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Thursday, June 25th, 2020


This is another device purposely designed for the Paranormal world. This is another device built by Paranologies.

This is a simple temperature measuring device for hot or cold spot detection. When there is a hot temperature, one side of the device lights up red, if the temperature is cold then the opposite side lights up blue. It automatically resets every 30 seconds if the ambient air has a constant change it will auto-adjust to that change while still displaying the hot and cold changes

This device can easily be affected by the ambient air temperature, especially if it is near a doorway. Depending on the environment it is easy for warm air to drift over the device and equally a cold air draft.

However, if it is used in a locked off area or room then this can be an exceptionally good indication of warm or cold spots as it will light up with the temperature difference.

This can only be bought from Paranologies in the USA and is currently priced at $69.99

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