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Pluckley Screaming woods ghost hunt – 9-12-2011

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Pluckley Screaming woods is usually quite a scary place however it was less scary than normal because the skies were clear and it was a full moon and after ones eyes adjusted to the dark it was very easy to navigate the paths without the aid of a torch and being that it is December it was also extremely cold but this did not deter us from experiencing the ghostly goings on of Pluckley woods.

Whilst we were all getting accustomed to our surroundings, because the moonlight made the woods less scary near the car park whereas deeper into the woods everything was lit and seemed much more open that it actually is. I noticed that it was much quieter than normal, I mean there were less animal sounds than normal, as usually there are bird calls and scuttling sounds of rabbits, foxes and rats. Whether the full moon has this effect on the animals I do not know.

After starting our first séance a male spirit energy called Tom joined us, he was approximately 62 years old and stood about 5’8” in height and he pushed a wooden cart and I sensed that he was a market trader or someone who sold his produce in a town.

Very quickly Tom or Thomas as he preferred to be called started move the arms of many of the guests and every time I asked the guest in question ask nicely for their arms to be moved in a direction of their choice and each time Thomas obliged, many of the guests had never experienced anything like this before and were genuinely dumb-founded when it happened to them. I also asked that Thomas push people as and when he could and although that sort of action usually starts with me on this occasion it didn’t and quite out of the blue Tash was pulled backwards much to her surprise. Since I enjoy it when guests get manipulated by spirit I asked for Thomas to do this again and this time Tash had to step back to avoid falling over. Alan also felt some light pushing but could not be sure if it was spirit or whether it was him.

Many of the guests also noted that it seemed warmer inside the circle than outside, many could feel a radiation of heat from the centre of the circle.

After this séance I conducted the first EVP experiment, the results of which are still being analysed.

Our second vigil in another area was a strange one not least because of the light but mainly because most people felt uneasy and they kept seeing shadows and movement further along the path, although it was a little windy, and the trees creaked and groaned.

A male energy called Alex joined us he was 25 years old and of a stocky build wearing green moleskin trousers, brown leather boots and a white granddad shirt and gave his passing as 1880s. He looked like a farmhand, also further along the path was a female energy who gave her name as Fairweather (I assumed this to be her surname) as she seemed to be Alex’s wife, she was quite tall with long ginger hair and looked very much Nicole Kidman in her younger days.

Also in this area we all heard some odd grunting sounds and none of us could decide what animal (if it were an animal) made this noise. We also heard footfalls these sounded like a person approaching us. This made most of the guests uneasy although this is a sound which I have heard many times in that particular area.

The next area we moved to the extent of the woods and came across a spirit called Trevor Simpson who told me that on the spur of the moment had decided to commit suicide in 1978. According to him his life was not worth living and he was suffering from money issues. This energy seemed to be very angry and when I asked for him to make himself known to the guests he refrained from doing much of anything, although he did stand very close to many of the guests and some of these guests felt light touches or a strange feeling behind them. When I asked (via the EMF metre – to light the red light) whether he would like us to go the EMF lit up a lot, however there was also an old lady passing but neither of the spirits actually did anything definite to any of the guests.

Whilst making our way out of the woods, as it was now very cold and many people were feeling the need to walk to warm up we stopped in another very active place, the EMF activity was extremely high. After started a séance a male spirit energy called Simon joined us, he didn’t want to talk about himself only to confirm that he had passed over in the 1950s. Simon proceeded to push people and move arms of several of the guests and at one point the two people either side of me were being bent over by spirit and it was very forceful.

I had the strange sensation that my lungs were burning like I had inhaled some chemical, whether this was due to the extreme cold I don’t know, but this feeling passed as soon as the séance ended. Lots of people including myself reported that when we finished our back were hurting, this to me is strange as this is what I do and I have never felt this kind of pain after holding a séance before.

I conducted another EVP experiment at this location but the results of which are still being analysed.

Whilst we were walking out of the woods the coldness had affected the woods and the puddles and there was a definite crunching underfoot and ice formed in the puddles, it was obviously so cold to one guest as whilst walking he hadn’t noticed that he had lost a shoe, he was that cold.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and generally much more activity is experienced in the colder months since there are less people in the woods wandering around trying to scare themselves or create a nuisance.

Spiritualist Medium
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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 3-9-2011 – lynn

Monday, September 12th, 2011

FORT HORSTED – 3rd September 2011
We were all looking forward to the ghost hunt at the Fort, this was our second visit and were hoping on as good as our first visit.

