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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 1-2-2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 1st February 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

This location often surprises us as the best activity has been seen/felt by small groups of people however sometimes (it has happened before) many people in the group have had a paranormal experience, this was one of those times.

We started on the site of the old manor house, this has in the past been very active and on this night it was one of the more active times that I can remember.

After handing out some KII metres and our electronic communication devices things started to happen. Spirit energies were detectable on the KII and various spirits started communicating. I had the feeling that we were joined by a Maid and a Groundsman of the former house.

Many guests saw lights in the nearby woodland very low to the ground and some saw shadows which seem to move as people walked towards the woodlands to take a closer look.

As a group of us were just talking about previous guests’ experiences I noticed a male energy who looked to be a head butler or someone of importance approach us. He was about 55 years old, quite tall at about 5’9” and very well dressed in a three piece suit. He also had a full well trimmed beard and gave me the date at 1914. This particular spirit who wanted to remain nameless provided the guests with lots of answers to their questions and when asked to touch or move people some guests reported feeling a light brushing sensation, as if someone had just walked passed them. Some guests also felt a warming sensation behind their knees. One guest was sure that she felt a physical touch on her back. Other guests reported the feeling of a dog had just brushed past them.

From here we moved into the woodland as there is a particular area which seems to be more active than the rest of the woods. After walking through an extremely muddy section I stopped by a familiar tree and told the guests that this is the area where we would very shortly be holding a séance. After explained what is likely to happen during the séance an older male spirit approximately 70 years old wandered near to us, he seemed grumpy and called me “a daft old bugger”. Just as I was telling this spirit where to go I noticed another much younger male spirit energy approach, this spirit I have seen here before.

His name was Edward and he is in his mid-20s and every time I seem him he is wearing a grey pinned stripped suit with a bowler hat. He seems to have something to do with finance or accountancy, although he never really answers that question.

Asking Edward to move the guests’ arms, he did so very willingly and soon the majority of people had their arms moved. I also asked Edward if he were able to push or sway people and within a matter of minutes many guests were being pushed or pulled backwards much to their surprise.

Once again some people felt a warming sensation on the back of their legs, especially around their knees, whether this coincided with me asking for Edward to push people I don’t know. At one point when asking for Edward to do the same thing to everyone, my side of the circle (about two people either side of me) were all pushed at the same time towards the centre of the circle and then rapidly pulled backwards. This was a very strange sensation. After this Edward decided that some people should be pushed more forcefully or pushed to the ground, however it was a bit muddy and none of us really wanted to touch the ground, it took all our strength to resist.

After this rather physical séance I decided to conclude this session, but asked all the guests to think of a question to ask Edward, the questions and his answers were recorded and out of the nine people present there were seven responses, however only five could be easily understood.

You can hear these at:-

During the séance many guests including me heard the sound of cough, like someone clearly their throat to get attention, although I didn’t see anyone nor heard any footfalls that could explain this sound, it remains anomalous.

As we were leaving the woodland there continued lots of KII EMF activity and lots of communication via electronic equipment.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one that many guests enjoyed especially because of the physical nature of the séance and the excellent EVPs that were recorded.

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