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True Crime Museum – 13th February 2016 – Kym

True Crime Museum 13th February 2016
Hastings, East Sussex


Human Pendulum
This was the first time we had visited the True Crime Museum, and we were all looking forward to the night very much.  Just looking around the museum and seeing the artefacts and stories was disturbing but fascinating.  Who would we talk to tonight?

With only a small amount of guests we kept the group together and each team member took turns to control a session.  Mine was the Human Pendulum, and we had three male spirits that came through, all knowing each other.  The first spirit was a soldier in his 30’s, had lived in Hastings and was married.  He had passed in the First World War, 1915, in water, with an explosion to his face.  Enemy fire from the Germans at the French Maginot Line.  It was very wet and muddy.  His two friends who were with him, who were medics, couldn’t save him.  Donna (guest) was in the circle at the time and she could visualise him with blond curly hair and blue eyes.  I asked all to clear their minds, and I asked spirit to tell us his name.  Donna had the name James, which was correct.  Myself and Kerry (team) had the names Bob and Eric, these were the names of his two friends.

The next spirit was his friend Eric, and confirmed he was with James when he died, he was a medic, and had passed in 1916.

Bob then came through, and again he was a medic and had died in 1916. Bob was married with two children.  His family were farmers, arable farming, in Hastings, but there were houses on his land now.

All three were childhood friends from Hastings.  All three were together when James had died but couldn’t save him.  When talking to James Kerry had felt a feeling on her face and nose, James confirmed there was an explosion on his face when he died.
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