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Old Church House Inn

Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Event Showcase: Old Church House Inn

History of Old Church House Inn
The Old Church House Inn, Torbryan, Devon, built in 1240, it predates the Black Death and the fireplace is thought to be 8th century in origin.
The de Brian family were the longest lasting tenants having resided here for 250 years.
Behind the bar the wood panelling that lines the wall was salvaged from one of the ships of the defeated Spanish Armada.
According to legend, Bertie Robinson was working on a supernatural tale of terror concerning a giant black devil dog that hunted down and wiped out a family.
Another writer who frequented the pub was none other than, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes mysteries.
Some believe Doyle stole the idea from Robinson and used it to write The Hound Of The Baskerville’s. Arguably his most famous book.
Ghost Hunting
Talk of ghosts have been a part of the Inn’s history for well over a century. With both staff and patrons having numerous encounters with the supernatural.
Most Haunted investigated the Inn in 2005.
Other reported ghostly sightings:-
The Disembodied Arm – In 1997, a woman staying in Room 1 was yanked out of a deep sleep when a horrific sight met her eyes, that of a disembodied arm of a man was floating directly in front of her pointing at the wall behind her.
The Spectral Monk – Over the last century the menacing figure of a monk in a black robe and hood has been witnessed lurking around the bar.
The Landlord’s Encounter – A former landlord who lived at the bar with his son heard the boy cry out in terror. When he entered his son’s room he could see the transparent form of a man leaning over his son.
The Armada Wall – Patrons sitting at the bar have claimed to see the screaming faces of men in the wood stripped from the Spanish Armada war ship.
No ghost hunt has taken place for the last 15 years, hopefully at our event in February we’ll have some evidence.
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