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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 16-12-2012

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 16th December 2012
Pluckley, Kent

The weather forecast for this evening was mixed, with some rain due in the early part of the night but more importantly that when we were due to be in the woods no rain was forecast. This was rather important because the pathways at this time of year are very muddy, let alone with the extra water from rain.

I started the ghost hunt in my usual place, as it is a very active area and guests always feel something on this path, sometimes they also see paranormal occurrences and take some very interesting photos.

We were joined by Philip a male spirit energy who passed away locally in a motorcycle accident, this particular spirit energy I have seen on a number of occasions. There was also a female spirit energy although she seemed shy and didn’t want to communicate with me. However there was lots of activity on our KII meters and on our communication equipment.

During the séance some people wanted to remain outside the circle, which was not a problem although this did not stop the spirit energies affecting them.

Several of the guests in the séance circle felt spirit move their arms and push them gently.

After I finished the séance, Perry (guest) wanted to be pushed as he was being affected throughout the séance even though he wasn’t in the circle. I placed my hand lightly on his shoulder and the spirit energies pushed and pulled him, which he found surprising.

Our second location (after venturing through more mud) we had lots more communication via our electronic equipment and lots of activity on our KII meters.

I set up the laser grid, but nothing was seen in this. I also turned on my SB7 (a spirit box, which scans the FM radio stations in reverse at 100ms) and we heard the name “Philip” plus “Hi”, “Hello” and some other names, none of which were the names of people present (which is what I asked for).

Unfortunately this session was then brought to an abrupt halt as it started to rain and we started to make our way toward the cars, just in case the rain didn’t pass then we would be nearer the cars than stuck in the woods, which weren’t offering much protection from the elements.

Fortunately by the time we had walked onto what is my final area of the woods the rain had stopped and we could continue with the ghost hunt. Once again there were lots of activity on our KII meters and lots more communication on the electronic equipment.

I noticed that we were being watched by a strict female energy, she was aged in her late 40s and gave me the impression of being a school mistress. Perry was drawn to a particular area of the woods, so we all followed.

Several guests took some photos in this location because it felt odd to them, to me it felt very active. Many of the guests had some very interesting mist photos at this point as well as some “weirdness” to them. One guest said that the spirits name was Geoffrey, (which it was and the electronic communication equipment confirmed it) but the fact that she had got it right she found scary. Perry also felt a physical touch on his shoulder and at first thought it was me, but when he turned his torch on, he could see that I was nowhere near him and neither was anyone else.

At this time I conducted an EVP (electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and there were many responses but only one that is clear to understand. This can be heard at:-

As we were walking out of the woodland, some guests heard the sound of a metallic clink, which they described as being similar to the sound a blacksmith would make when hammering out horse shoes.

This was a good ghost hunt with quite a lot of physical and auditory paranormal activity witnessed by the guests and fortunately the weather did not hamper the ghost hunt.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 23-11-2012

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Pluckley Woods ghost hunt 23rd November 2012

Pluckley, Kent

This particular evening was a crisp 2 degrees Celsius with a clear sky and some moonlight, which although looked atmospheric made the woods a lot lighter than when there is no moon, as the moonlight makes it seem much more open than it is. However with the moon, there wasn’t any need for a torch as the pathways could easily be seen.

I started in my usual spot and after a short while a male spirit energy approached us, he was 33 years old and from the 1890s and gave me the impression that he was a farmer as he wore green coloured trousers and a check shirt but I found it odd that he wasn’t wearing a hat, as in that period farmers would have worn hats.

After some brief KII activity and communication via our electronic equipment I started a séance to give the guests some physical evidence of the spirit energy present. Whilst the farmer spirit energy was present, another male energy came forward to touch and move the guests as part of the séance. His name was Michael and he had dark and hair and a stocky build.

Michael was able to gently move some of the guests arms and push one or two of the guests as well as using our hands to stroke the faces and hair of some of the guests, which was a strange sensation for all those concerned.

A female spirit energy was also present, although she took a while to approach us and as I was telling the guests that she was approaching, one of the guests commented that they thought that they could see a shadow on the path of a person approaching us.

