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Theatre Royal – 9th January 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Theatre Royal ghost hunt 9th January 2016
Margate, Kent


We always like returning to this theatre, lots of paranormal occurrences seem to happen to us and our guests.

All of my séance sessions we had varying degrees of spirit activity, mostly though the spirit were able to move us although it depended on the encouragement of the guests and whether they wished to be touched and moved by spirit.

We had a well-dressed gentleman, aged in his early 80s join us. He was from the 1890s and wore a top hat and tails.

There were odd noises and strange smells that the guests witnessed, some of the movements were on command, some not but all guests experienced paranormal activity during the séances, some people were pushed, pulled and swayed whilst others felt their arms move.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and we hope to return

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Fort Horsted – 17th October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Room 35
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
Group A – We started with a séance circle, and invited spirit to join us.  Many could feel the energy change around them when the spirits stepped close.  The guest to my right (Peter), his left arm started moving up, but very gently, and almost immediately went straight back down.  Guests were seeing lights flashing on the wall and people.  We moved around to see if others could see the same, and they were.  We were also seeing shadows around us too.  Sean (filming) was watching his torch on a shelf, and it kept disappearing from view.  He showed us all through the camera which we saw too.  Some were being pushed and pulled, and feeling cold spots around us too.  With not much more movement we tried the pendulums and rods.  We had a male spirit with us, he worked here and was military.  He said there were other spirits here with us.  With another team member saying that they had tried chair tipping in this room successfully before, we had a go.  Initially we divided the guests on two chairs.  I stood with one group touching a chair and immediately started feeling very dizzy.  I swapped with Dave (guest) and he felt the same.  But Peter & Leanne didn’t feel it when standing there.  The other chair was moving so we all switched to that one.  With all lightly touching the chair, it started moving.  Slowly it started lifting up.  It tried to spin around but fell down.  Tried again, but just lifted up.  Some tried pushing the chair back down and could feel resistance.

Group B – Started with the séance circle, and Colin (guest) to my right was getting pushed, pulled and twisted.  Cold spots were being felt by some around the circle.  We were also hearing noises/footsteps near us too.  With no more movement we did some dowsing and all had quite a lot of communication with spirit.  We were talking to a male spirit connected to the fort.  We tried some chair tipping but had no movement, so decided to go down the whistling tunnel nearby.  However just on entering we heard a whistle between us, thinking initially it was one of us whistling ourselves, but with clarification from everyone that they had not done it, we were quite happy to have heard it.

Group C – Starting with the séance circle many were being gently rocked to and fro.  Then some guests started having their arms moved up and down.  Asking them to ask spirit in their head to move their arms where they chose, they were amazed when spirit responded to their request every time.  Myself and guest to my left were both feeling a heavy weight on our shoulders, and started to be pushed down.  Others were being pushed down too.  Also a lot of laughter was expressed around the circle.  Some felt like they were being touched, and felt cold spots too.  We then tried some communication with spirit using the rods & pendulums, and spoke to male and female spirits.  We then went to the whistling tunnel, and again heard a whistle between us whilst entering.
In the free session I joined some guests in a new area, a long tunnel above Area 10.  Then I joined Kerry & guests in room 35 where they had been experiencing some fantastic Ouija & table tipping.  We then finished the night with some Ouija in area 10.
A fantastic night – fabulous guests – and an awesome venue!

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Fort Amherst ghost hunt – 21st March 2015

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 21st March 2015
Chatham, Kent

This was our second visit to this fort and we were hoping for the event to be just as active and interesting as the first event we held back in December 2014. We were not disappointed and the activity here only make us enthusiastic to return.

This time around the tech group were in the radio rooms at the bottom of the tunnel as this is the quietest area and the second group halfway up the tunnel and my group in the upper gun floor.

All of my sessions the same spirit was present, a young lad aged about 29 from recent times 1981 was the year given, who was a local lad who worked on building sites. Whether he worked at Fort Amherst is not known as he didn’t want to give his name. He was approximately 6’ in height, of an average build wearing a white T shirt and jeans and DM boots. For whatever reason the boots seemed to be more important but unfortunately why was not established.

