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Upnor Castle – 31st October 2015 (Louise)

Upnor Castle Halloween ghost hunt 31st October 2015
Rochester, Kent.

Area: North Tower
Equipment: Tables for table tipping

Upon arrival we were shown around the Castle. It was decided that I worked in the North Tower top floor as I felt this area to be really active.

Session 1 – Group B
I started the session by splitting the group in to two smaller groups so we had people on both tables. Initially none of the tables moved. I called out to spirit if they would come and move the tables in some way. Both tables then started gently rocking from side to side. Jeff (guest) encouraged spirit to see if they cold move the table in some other way. After a while the table tipped up on to two legs and held this position for some time. With more encouragement from Julie (guest) the table then tipped on to one leg and started to spin round in a clockwise direction. Meanwhile the guests on the other table had also got their table to spin and carry out random movements. It was then decided that we ask spirit to communicate through the table by tipping it right for a yes answer and left for a no answer. Through the tables we started talking to two male spirits who confirmed they were both soldiers. They went on to tell us that they didn’t get on together and one was angry with the other for a dispute that happened during their time at war.

Session 2 – Group C
This group immediately arranged themselves into two smaller groups so we had an equal number of people around each table. I asked spirit to step forward and start to move the tables for me please. At this point both of the tables started to gently rock from side to side. I was not on any of the tables at this time and the guests could not believe what was happening. This group was full of encouragement and laughter which made spirit move both of the tables very well. Both tables together at the same time both tipped up on to two legs and held their positions for some time. With encouragement from myself and the guests both tables then just started carrying out random movements and spinning very fast making it hard for the guests to keep up with the speed. One of the tables then went on to walk towards the door much to the guest’s amazement.

Session 3 – Group A
Again I asked the guests to split up so an equal amount of people were on each table. I asked spirit to step forward and once again move the tables. Initially none of the tables moved. Then without warning one of the tables just tilted to the side very fast and held this position. Encouragement from the group asking spirit if they could move the table for them in some other way, it suddenly tipped up on to one leg and spun round in a clockwise direction very fast. Some of the guests were not convinced that someone in the group was moving the table, so I asked each guests just to lightly put one finger on the table and still encourage spirit to move the table. To their amazement the table again started to spin even with us all just having one finger on the table.  On the other table the guests had managed to encourage spirit also to move their table to which it has spun round and started walking off towards the door.

This event was very interesting as it was our first visit to Upnor Castle. I was very happy with the evidence that we got from the sessions and I can’t wait to visit this venue again

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