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The Star ghost hunt – 2-11-2012

The Star ghost hunt 2nd November 2012

Alfriston, East Sussex

The Star Inn has a history of smugglers and tyrants who used the Star as a safe haven because of the instant protection of the Sanctuary Post offered by the Church. We had confined ourselves to the upper floors and the “Feature Rooms” (the two oldest in the hotel) to start with until the Restaurant and Bar had all emptied.

In the first room, there was a male spirit by the name of David, who told me that he was a peasant and lived under a local bridge and passed away because of a horse running over him. Although he gave no year, possibly because he didn’t know the year, I got the impression that this was some time during the 1700s. There were periodic energy spikes shown on our KII EMF meters when he stood near people and David made Jamie feel cold and in his own words “odd”. There were also periods of communication via our electronic equipment and some guests saw shadows within the room.

Whilst a guest was asking questions to David I recorded them and the following EVPs were recorded

In the second room another male energy called Charles was present, he was aged in his mid-50s, very well dressed in a three piece black suit with a top hat and a cane and he also had a full beard. Charles was also a portly gentleman who gave the impression that he once owned the building.

As I asked Charles to touch people, some felt the sensation of being pushed (the pressure) but not that actual physical pushing. On our Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequency in reverse at 100ms) some names were heard.

Further audio recordings were taken but no ghost voices were found under analysis.

During a séance in the Heritage room there were some arm movement and one guest was gently pushed by a female spirit.

However when the rest of the guests (who were downstairs with another member of the team) joined us for another séance and different spirit energy joined us. His name was Timmy and he was 36 years old, he was able to life everyone’s arms and gentle push people. During the senace it became apparent that this particular energy was capable of so much more. So we then started to use a writing planchette. This is similar to a Ouija Board planchette, except that there is a pen or pencil used for drawing.

First Timmy drew a flower, similar to a sunflower.

I then asked Marc (GHE team) to draw a shape on a piece of paper & not let us see it, but show it to the guests watching. Then I asked Timmy to go and look at what had been drawn and repeat it using the writing planchette. Timmy got them all right.

The first shape was a figure of eight, then a Triangle, a square & circle combined which turned out be remarkably similar to the key shape that Marc drew (although not identical)

I then asked Marc to draw a number and asked Timmy to copy this. Timmy drew either a 6 or 9, which is exactly what Marc had drawn, because it depends which way you look at it.

Then someone on the table asked for Timmy to write his age, after he had finished we couldn’t really work it out, although it started with a 3 so using a strange Yes and No method, as Timmy didn’t seem to be able to write a Y, so we used a circle for Yes and N for No we deduced his age to be 36.

This sort of activity and incredible drawing ability is quite rare and one which certainly made the night for us.

This ghost hunt was surprising as we did not expect the level of activity that we encountered the writing planchette experiment was definitely the highlight of the evening. The meal that accompanied this ghost hunt was also enjoyed by all.

I was joined by Marc & Kym from the Ghost Hunt Events team

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  1. netteynoodles123 says:

    Just been on google maps to find how far this location is from my house and parking ect! As was thinking of booking. I was looking at the Star Hotel on google earth and in the middle top window to the left hand side bottom 3 little windows there is the face of the man you described in this room?? See what you think!!

  2. netteynoodles123 says:

    Charlie’s is giving a very cheeky smile!! His face is exactly how you described him! Wow! And I have not even been there yet!!

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