The first group contained our regular ghost hunters, some of which are sceptics the male spirit was able to manipulate some people easily and lifted their arms and pushed and swayed them, whilst a couple of the sceptics felt their arms tingle, this was the first time that either had felt this sensation and they found it interesting as they could not explain or find a reason for the sensation. Several times Anita (guest on my right) was pushed backwards.

The second group also felt their arms being manipulated but it became apparent that the spirit wanted to do more and started to push people, sway them and gently rock them. A guest next to me could feel his knees twitching to the point that spirit wanted to make him touch the floor. On the other side of the circle another guest had the same sensation. After a lot of encouragement from the rest of the group both Curt and Darren were kneeling on the floor, however it was Darren that felt to full effect of the spirit and he ended up face down on the floor!

However the spirit tried to push Curt, me and Sarah (who was on my right) to the floor, it nearly worked although we were able to stay on our feet. Other guests in the group were not affected unfortunately.

The third group, were all our VIP guests for the night and because their group was the smallest they had more unique activity happen to them. The male spirit started by pushing and rocking everyone as well as moving the arms of a few. The best part though happened about 15 minutes into the séance. I was encouraging the spirit to do something to Jamie (as he booked the event for his friends). It took a while but eventually the spirit touched Jamie twice, once whilst other activity was going on, and again when Jamie was trying to explain what happened the first time around! Watch what happened at

There was also a female spirit present during the session although she didn’t interfere, she just watched and tittered when something funny happened. She was from the Victorian period because of what she was wearing, although she too did not give me her name.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we as a team hope to return to the venue later in the year.

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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 11-4-2014 (Kym)

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 11th April 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Area: Guard House with adjoining cell to rear
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

Group B – I started with showing the guests how to use the rods & pendulums, and immediately they had lots of movement, and established their yes & no answers.  We had a male & female spirit with us.  Guest were amazed by the movement they had, especially when the rods started spinning like a helicopter.  We also had some matched responses on the ghost pro.  A female guest had felt a touch on her arm.  We moved into the back room had continued to have responses on the ghost pro, with some little movement on the glass.  I asked spirit if they would prefer the five female guests on the glass, and not the male guest, replied yes on the ghost pro, and with that changed, the glass started moving more.  The glass would move in rapid circles, and stop & change direction when anyone asked.  The guests then would ask for spirit to move the glass to certain persons i.e. the person with a black dog, the person who had just had 22nd birthday, person going on holiday next, person with a particular car, and each time the glass moved to the correct person.

Group C – Again started with the rods & pendulums and had lots of movement.  With all of us standing around I asked spirit to touch someone as in the previous session, but said to all if we stand around and wait it won’t happen, spirit like to surprise, and sure enough 5 mins later one lady suddenly stepped forward.  She had felt as if someone had pushed her ruck sack on her back.  No-one was near her.  We then moved into the back room and had little movement on the glass at first, then it started moving around the table a lot stronger.  The spirit answered a few questions, he was male, not married, had no girlfriend, but had a male friend.  It was the 1500’s and he went to prison here for liking men.  We did turn on the Ovilus and had some words come through, the strongest and more apt were “shoot”, and asking if spirit had shot someone, answered “possible”.  Again one guest got touched, and we all heard what sounded like the metal bed springs being moved or touched.

Group D – Started with rods & pendulums and had movement.  Moved to the back room, and the glass started moving.  The spirit confirmed he was Peter who had been with the guests from the last session.  He was then able to answer some personal questions from the guests about themselves.  The spirit also said there were three spirits with us.  One lady who was kneeling felt she was pushed.  All then returned to the first room, and the ovilus was turned on.  The name Carol was shown, and using the ghost pro spirit confirmed this was her name.  I then asked if anyone wanted to spend time in the cell on their own, and Dawn did this for a short while.