During the séance many guests commented that they could see lights behind me, one guest described the lights as being similar to shooting stars but much smaller and nearer to the ground.

At the end of the séance I did an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment.

There were several responses to the question asked but even under extensive analysis the recordings could not be enhanced that much and it took a lot longer to figure out the words being spoken by the spirit. The best can be heard at:-

We would recommend listening to these several times to actually hear the words spoken.


The second location I set up the laser grid and pointed it along the path, some guests commented that they could see shadows within this grid, although I couldn’t because I was seeing the spirit energies.

Various spirit energies came and went, which the guests were able to detect on our KII meters and there was some communication via the gadgets.

There were also some strange noises heard further along the path and behind us, many of which sounded like footfalls of people.

Some guests ventured further along the path to investigate a light that they could see and the shadows in the grid.

At this point I started using our Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio waves in reverse at 100ms). First several names were heard, none of them belonging to anyone present, then we all heard “Hi” and “Hello”.

I asked how many guests were present and we all heard a very clear “5” then one of the guests who were investigating further along the pathway returned. I then asked the same question and we all heard a very clear “6” I also asked how many were further along the path and once again we all heard a very clear “3”. All of these answers were correct as there were 9 of us in total.

Once again a very successful ghost hunt with some good evidence, both physical and audible experienced by the guests.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 26-10-2012

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 26th October 2012

Pluckley, Kent

This is what I would call the first winter ghost hunt, cold and rather muddy, however this did not detract from the level of paranormal activity experienced by the guests.

The first location we had some good but brief moments of KII activity and some communication via our electronic equipment, but the majority of the time we were hearing footfalls and other strange noises from within the woods. Given the nature of these woods it could not have been a person as they would have needed a torch to navigate, which we didn’t see.

A female energy was present, although she did not tell me her name as she felt quite shy, however she was wearing a flowery dress and looked to be in her 30s.

Also present was a male spirit called Timothy and during the resulting séance, some arm movement was felt by the guests.

The second location, once again strange noises and footfalls were heard but still no obvious answer to the noise. I set up the laser grid but nothing was seen in this grid. Whilst we were looking into the grid I turned on my SB7 (Spirit Box) which scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms intervals. As it is scanning in reverse we can be fairly sure any voices heard in normal time are from spirit because no radio station broadcasts in reverse.

On the SB7 we heard “Hello” and the names of some of the guests “Laura” “Lisa” and my name “Steve” and strangely when asking questions out loud the spirit responsible didn’t just say yes, they said “I understand” or “Correct” which is rather odd. There were lots of word spoken although not all could be understood.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which the guests had a number of paranormal occurrences or experiences that they could not explain, not to mention the very good session with the Spirit Box.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 6-10-2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt, 6th October 2012
Pluckley, Kent

This event was organised with military precision, simply because it was in aid of The Children’s Trust charity and we had the same amount of guests that we would normally have for an indoor event, so the car parking was one such issue. We also had certain members of the team in fixed areas, normally our ghost hunts follow a set path, whereas this event we had a central meet point and all teams went off from this point.

That said the event ran without and problems and there were other people wandering the woods, but we didn’t see them all night.

My area was not only the furthest from our start point but also the most active with numerous paranormal occurrences that have happened here from various public and private events.

The first group here had very high levels of KII activity and some communication via our electronic equipment, but since time was an issue with this event, I held a séance quite quickly so that the guests could experience some physical spiritual activity.

We were joined by a female energy called Grace, she was about 26 years old and gave me the year as 1870. She looked like a typical farm girl wearing a blue dress which was well worn and she had long brunette coloured hair.

Grace treated the guests to some gentle but purposeful arm movement.

At the end of the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment, although at the time when the recording was played back we all heard some possible ghost voices, on inspection and clarification on a computer there were no understandable voices audible.

The Second group once again experienced high levels of KII activity as well as some brief communication via our electronic gadgets, however upon commencement of the séance a male spirit energy by the name of Tommy came forward. He was a strict and sensible spirit energy, aged in his late 60s and about 5’7” in height. Tommy gave me the impression that he was a local farm trader, as he seemed to be carrying a crate of fruit.

