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Two way radio

Two Way Radio

Used to communicate with team members across a building or site. Especially useful in some of the larger and more outdoor locations or between two buildings.

These radios have a 10km range and can be voice activated (with a headset). We use these for large investigations where timekeeping becomes particularly important or for our live investigations.
Some cheaper sets have a limiting wavelength which can be used to listen to other conversations e.g. taxi and food delivery in cities. Interference is a problem with cheaper sets.

The rechargeable batteries on these sets usually last for 7-8 hours although it depends on how often they are used. We have had sets which only lasted for a maximum of 2 hours, which defeats the point of having them.

These are made by Motorola and come in a set of 4 (license free), waterproof, with headsets and were bought for approximately £150. These are available on eBay, Amazon or Communication specialist shops like

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