Group A – started with rods & pendulums and lots of movement – guests were amazed by the way they all moved.  Again they were able to ask questions to spirit.  Went to back room and had a little movement, but could feel tapping and vibrations on the glass.  A noise was heard next to us, sounding like a male groan.  We tried a little table tipping, but only had some creaking under the table.  We returned to the front room, and some guests did solos in the cell.

Free Session – after a short break I went off to explore and stopped in a trio of rooms with guests – Jackie, Steph & Dawn.  We stood in the end room with metal wardrobes and asked spirit to copy our taps on the wardrobes.  We did this a couple of times, and one of the guests commented that she wasn’t very patient waiting, and all of a sudden we all heard a very loud bang.  After calming down very quickly I knew we need to check no -one was there.  With guests in tow – Steph holding my hand very tightly – we walked through to the middle room and realised it was the far door that had closed.  This door had no handle on it, but we were able to open and go through.  To our surprise nobody else was there or even on that top level.  Steph and I went back in, whilst Jackie and Dawn stood outside looking through the window.  Steph & I again stood in the wardrobe room and called out for spirit to open and close the door again.  I was sure the door had moved so we ventured back into the middle room.  We could see it had moved a little.  Asking out for spirit to open the door again, we were both amazed to see the door open in front of us, and at our request the door slammed shut again.  Jackie & Dawn were watching through the window and were amazed to see the door open and close too.  We were all very excited by what we had witnessed.  Asking for spirit to do it again, we heard one thud on the door, and saw it move slightly at the same time, but no more.

Great end to the night !!

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-3-2014 (Kym)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd March 2014
Chatham, Kent

Area: 10 Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group B  – Kerry (team) joined me on my first session and we started with explaining to guests how to use the pendulums and dowsing rods.  Almost immediately we had movement on all, and the guests were able to establish their yes & no’s, which they enjoyed immensely asking questions to spirit.  I then suggested we split the group so three girls joined Kerry on the writing planchette whilst I took the remaining five guests into the opposite room.  We continued using the pendulums, but also used the ghost pro.  We then re-joined the others as they were experiencing a lot of movement with the writing, and some other guests joined in.  As all the writing received seemed to be random, we turned the paper over and asked spirit to write the initial of one of the persons present.  Immediately we had the letter J – and Julie (guest) was very surprised.  We then asked for another initial of a guest, and to Calum’s surprise a C was drawn.  We then joined everyone else in the tunnel, and some guests could smell burning, and another guest felt a touch on her back.

Group C – I was joined by Carl (team) on my second session who was filming for us.  After handing out the rods & pendulums we received movement with them.  Then we tried the writing planchette again.  Although we had movement, not as much as before, it was just random squiggles.  Whilst standing around the table one guest felt a touch on her back.  I took three guests into the opposite room with ghost pro, explained how to use it, and once they had contact with spirit they went to explore the tunnel.  Carl started feeling unwell so he left the area.  The remaining three guests returned and tried the planchette, whilst the others went to explore the tunnel.  One of the guests could feel the energy behind her and had the name Victor in her head, and asking spirit if that was his name we started to get movement on the writing planchette.  With no more movement I placed a ghost pro on the table, and one of the guests was sure she saw it move.  I said it was possible as I recalled an incident in that room many months before when I had placed a camera on the table and we all had seen it move.  The five guests then returned from the tunnel and said that two of them had been touched on the back of knee within 4 minutes of each.

Group A – With my last group, all four ladies were showing an enormous fear of the spiders in that area.  We entered very slowly, pointing out where not to stand, and everyone felt comfortable to enter one of the rooms.  I handed out the rods & pendulums and all received some movement.  One guest in particular who had used the rods before was able to ask spirit yes & no questions from the start.  We had a male soldier with us, and when asking if he would join us on the table with the writing planchette, he answered yes.  Whilst asking spirit to move the planchette we could hear the table creaking underneath.  With fingers on the planchette and a hand on table, we could feel gently rocking on both.  We then all took a break and one of the guests asked spirit to copy her whistle, and we all heard what sounded like a female whistle back.  As two of the guests had left the area because of her fear of the spiders, we had to check it wasn’t them, but they were standing outside and hadn’t even heard us whistle out, and had definitely not made a sound themselves.  We did ask spirit to repeat the noise but nothing.  All six of us then walked up the tunnel, and some noises and taps were heard.