The night was still and warm I took my first group Graeme, Mia, Sarah, Helen, Simon and another Helen into tunnel 10.

We lit some small candles in the room to the right of the mail tunnel as it was pitch black.
We started with séance, the group was very quiet so I started to ask them if they had had any other experiences as we were chatting a male energy called Stanley came in he was about 55-60 years old when he passed. He appeared to be quite tall, and skinny he was wearing a very smart suit and told me he was a clerk, he did not tell me how he had passed, I asked Stanley if he could give us some gentle pushes or pulls to let the guest know he was there, both Graeme and my right arm shot backwards, then forwards. I asked Stanley to go round the circle and do something to the other guests. Mia and one of the Helens reported that their arms were moving,

We decided to go into the main tunnel where we again did a séance I asked Simon to stand next to me as he had never had any evidence, I asked spirit to step forward and a little boy of about 6 or 7 came through, he started swinging our arms then lifted them Simon was very impressed with this, everyone heard footsteps and mumbling. A lady came through who was about 40 years old she was quite butch but would not give me any other information. We broke the circle and we all stood around taking photos and listening out there was still lots of strange noises, I went to use my camera and the batteries had completely drained one of the other guest said their camera had done the same. We made our way back to meet with the other group.

My second group went back to tunnel 10 with me were Carl, Jo, Mark, Bradley, Carrie and Lou.
We started off with a séance circle, again straight away we all heard strange noises no one could work out where they were coming from or what they were. Mark (seasoned Ghost hunter) said he was feeling a tall man around him, we had some arm movement, Carrie was unsure of this and asked spirit not to do it to her, everyone commented on cold blast of air around them, we broke the circle and went out in to the main tunnel everyone felt they did not want to do another séance circle, again lots of footsteps could be heard, but could not work out what direction they were coming from, we went into the room to our left. Carrie at this stage said she felt very sick and had pain in her tummy, I place my hands on her back ant tummy after a few minutes she said it had gone, we all stood around trying to work out where the sounds were coming from, Carl said he saw a face peer around the door, someone else said they saw it as well. Both Mark and myself felt that one of the energy’s around us had taken their own life in this room. We made our way out towards the door, instead of going out to our left we went further down the tunnel to our right, I felt very uncomfortable in this part so did some of the others, Jo said she could hear a noise which we all heard at first we could not work it out, Jo and Carl thought it was running water, Mark then said it sounded more of a roar of fire, we all confirmed that this was what it was, ( I later checked with Paul who said that tunnel 10 was badly affected by the fire, Mark threw a ball and asked spirit to return it to us he also set his EMF meter which went crazy the red light was really going (this is a sign that Spirit is around us), we tried asking question using the EMF with one flash for yes and 2 flashes for no, every time we asked a question spirit went away, we went back to the main tunnel and again set up the EMF which was again staying on red.  Every time we asked the question are you happy spirit just went away. One of the spirits that came through using the EMF meter said he was a French prisoner of war we got the name Joel.
We finished up and made our way back to the main group.

I took my 3rd group back to tunnel 10 the group was made of Graham and Debbie (seasoned Ghost hunters), Carole, Julie, Ellen and Elisa.

We made our way into the room to the left of the main tunnel, it was very dark and the candles had nearly gone out I lit 4 candles 2 at far end of room and 2 opposite the door way,
We held séance circle and asked spirit to come through, again we heard lots of weird noises, footsteps and the strange mumbling, I asked spirit to blow the candles out,
As spirit was not responding to me I asked Graham to call out as the previous group they had responded well to Mark and Carl.

After a while of just feeling uncomfortable we made our way into the other room, again lots of strange noises, an energy came through called Simon He was lost and seemed quite upset I said we would help him to go over, the group were doing their own thing, and everyone noted different temperatures in the room, we went back into the left room and Debbie noted that the candles had moved instead of 2 in each alcove there was 1 in the end and 3 in the other, there was also wax dripped where it appeared to be moved unfortunately we did not have any evidence to prove the place of the candles were, we did take photos after.
Graham threw a penny and asked spirit to return it to him; again we heard mumbling, which appeared to be coming from all around us,

To sum up we had a fantastic evening with all groups getting some evidence, either being moved or by hearing things. Everyone got some form of orbs on their cameras.
Fort Horsted did not let us down.

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