, as well as possible ghost voices, the results of which can be heard below.

Whilst the energies were still near us I tried our Spirit Box, scanning the radio frequencies backwards and one of the guests names was clearly heard by everyone, along with my name and the word “Leave”.

Unfortunately after this very little happened mainly due to the heavy rain which we could hear very loudly as it struck the trees, we didn’t get wet, but the noise the rain made, made it difficult to listen for strange noises, of which there were plenty of before the rain came.

After walking back to the Stone to see if any activity would take place here on either the Spirit Box or in the laser grid, the rain intensified and unfortunately the ghost hunt had to be abandoned due to the high levels of water flowing down the path and the noise it made.

This is one area which we will return when the weather improves as it is definitely an active area and paranormal activity could be very high.

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