I then joined Steve, Kerry & guests in area 26, and we did a séance circle.  I was holding hands with Louise (guest) to my left.  She had been reluctant to join in as before she had felt sick whilst in the circle, but I persuaded her to join in.  I started feeling a heavy weight on my left shoulder, and Steve said we had the spirit of Justin behind us.  He was very large and had been a prisoner.  I asked Justin to move the weight onto Louise’s shoulder as I didn’t want her to think I was pulling her down, and to her surprise, and my relief, the heavy weight moved to her right shoulder.  We were then pushed down to the floor, and Louise thanked spirit and asked to be moved back up.  I then suggested she ask spirit to move to her left shoulder which it did.  She then asked for spirit to move to her son Calum’s shoulder which it did.  Louise continued to ask Justin to move us in various ways, which he was very happy to oblige.  Meanwhile the remainder of people in the circle were being moved by two other spirits, and we all ended up being moved in various, and sometimes funny positions.

A great end to a memorable night!

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 7-12-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 7th December 2013

Area: Officers Mess

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

After handing out equipment, the guests were surprised with the movement of the rods & pendulums when they were holding them.  We were communicating with spirit with the ghost pro’s too.  Four of the guests were sensitive/mediums and were able to pick up on the spirits with us.  We had a female that seemed agitated, possibly raped.  Then a male officer who raped the female.  He was not happy, was lonely and had been found out.  The name for the female was either Annie or Annabel.  In a later session the ghost pro confirmed her name was Annabel.  There was possibly a child born out of wedlock.  We also had a male prisoner that had helped build the fort.  Guests reported they were feeling being touched, and one guest felt like a human finger touched his head.

My second group were five ladies on a hen night.  Some were particularly nervous, but when offered pendulums and dowsing rods to use, they felt surprisingly calm.  One guest in particular felt very connected to the crystals, and hers was moving the most, swinging from side to side at force.  It looked like someone was tapping the pendulum with their hand.  With one ghost pro between them they took a wander down the corridor.  Whilst I was walking next to Alicia, who was the hen, her ghost pro lit up.  I innocently said “you have someone with you”, with this she went into panic mode, thinking I had seen a spirit next to her.  Of course there could have been, but when she realised I just meant the spirit had lit the ghost pro up, she relaxed and was able to ask spirit a few questions.  The guests started to relax and moved freely throughout the rooms, using the equipment.  We also stood looking through the camera at what was being filmed down the empty corridor, and Carl was able to point out the difference between the dust and orbs.

With my third group, again we stood at the top of the corridor using the rods & pendulums, again with guests being surprised at the movement whilst they held them.  One female in particular, whilst holding the pendulum, it was moving & swaying continuously at speed, so much so at one point the pendulum went over the top of her hand.  When the pendulums rotated or swayed, the guests asked for spirit to stop and change direction, or stop and restart, to their surprise it did.  All standing halfway down the corridor, the boys were challenging the girls to walk down the dark corridor, with no torch, and turn into the last room.  With all mostly doing it, the boys were challenged back, to which they did!  We then all went into the last room, and stood quietly in the dark for a while, listening out, and possible taps were heard in the room.

With the controlled sessions over, the guests had the opportunity to explore, with kit.  I joined a group of four in the Officers Mess with the Ouija table.  Immediately we had movement with the glass, spirit wanted to communicate.  His name was Mark Peters, age 30 I think, here at the fort in 1946.  He was accused of stealing money from the military, but did not do it.  He went to prison for it.  He said the Sergeant Andrews that is often in this area was the person who stole.  He said he was a liar.  And he was still angry for this.  Then the spirit spelt Russ, this was the name of one of the guests on the table.  The spirit wanted Russ to apologise.  I then asked if it was possible Russ was Sergeant Andrews in a previous life, Russ said yes as he was aware of some of his past lives.  We asked spirit if this was correct – he said yes.  Russ felt unsure at first about apologising for something he didn’t do, but once realising his soul did it, he apologised.  With this the glass moved to ‘goodbye’, and the spirit had gone.