During the séance Tommy was able to move the guests arms as well as push and pull them. Some guests felt a series of cold spots behind them, which seem to come and go as well as seeing shadows and light formations within the woods. Footfalls were also heard approaching us, but no-one arrived.

At the end of this session I held another EVP experiment. There were several audible responses to the guests questions, these can be heard at:-

The Third group we more or less went straight into a séance as Tommy was still about and he was able to give the guests some more arm movement and push them gently. However the atmosphere changed quite quickly as another male energy came forward, however I couldn’t see him clearly, he was however about 6’ tall and of a broad build. He took an instant dislike to one of the guests and started to affect her. The guest felt extremely hot and had to be removed from the séance circle. However as soon as she returned the same energy did exactly the same thing to the guest. I decided that it was probably best not to continue the séance circle. On speaking to the guest afterwards she said that although she could hear me, it sounded like she was underwater as everything seemed to be muffled and distorted. She felt very hot throughout the séance and thought she was going to faint on more than one occasion. However after we had finished the séance circle the guest said that she felt normal again, albeit a little drained from the experience.

Once again a very good ghost hunt with some excellent paranormal activity encountered by the guests.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Woods – 6-10-2012

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods – 6th October 2012

In aid of The Children’s Trust Charity

Group C
Sean (team) and I took the first group to an area that is very active and immediately we had activity on the KII and Ghost Pro’s.  I had the name Emily in my head, so asked if the spirit present was Emily, the ghost pro answered yes.  We established Emily comes here to play and that she was less than 10 years old.  She could see that it was dark, and prefers it in the daylight.  We used the PSB7 with various inaudible words coming through, however sean was wearing his ear amplifiers and heard my name clearly (Kym).  We also heard whistles when calling out.

Group B
Whilst taking the second group to the same area, myself and a guest heard a groan to our left.  Again we were having KII and Ghost Pro activity.  Whilst using the PSB7 we heard the name Bill – when asking spirit if that was his name we got yes.  Whilst standing quietly and listening, Sean was able to hear mens voices through his ear amplifiers, but there were no men in this group and all other groups were too far away to be heard.

Group C
Again we took the third group to the same area.  We had KII and Ghost Pro activity, initially confirming Bill was with us again.  We could also hear unexplained noises around, and felt we were being watched throughout the evening.

A brilliant night – Pluckley never disappoints.

Kym and Sean – Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 19-10-2012

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 19th October 2012

After making our way into the woods, which considering it had been raining all day were unsurprisingly very wet. The witty banter of the guests stopped when the majority of the group screamed when a bird flapped through the trees, this made me smile because this happens every time.

I stopped on the path in the first active location, gave the guests some of our electronic equipment and then we waited for about 10 minutes before a male energy approached us. His name was Timothy Tregar and he was 23 years of slim build and had short brown hair. The guests then asked questions which were answered via the electronic equipment and we were able to establish that he was waiting for his wife and that he worked with ships in Chatham. Although he didn’t give me the exact year of his passing he seemed to be from the late 1890s. Whilst the questioning was going on one of the guests exclaimed that they felt a hand touch them on their back which made them all jumpy!

I decided that this would be the best place to hold a séance since Timothy was walking amongst the group and our KII meters were picking this up.

Within a matter of minutes Timothy was able to move the hands of some of the guests, many found this strange and odd as they were not expecting this type of movement. I then asked if Timothy could push or rock the guests. Almost immediately a group of three girls all swayed to their right and as Timothy made his way around the group several people were either pushed or swayed and after a few minutes everyone was being pushed in some way. Many of the guests reported that they felt like they were on a boat. Some of the guests during this time felt woozy or a little nauseous.

After we completed the séance I set up the laser grid and although nothing notable was seen in the grid I did see another male energy approaching us. His name was Jeffery and was approximately 55 years old and of a stocky build, mostly bald and had a full beard. He gave me the impression due to his smart clothing (a three piece black pin stripe suit) that he was a man of importance.

