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Red Lion Hotel – 18th April 2015 (Kym)

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 18th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Room’s 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette, Glass Work

Group C – We started with the scrying, and people were seeing the face change in the mirror to an older lady.  However, several of the women, including myself, started suddenly feeling very strange.  The room felt very hot and oppressive, we had headaches, and were feeling dizzy and tingly all over.  You could feel the energy around us.  What made us most surprised about this was when we entered the room it was quite cool as the window had been open.  I had closed the window when we entered.  But after about 5 minutes the energy suddenly changed and we all felt normal again.  Another guest then sat in front of the mirror, and we were seeing and feeling the same spirit energy again, and almost suddenly like before the feelings changed back to normal.  I then split the group with 3 guests in room 7 doing Ouija, and the remaining 4 in room 6 doing the writing planchette.  Both groups had movement immediately.  On the Ouija it was a female spirit, spelt the word PEG but then someone sensed the name Margaret.  Asking if that was the spirit’s name, glass went to yes.  She was age 78, but unsure of the year, possibly 1988 or 1891, although wouldn’t confirm which was correct.  Asked where she lived, she spelt the word LIVE, when asked if lived here, confirmed yes.  Asked if she would do some table tipping – answered yes.  I went to check on the other groups, and they had heard us mention the name Margaret:  they had the letter M drawn, and asked if the spirit’s name was Margaret, had confirmed yes.  So they had been communicating with a Margaret too.  Perhaps the same spirit was communicating with both groups.  With all guests possibly talking to the same spirit, I thought it would be good to bring everyone together and we tried table tipping.  The table lifted up one side at the start, then we were hearing lots of taps on the table, asking spirit to copy our taps, we would hear them repeated back.

Group D – Started with scrying in room 6 again, and first someone was seeing what looked like a 12 year old boy, and felt very sad, the person in the mirror looked like she was crying.  Some people were being touched.  Then the image changed to an older man with dark hair and moustache, the face would suddenly disappear, and some saw evil eyes.  One guest saw a shadow in the room by the doorway.  Then tried the Ouija in room 7 but only slight movement. With the table tipping we had gentle rocking and taps on the table.  With the writing planchette, had some movement, but one guest saw a shadow behind me walk past the wardrobe?  In room 7 they tried some glass work and it moved a lot.  The spirit was a lady who had worked here at the hotel.  The guests then heard a cough coming from the bathroom, and as guests Steve & Terri looked towards the bathroom (the light was on in the bathroom, and you were able to see the light shining through the door at the top & bottom), they saw a dark shadow pass across the bottom of the door.  The glass stopped for a short while then another spirit joined them.  This was a male, again had worked here, was married, had worked with me before on a ghost hunt here.  Asking for him to draw his initial with the glass, it looked like a C or an S.  The glass then started moving continuously in a circle, and I asked guests to ask in their head for spirit to stop the glass and change direction.  The glass responded to all the female guests immediately, but not the male guest.

Group A – With the scrying this time nothing was seen in the mirror, so we all went to room 7.  Tried the Ouija but no movement.  Tried the table tipping, some slight rocking, but annoyingly every time I turned my torch off the table moved quickly.  With all the guests knowing each other, they felt confident it wasn’t any of them doing it.  I wanted to split the group as with smaller groups things sometimes happen, so three guests tried the writing planchette in room 6, whilst the remaining three stayed in room 7.  We tried with fingers touching the glass & table, and as we felt the table rocking we removed the glass.  However, as I took the glass off the table, the table lifted once, with the table tipping towards Stephen, to his surprise touching him.  Then when I was in room 6 we all heard noise next door, on checking the guests had heard a tap on the bathroom door, and a loud bang in the room.  On checking what it was, it was the folded Ouija table leaning against the wall, it had banged hard against the wall.  No-one had been near it.  I then brought all the group together again, and we tried table tipping, and had some gentle rocking.

Group B – With my last group we started with scrying, and were seeing a male spirit, with a rounder fuller face.  Facial hair and smaller eyes.  We tried the Ouija but had no movement.  With the table tipping, the table lifted once then slight rocking.  We tried the writing planchette but had no movement.  However with the glass work we had a male spirit come through.  He was not connected to the Red Lion or Colchester, but had just stopped by to see what we were doing.
Again a fun night at the Red Lion, with fantastic guests, all willing to try things, and with an open mind.

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Theatre Royal – 6th September 2014 – Paranormal Investigator Kym

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 6th September 2014
Margate, Kent

Area: Third floor of auditorium
Equipment: Writing Planchette, Ouija Table, Ghost Pro, KII, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group B – Kerry joined me for this session and she started with some guests on the Ouija table.  The first spirit that came through was a guests dad – and confirmed this by spelling his name – SID, but received no more.  Then the spirit of a girl came through but although receiving movement, no more information.  Meanwhile I was with guests on the writing planchette but as we were receiving no movement, we switched to using the pendulums.  The guests were very surprised by what they had.  After establishing their yes & no’s they moved around the area, especially in the back row, they were also sensing spirit around them, and some were touched and heard noises next to them.

Group C – Three guests started with the writing planchette and had movement immediately – lots of figures of 8 were drawn.  We tried showing spirit shapes/numbers under the table with our hands asking spirit to copy – the number 3 was copied very accurately when asked.  The movement of the planchette was very rapid, and deliberate, surprising the guests, especially when they took it turns to remove their fingers and it would still move with one or two.   Whilst I was kneeling next to the table I heard and felt a footstep behind me, the guest to my left heard it too, and we both looked around together thinking someone was there, but no-one.  We also heard taps on the sheet of paper that was leaning on the seat next to the guests, when asking for spirit to repeat it, the taps came again twice more.  Meanwhile on the Ouija table 5 guests were receiving a lot of movement, they had a male spirit called Taz who was an actor.  Lots of random letters, however did have the same swear word twice.  Wanting to know where the spirit was standing, the glass moved to Louise (guest).  Half joking Louise said are you sitting on my knee – the glass moved to yes.  We asked if the spirit could bounce up & down so she could feel him, and the rail she was sitting on started vibrating/moving.  Also established Louise reminded the spirit of his mum, and said they knew each other in a past life.  We did have a short time using the pendulums and again guests were extremely surprised by the movement they received.

Group D – Kerry joined me again, and they received movement almost immediately on the Ouija table.  They had a spirit of a boy age 10 – possibly Edward – he drew lots of shapes with the glass, and seemed to be drawn to Kat (guest).  As we were not receiving any movement on the writing planchette Kat suggested coming over, asking the boy to come and draw pictures.  I moved to the Ouija table to make room and the planchette started moving.  The boy was then able to draw the same shapes on the piece of paper.  Then another shape was drawn and we tried really hard to encourage the boy to draw the same shape with the glass, but only a little movement.

Group A – With my last group they knew what they were doing so was able to start with myself observing.  On the Ouija table 4 guests had a male age 64 from 1827, and was here to protect Tina (guest) who had a bad spirit next to her.  On the writing planchette they had the bad spirit talking to them.  He had murdered his wife because he loved John.  He went to prison and died there.  Both groups continued to communicate with spirit until the controlled sessions finished, then they all went off to explore with/without team.

It is fantastic to investigate a Theatre – and can’t to return!

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