What an amazing end to the night, that was one experience I did not expect, certainly a surprise to us all!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 26-10-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal, Rochester – 26th October 2013

Area: Officers Mess

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

When I entered the area with the first group of guests, the last few people thought they heard footsteps behind them.  They did stay listening out and thought they heard them again.  Equipment handed out guests had an opportunity to explore.  With the dowsing rods guests were asking spirit to point where the spirit was standing, when asking the question “do you want us to leave” the rods pointed to the door.  One guest started feeling cold around the bottom of her legs, asking where spirit was standing the rods pointed to that guest.  The spirits that were with us were possibly Sgt Andrews that is often here, a soldier from WWI, and a female.  When one guest was pointing the rods she felt them being pulled away from her.

With my second group, kit was passed around and they went off to explore.  Again guests were able to interact with the spirits using the ghost pro’s and dowsing rods.  We had some KII activity at the end, but this was the only time all night.  When guests were using the pendulums, they were able to ask spirit to draw a large circle, then stop at their request.

With my third group we handed out equipment and all went off to explore except two female guests that stayed at the top of the corridor with pendulums.  We were very surprised by the high activity we had with the pendulums rotating, swaying, stopping and vibrating all at our request.  After about 20 minutes of this we all stopped abruptly when we heard a loud female scream down the corridor.  Rushing down we found one guest had had her hair touched, quite forcefully as if someone had run their hands up through her hair.  We all stayed in this room for a while as we were hearing noises but couldn’t be sure if they were coming from other guests.  We then started seeing flashes of green light around the room.  Reluctantly we had to leave as our time was up, but knew we all wanted to come back later in the free session.

With my fourth group we all stayed at the top of the corridor to see if we had the same pendulum activity as before, however little movement with the pendulums but a lot of movement with the dowsing rods.  We asked spirit to rotate/spin the rods around like a helicopter, and to our surprise one started rotating very quickly.  All guests had an opportunity to explore the area, but were keen to return to base for the free session.

With many guests wanting to return to the Officer’s Mess with a table to try glass work/table tipping, Sue (team), Jason (team) and myself returned there with initially four guests.  Immediately with just the guests on the table the glass started moving.  The movement increased rapidly and the guests were able to ask spirit to move the glass in many different ways ie. draw shapes, draw fast circles, stop and change direction immediately when guests (and team) said “now”.  The guests did try asking spirit some yes/no questions but the spirit seemed reluctant to communicate, seeming just wanting to impress.  We then removed the glass and the guests stayed on the table to try table tipping.  The table started rocking gently at first, and then much faster at their request.  We asked for the table to lift up one side, which to our surprise it did.  Then to all our amazement the table went up onto one leg and started rotating, resulting in the guests having to run around the table.  The guests were also able to ask the spirit to stop and change direction – which it did!  This was the first ghost hunt event for these guests (as with many of our guests tonight) and I’m sure it won’t be their last.  During this session Jason (team) left the area saying his chest was feeling tight, on checking he felt much better after leaving.  Some more guests joined us and wanted to try some glass work, and again the glass started moving, although not as rapid as before.  And again we tried table tipping, which the guests experienced some movement.  A great end to the night!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted – 21-9-2013 (Sue Paranormal Investigator Report)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Fort Horsted 21st September 2013

I was based in Room 10. We could sense and feel spirit was with us although we could not establish exactly who they were. The most active areas were the room to the left and the corridor that run in between the two rooms. We went into circle and began calling out asking for spirit to make themselves know to us. The 2 x  ghost box pro’s immediately light up and responded to questions we established we had a female and a male spirit although they would not give any personal information, in fact when we asked would they be willing to talk to us via the board or glass they refused and said no, the guests found this quite amusing as spirit was quite amendment of what they were and were not willing to do for us.