Once again some of the guests felt a touch or as if someone had brushed past them which made the majority (an 18th birthday party group) all huddle together. I then asked for the spirits to make a noise and many noises were heard, some admittedly could have been normal for the woods however there were some exceptions, like a loud whistle which sounded like the sort of whistle someone would do to call a dog. However given that it was about midnight and no one was walking in these woods this too made a few guests jump. Shortly after this some foot falls were heard behind everyone, which also made them jump & scream.

After using my Spirit Box to no avail we moved further down the path. Both Timothy & Jeffery followed us. We stopped at a place where there was much KII activity and once again the two spirits were using our communication device to talk to us. I asked on several occasions for them to make a noise and just about every time a noise was heard very close to where we were standing. One noise sounded like someone standing on a twig and snapping it, but given that the group were very still after all the other noises this once again made the majority scream and run away from the sound!

Strange and heavy foot falls were also heard in this spot along with shuffling noises, all of which made everyone feel very uneasy.

As I was standing towards the back of the group, as I too had heard the noises and was keen to see whether it was related to an animal, although in my opinion the sound was too loud for a rabbit, fox or badger, I noticed two spirit energies come towards us in a hesitant manner they were a shy pair of siblings, roughly about 14-16 years old, the older of the two was called Rachael and her brother was very shy but would not tell me his name. They asked for my help as they were lost so I immediately held a rescue and they were collected by what looked like their Mother.

After all of the noises many of the guests were ready to leave the woods as they had spent the last hour or so being scared. As I turned to them to explain that we were leaving the woods, there was a strange rustling or movement in the immediate area which scared just about everyone as this sounded like someone crashing through the undergrowth towards us, but when torches were pointed in that direction nothing was seen or heard.

Due to the fact that there was the sound of raindrops falling on leaves all of the night and it could have been raining whilst we were in the woods I did not do an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment as the sound of the rain drops would have been all that we would hear and equally because of the rain no photos were taken throughout the night.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests either heard or felt physical activity.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 21-9-2012

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 21st September 2012
Pluckley, Kent

It is always a pleasure to investigate Pluckley Woods as the amount of paranormal activity we encounter during the night is always interesting, sometimes scary and usually surprising. This occasion was no different.

As we made our way to my favourite part of the woods, this is a place where so much has happened on past ghost hunts, I noticed that a spirit energy was already following us, much to the surprise of the guests as those at the back felt that they were being watched and followed. The spirit energy that was following us was a Bobbie (Policeman) from late 19th Century.

Once we were where I wanted to be, we gave the guests a collection of our equipment including KII meters and our ghost communication devices so that the guests could interact with the spirit energies present.

There was a male energy aged about 35 who was eager to talk through these devices to the guests and the guests were able to get many answers to why he was with us. After many guests took photographs, some had some unusual mist formations and plenty of orbs. I decided that we should hold a séance to encourage the spirit energies to interact with the guests.

We were joined by a female energy called Lizzie, she was approximately about 40 years old and was able after a while to move the arms of several of the guests, mostly on command. Many of the guests also experienced gentle pushing and swaying and many guest commented that it felt like they were on a boat. During this time many cold spots were felt by the guests and although we were outside, these cold spots were much colder than the ambient air temperature and felt similar to putting a hand inside a freezer.

During this time colleagues of mine stayed outside of the séance circle taking photographs, listening for footfalls and noises and generally monitoring the area. The photograph below is one of the many taken and although it is out of focus it is taken under IR light, which will only illuminate for about 10 feet in complete darkness. The female which is in the distance on the right hand side of the picture should not have been illuminated, not only that but we don’t believe this was one of our guests nor have any explanation of the positioning of the person, since we were standing on a generally flat path. This photo therefore at this time remains anomalous.

Our second stop a little further along the path we set up a laser grid but nothing was seen by anyone in this grid. There were however lots of strange footfall noises which sounded like someone was walking around us, this too is unlikely without the aid of a torch as the woods here are very dense and the ground very uneven. There were lots of periods where there was high levels of EMF energy recorded and shown on our KII meters.

In this area, which has been a very active area in the past I decided that we would hold an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Out of the 10 people present who participated there were two good ghost voices recorded. You can hear them at:-

Our third area of investigation is in an area that I like to call the spooky woods, as the trees here are much older and higher and on previous occasions we have had lots of things happen to guests.

