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Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

A Thermal imaging camera is used by engineers (of many industries) to detect hot or cold spots usually within a building trade environment or rescue services (fire) to find heat sources and crime prevention. In an unusual way you could say that this detects the past (If you place your hand on a table and leave it there for about 30 seconds, then remove it. Point the thermal camera where you had your hand and you will see a clear thermal image of your hand). In the paranormal field we hope to record a thermal image of a spirit or a static object that has a heat source acting upon it.

Obviously, there are many reasons why something would be hot or cold and where the ambient temperature is either hot or cold will determine the usefulness of this device. There are also many occasions in the past where we have wished that we had a thermal camera, but the cost of these cameras is a limitation in itself. The user must be careful as many heat sources that have been spotted are the heat signatures of people who had been sitting in a seat or touching a door prior to the thermal camera being in the room. It is extremely easy to assume that something is strange when in fact there is a logical explanation.

We like it because it offers another dimension to our events, we have cameras that the viewer can see in complete darkness (IR cameras) and with this camera they can now possibly see other elements that our eyes cannot. This camera is also portable and easy to use.

Prices range from a few hundred pounds (in this instance about £400) up to £60000 for the state-of-the-art video thermal cameras. The best place to buy them is a specialist seller like ISSWWW although you can also purchase these at Amazon or eBay but they often are more expensive than going direct to the authorised reseller.

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