We heard a lot of noises all night especially when standing in the corridor inbetween the two rooms. Lots of taps and banning. we heard footsteps and even sounded like someone walking on gravel but there is no gravel anywhere in the surrounding area.

In both my 1st and 2nd group but not the 3rd we could clearly hear the sound of running water, we didn’t hear the water constantly but it was quite frequent as if there was a stream behind us or water running down a bank. When i checked with the owner there is no stream or any reason why we would hear water in this area. When i spoke to Karen (she was in 3rd group) on a break she said she had heard water running in that area when she was here a few months ago.

One of the guest was wearing the hearing enhancers and he clearly heard a heavy door bang shut there is no door in this area.

In both my 1st and 2nd group when a female stood in the exact same spot the same things happened to both guests. They stood in the corridor with there back to the opening of the room on the left. When stood here both guests they kept being touched on their face and having their hair touched they also felt extreme cold spots next to them. The ghost box pro said when asked on both occasions that the Jasmine & the other guest both reminded spirit of themselves and the guests looked and was around the same age as the spirit. Interestingly both of these two guests did look very similar to each other had the same hair colour, hair style & length, same build and approx same age also this was the only time the female spirit interacted with us.

We went into the room on the left. Spirit would not talk to us via the board or move the glass but i gave one guest a set of dowsing rods and explained to them how to use them. We asked the spirit to use the dowsing rods and take the guest to wear the spirit was stood, it took the guest to the far back wall. The guest had established there yes and no position with the dowsing rods. We continued to talk to spirit and ask questions and we had 2 x ghost box pros on the table and one guest with the dowsing rods. interestingly we was getting the exact same response via the ghost box pro the dowsing rod also gave the same answer to the questions, so was very good to have two ghost boxs and a set of dowsing rods all given the exact same answer to our questions at the same time.

When we was in circle in the corridor area Audrey said that when she looked at Jason who was filming she could see Jasons face changing and that Jason looked like he had a moustache. We had seen a lot of shadows by the top entrance and had the constant feeling of being watched. We set up a laser grid in the area that you walk through to get to room 10 the area that leads round to the bend although this did not get any results.

Overall a very interesting night. Although we could not get any specific information to let us know who was was talking to we heard so many noises. Taps, bangs, footsteps, walking on gravel, a door slamming and running water.

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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The Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt – 3-8-2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013

The Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt 3rd August 2013
Brighton, East Sussex

When choosing the date for this ghost hunt we didn’t check to see what was on in Brighton to see if it would impact us in any way. However as it turned out this was Brighton Pride weekend, which had we known beforehand we probably wouldn’t have booked it because of the likelihood of a lot of loud noise and music playing all night because The Old Police cells museum is situated at the Town Hall which is in the middle of Brighton, however it turned out that it didn’t make any difference as little of the noise could be heard in the basement of the Town Hall and the traffic wasn’t a problem either, in fact it was harder to get out of Brighton than to get in.

This event was also a little strange because normally our Locations team visit every venue before the event so that areas can be allocated to team members, but because the preceding two months were very hectic for our Locations team, no visit was made and thus the investigation team were going in blind not knowing the building nor where the interesting areas were. However being professionals we quickly toured the building on arrival and separated the areas for the investigation.

Carl (GHE team) chose the Female cells and I chose the Male cells to start our investigation.

Whilst I was unlocking all the cells I noticed that certain cells had very uneasy and oppressive feelings and it had nothing to do with the mannequins placed in the cells, some were quite unusual!

As I reached the last cell I noticed that a spirit energy called Gerald was standing at the other end of the corridor, he was a jailer and carried a bunch of keys which was similar to the keys that I was holding. Gerald was aged in his early 50s, quite a portly chap who uttered the words “be careful” as he swung his jailer keys. What he was talking about remains unknown.