Once again a laser grid was set up and some of the guests were seeing strange things within the grid; shadows and other lights mainly. I was standing further along the path and could see a male spirit energy approaching, trying to sneak up on us in a way. His name was Alfred or Alfie to his friends, which was strange because a guest also standing with me was called Alfie. The spirit Alfie was aged roughly in his early 60s and was wearing a British Army uniform from the Second World War era. I asked those guests who were standing with me to put their hands out to see if they could feel a difference when the spirit walked into their hands. Many guests reported that they felt a warm sensation in the middle of their palms and tingling or pins & needle sensation in their fingers. Some guests also felt that their fingers were being separated and stretched.

During this time Alfie (guest) felt his jacket being touched and moved, as he described it being like someone had just brushed part him.

After a while the spirit energy carried on and walked past us. We returned to looking into the laser grid and some guests also walked into the grid to see if it made any difference to their senses apart from the ability not to see where the path was. During this the rest of us could hear footfalls and other noises to the right of us and some whistles and knocks were also heard in this direction.

Once again another successful and active ghost hunt with many gets getting a physical experience from the spirit energies that we encountered throughout the evening.

This ghost hunt was carried out by:-
Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator
Steve Moyle – Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 24-8-2012

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 24th August 2012

Given that the rain had been lashing down most of the evening I wasn’t expecting for Pluckley Woods to be busy, it was with various groups of people in the woods, some were camping & drinking and lighting fires, some were doing what we were; ghost hunting.

For whatever reason one group of people thought that they would follow us, however they were not dressed for the occasion and gave up after about 20mins after they had walked through a lot of mud!

I walked to my normal starting point as this is one of the most active areas within Pluckley Woods where we more or less instantly had very high levels of KII activity and high levels of communication via our electronic equipment. We were also joined by a spirit by the name of Jeffery or Jeff who was about 33-34 years old with light brown short hair wearing green coloured trousers and a check shirt. He told me that he was a woodman. The guests were then able to communicate with him via the devices.

The second location, once again there were high levels of KII activity and various guests all thought that they had seen shadows on the path. Given that there were a lot of people in the woods I set up the laser grid so that any movement could be monitored easily. There was also a female spirit energy present, her name was Elizabeth and she was dressed in summer attire possibly from the early 1900s. However she did not want to talk to me.

The third location we held a séance and although some people of the group did not participate, those that did felt the spirit energies in the form of gentle arm movement and some gently pushing. Mark (guest) had to step out of the circle as he felt sick. The spirit energy that was responsible for this was called Marc who was French aged in his early 20s. He was quite a cocky but laid back person who was able to move people quite easily and usually very unexpectedly.

Towards the end of this session we all heard the sound of a cry, although it didn’t sound like an animal. After we finished the séance I held an EVP experiment because we were hearing various noises in the woods, some sounded like footfalls but the majority didn’t.

The best of the ghost voices (EVPs – Electronic Voice Phenomena) can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in Pluckley woods with some excellent spiritual activity felt by the guests.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 28-7-2012

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 28th July 2012

It always amazes me how much activity we get at Pluckley Woods, especially because there should be no difference between these woods and any other woods, but for reasons which I don’t understand the spirit energies are always happy to oblige on certain paths within these woods. There are however other pathways which have some truly nasty spirits lurking in them waiting for the casual ghost hunter to wander by and then scare them.

We generally stick to the same route, although with deviations depending on the group and the time allowed and as always we walked to the middle of the woods to start the night. We walk this far so that we do not get disturbed by those casual ghost hunters and teenagers who are out for a laugh.

Within about 10 minutes our KII meters and Ghost Pro devices lit up with spiritual activity, just about everyone had a piece of equipment to hold or watch so that they could “detect” spirit energies around them. Many guests also took photographs, some had some very interesting mist formations, which were not related to the weather because it was generally comfortable in the woods, not cold and it had not rained for several hours. Also many photographed orb and light anomalies on the pathways.

We were joined by a male energy by the name of Philip who was about 22 years old and wore a light coloured shirt and brown trousers, and he seemed a little mentally slow.

