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Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt – 23/4/2011

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Well where do I begin? It was a fantastic night not least because of the spiritual activity more on than later, but also because we were joined by some members of the Royal Marines 40 Commando who informed me earlier in the week that they would be in the woods. I was told “don’t try and find us, we’ll find you” and they certainly did within 5 minutes of us being in the woods, which I thought was quite impressive because we didn’t see or hear anything until they turned their torches on, we probably walked straight past them after leaving the car park!

We headed for an area where we have had excellent experiences in the past and this was no exception. After a quick rundown of what I intended to do and what is likely to happen to those within the circle we started holding a séance. Almost immediately a male energy made himself known to me. He stood approximately 5’6″ aged in his late 50s or early 60s, quite a bald headed man with patches of hair and quite gaunt looking. He gave his name as Jeffery and he made a point of telling me that his name was spelt with a J. He also gave his date of passing as 1910 and he was a local baker. He very quickly started pushing Andy (guest) to my left and without me asking (although Andy did) he moved our arms slowly upwards. After this Jeffery made his way over to Ruben (guest) and started to gently rock Ruben, much to his surprise and then moved Rubens and my arms. The male energy was quite reluctant to move the female guests at first but after a while and with some encouragement Jeffery began to move Lynn’s (Paranormal Investigator) and Ruben’s arms. During this period of spirit manipulation we all heard noises in various directions but mainly in the thicker part of the woods. These noises sounded like people walking through the undergrowth, but the Marines who were watching, soon ventured in the direction of the noises with their torches and they saw absolutely nothing. The noises also continued when a torch light came on which if it were an animal I would have expected the noise to stop. There were lights (possibly orbs) further down the path, Justine (guest) saw these on a number of occasions, as did the Marines and every time they (the Marines) investigated and reported that they could not see anything.

Another male energy that was in his early 20s came to join us, but the only information he would give was Henry as his first name. He was a lot stronger and had no difficulty in moving Ruben, Andy and myself. Both energies continued to move everyone for quite a while, during this time though the noises in the woods were getting louder and or nearer but these noises did not sound like animals or people as it was not consistent with footfalls.

Just before I was about to break the circle I saw a huge flash of light in the sky above the tree tops which was some distance away (It was a cloudless sky and no aircraft had been heard flying overhead). The Marines and Andy also saw this flash of light but they did not know what it was, as I thought that maybe it was something to do with the RM as there were a number of them in the woods.

After undertaking an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, I decided to play back the recording to see if we could hear anything, we all heard one particular answer to a question asked by one of the Marines (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brcXOVr2nHE).[There were three EVPs captured during this session] Lynn asked to use the K2 Metre (EMF) and the results were quite astonishing, although the energy did seem reluctant to step forward at first.

After a short break I decided that we would head further down the path which is the direction in which several guests and the RM had seen various lights, this was also the same place that I (and guests) had heard a female scream the last time Ghost Hunt Events investigated Pluckley woods.

During the séance held here there were a couple of energies that had stepped forward but none were giving any definite evidence at first, although the K2 Metre was showing sustained and persistent activity. Some of the RM had joined in and as soon as two male energies joined us from the same direction that we had come, everyone’s arms lifted almost immediately to shoulder height. The two energies were dressed like woodsmen from late 19th Century but they did not reveal their names or any personal information. During this séance there were several noises but once again they didn’t sound like footfalls, more like something being dropped from waist height. There were also mist formations according to the guests and RM, although I did not see anything. We broke this circle quite early, or earlier than planned because the RM wanted to take us to a particular part of the wood where they had experienced some strangeness before we had arrived.

This part of the wood was very dense with small trees and plants and extremely dark. Almost immediately after creating the séance circle I had a strange sensation that I had lost vision in my right eye, a couple of the RM had either pains shooting down their backs or a dizzy sensation. A female energy had joined us; she gave her name as Marie and 1946 as the date of her passing. She was a Land Girl during the war years in and around the village of Pluckley and was dressed in a white/beige top and a dark green skirt. She appeared to be in her early 20s (although she didn’t tell me her age, but then again I didn’t ask – you should never ask a lady her age!). Marie quickly moved behind Justine and began to give gentle but definite pushes on Justine’s back and some slight arm movement. Marie also moved other people within the circle but this was brought to an abrupt stop because a less than friendly energy appeared quite close to the group. At this point more unusual noises were heard and many members of the group commented that it had got much darker (I couldn’t tell as my right eye was still not working properly) but the K2 Metre which was on the ground was flashing continuously, firstly just to the orange light (in the middle of the scale) then the red light (the maximum). Whispers were also heard and mumbling which seemed to come from all directions. The RM once again investigated as they thought they could see something behind where they were standing, but every time they moved in one direction the sound came from a different direction. After a while it became apparent that this is all the evidence we were going to achieve, which was fantastic since those noises were not created by something in the physical, at one point we all heard a male scream or shout and I decided that I would conduct another EVP experiment, this time the guests asked questions of a similar nature and I have captured four EVPs (these will be on the website, Facebook and YouTube as soon as possible [1-2 days] after publishing this report).

All in all everyone including the RM Commandos enjoyed the evening, as it was filled with spiritual activity right from the start, possibly the most active night that Ghost Hunt Events have had at Pluckley screaming woods.

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