Whilst the majority of the guests were standing at the same end of the corridor as me apart from one person who was in a cell we all heard a metal clanking sound which we all assumed was Bob (guest) as he was in the cell, however when we asked Bob what the noise was he said that he had not heard the sound let alone made it. On inspecting the cell where Bob was nothing in this cell could have been responsible for the noise that we heard.

After spending some time in each of the cells, the general consensus was that two cells everyone felt uncomfortable when inside on their own but when another person joined them the feeling dissipated.

After leaving an audio recorder in one of the cells, one in which many of us believed the door would rattle of its own accord we moved down the hall to the washroom area. On analysis of this audio file nothing interesting or unexplained was recorded and certainly no EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices).

Whilst in the toilet end of this area strange feelings were felt by many people, mostly that of a threatening feeling but once again this was only felt when a small amount of people were in the room, as more people entered the feelings disappeared. This room wasn’t a small room and had nothing to do with being claustrophobic as the ceiling was about 12 feet high.

Some guests stayed in this area whilst other joined me in what I shall call the library as it was full of old books, some dating from the 1800s.

Andy (guest) saw a white light on his shirt and dismissed this as he thought it was from a smoke alarm, however later when the rest of the group joined us this happened again although no-one could find a source of the light.

There was a strange spirit in this area, his name was Silus who was aged in his 80s and told me he passed in 1908. However Silus seemed more than just a random spirit, he seemed very knowledgeable and was able to answer some truly difficult questions posed by the guests and he was able to show me an incident that happened to one of the guests many years ago that started this persons quest to find out more about ghosts/spirits. The guest confirmed to me that what I described was in fact what had happened to him.

Whilst Andy was standing in a particular area he felt a sharp pain in his neck, to me it looked like Silus had “stabbed” Andy with a screwdriver or a sharp implement shaped like a screwdriver. Silus also made Emily (guest) feel dizzy and she reported that her arms felt odd.

As another guest entered the room we all heard a cough, the guest didn’t hear a cough nor had he coughed himself, later when the same guest excited the room he too heard a couch coming from in front of him but there was no one in that room as we were all in the library. We didn’t hear that cough either.

The second group we started in the Male cells as before and I was keen to know if these guests felt the same about certain cells as the first group, which after much deliberation from the guests they all agreed one cell felt the same as what the first group felt. Although they didn’t feel that there was a second unpleasant cell.

Some of the guests wanted to dress up as police officers and had an amusing time doing so. As we were about to leave this area to go to the washroom area one guest thought she saw a person or the shadow of a person at the end of the cell block behind the gate. This is the same area that I first saw Gerald from the first group.

In the library area some of the guests happened to be standing where Andy from the first group stood and one by one everyone that stood in this area felt a touch on their head or the their neck even though they were expecting it we continued to talk about other things as to take their minds off the incident and then to their surprise when the guests were least expecting something they all felt a touch. Silus (the spirit from the first group) was responsible.

When asking for spirit to make a sound Karen (guest) heard a “Whoo” sound, which could have come from outside but the first group also heard exactly the same sound in exactly the same place but there was a good hour’s difference in time.

Back in the main washroom I held a séance and we were joined by a spirit energy called Simon, he was able to push and sway some people and move their arms on command. Some of the guests including me felt very warm during this séance, other on the other side of the circle opposite me felt very cold.

During the free time (where guests may hold their own ghost hunt or vigil with our equipment) a lot of us were in the washroom area and Carl (GHE Team) had the name Harry repeating in his head over and over. The spirit that was with us might have been called Harry, but I don’t know because he wouldn’t talk to me. This spirit was about 19 or 20 years old, quite skinny with blonde hair and freckles. Whilst I was describing him to the guests some saw a strange light, as did I but none of us could decide what we had actually seen, although the light came from the place where this spirit stood. This spirit didn’t do anything of a physical nature to any guest so we all moved off to different areas of the building.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which many of the guests had some form of paranormal activity happen to them, mostly physical that defied any rational or obvious explanation. This location we will be happy to return to as hopefully more activity will present itself as some of the areas that were available to us I didn’t visit and will look forward to that on our next visit.

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