I decided that we would hold a séance there to try to get the guests to feel the spirit energies. There was gentle movement felt by some of the guests and some slight pushing. However everyone including me, jumped, or in some cases gripped the hands of whoever they were holding when out of nowhere we all heard an extremely loud noise in the trees about 6’ off the ground. It was almost directly opposite me and about my eye level. At the time I was asking for the spirits to make a noise. We ruled out any animal because nothing in the tree moved, not a single leaf. The only thing moving were the people closest to the noise!

During the séance many guests heard footfalls amongst the trees, although the ground behind where we were standing is quite open and the people who were not in the séance circle did not see anything.

Whistles were also heard in response to our whistles and although the group weren’t feeling too scared no-one ventured very far from the group as the footfalls and the whistles got louder and then stopped.

Our second location there was more communication via our electronic equipment and when we set up the laser grid the atmosphere changed. Many guests heard more footfalls and other noises which I have never heard before.

We didn’t stay long in this location as some of the guests were feeling cold.

Our third location is a place which I would not venture on my own, it doesn’t have a nice atmosphere, it is however one of the highest spiritually active areas of the woods and much evidence (Photos & EVPs) have been recorded here.

On starting the SB7 (A Spirit Box which scans the radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse) many of the guests names were heard along with “Hello” and “Go Away”.

We also set up a laser grid and strange lights were seen  in this. Many of the lights were seen quite high up and since the grid was green it did not explain why we were seeing orange lights within this grid.

Many attempts to record a ghost voice were conducted by the team throughout the night and a voice has been recorded which has a Devonshire accent (no guests had this accent) speaking an entire sentence. This is still under review and analysis as we are trying to work out the words spoken, but it is a very similar voice to something that we recorded several months ago.

From the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment that we undertook with all the guests we have recorded nine ghost voices, however only five are clear enough to fully understand and you can hear them at:-

Once again a very productive and enjoyable ghost hunt at Pluckley, which our guests enjoyed.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 22-6-2012

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Pluckley Ghost Hunt – 22nd June 2012

We were generally worried about this event as the weather earlier in the day (and previous days) was generally heavy rain, however on the night, no high winds, no rain and nice and calm, almost too calm.

After heading into the middle of the woods we let the guests loose with our equipment which consisted of KII meters and Ghost Pro Meters for them to communicate with the spirit energies we encountered. From the outset most of the meters exhibited strong activity and guests were able to communicate via yes, no questions the nature and intentions of the spirit energies. Many guests were a little alarmed when the lights lit up when they were holding the equipment, although fine when it was someone else holding it!

Many guests also took photographs, several of which contained spirit orbs but unfortunately nothing exceptional, like strange mists that we have encountered on previous visits.

The woods were generally quiet with few animal sounds, however strange lights were seen by the guests and our team in the distant trees and we ruled out people because where we saw the lights it would be impossible for people to walk without making a noise.

After moving further into the woods, many guests felt that the spirit energies that they had been communicating with were following them, I was aware that at least two male energies were following us and some of the guests heard footsteps behind them.

We conducting a laser grid experiment as we have had some positive results in these woods in the past however nothing much happened during that experiment although communication was still strong via the meters.

We held a séance on the spot where I (and others) have heard the female scream but very little happened apart from some gentle side to side movement. Two of the team ventured further into the woods to conduct their own EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment, as they were walking back to us a loud sound was heard by everyone, although we have no idea what that could have been because nothing moved, although it did sound similar to a tree falling over.

We then ventured into an area which has proved to be very active in the past and generally very good when recording EVPs and once again we conducted an EVP experiment. No obvious EVPs have been recorded from this experiment.

Many guests whilst in this part of the woods felt vulnerable and the general feeling is that we were being watched but there was the usual sounds of people approaching but no-one ever arrives, this is very common in these parts of the woods and local folklore reports that the road nearest to this point is Fright Corner, whether this has anything to do with the unexplained noises and feelings that are felt in this particular area, I have no idea.

Joining me from the Ghost Hunt Events team were;

Carl Hutchinson – Paranormal Investigator,
Kym McMillan – Paranormal Investigator and
Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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