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Fort Horsted – 17th October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Room 35
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
Group A – We started with a séance circle, and invited spirit to join us.  Many could feel the energy change around them when the spirits stepped close.  The guest to my right (Peter), his left arm started moving up, but very gently, and almost immediately went straight back down.  Guests were seeing lights flashing on the wall and people.  We moved around to see if others could see the same, and they were.  We were also seeing shadows around us too.  Sean (filming) was watching his torch on a shelf, and it kept disappearing from view.  He showed us all through the camera which we saw too.  Some were being pushed and pulled, and feeling cold spots around us too.  With not much more movement we tried the pendulums and rods.  We had a male spirit with us, he worked here and was military.  He said there were other spirits here with us.  With another team member saying that they had tried chair tipping in this room successfully before, we had a go.  Initially we divided the guests on two chairs.  I stood with one group touching a chair and immediately started feeling very dizzy.  I swapped with Dave (guest) and he felt the same.  But Peter & Leanne didn’t feel it when standing there.  The other chair was moving so we all switched to that one.  With all lightly touching the chair, it started moving.  Slowly it started lifting up.  It tried to spin around but fell down.  Tried again, but just lifted up.  Some tried pushing the chair back down and could feel resistance.

Group B – Started with the séance circle, and Colin (guest) to my right was getting pushed, pulled and twisted.  Cold spots were being felt by some around the circle.  We were also hearing noises/footsteps near us too.  With no more movement we did some dowsing and all had quite a lot of communication with spirit.  We were talking to a male spirit connected to the fort.  We tried some chair tipping but had no movement, so decided to go down the whistling tunnel nearby.  However just on entering we heard a whistle between us, thinking initially it was one of us whistling ourselves, but with clarification from everyone that they had not done it, we were quite happy to have heard it.

Group C – Starting with the séance circle many were being gently rocked to and fro.  Then some guests started having their arms moved up and down.  Asking them to ask spirit in their head to move their arms where they chose, they were amazed when spirit responded to their request every time.  Myself and guest to my left were both feeling a heavy weight on our shoulders, and started to be pushed down.  Others were being pushed down too.  Also a lot of laughter was expressed around the circle.  Some felt like they were being touched, and felt cold spots too.  We then tried some communication with spirit using the rods & pendulums, and spoke to male and female spirits.  We then went to the whistling tunnel, and again heard a whistle between us whilst entering.
In the free session I joined some guests in a new area, a long tunnel above Area 10.  Then I joined Kerry & guests in room 35 where they had been experiencing some fantastic Ouija & table tipping.  We then finished the night with some Ouija in area 10.
A fantastic night – fabulous guests – and an awesome venue!

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Charlton House – 10th October 2015 (Louise)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015
Greenwich, London

Area: Grand Salon
Equipment: Ouija / Table tipping / Writing Planchette

Session 1 – Group B
This is the area I decided to work in as it was felt to be the more active area in the building. We started our session with some table tipping. Initially it took a lot of effort to get any movement on the table, and then there was a gentle rocking motion for some time until eventually the table tipped up on one side and held this position. I kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in some other way, but it just went back to a gentle rocking motion. After a while the table suddenly went up on to one leg and rotated anti- clockwise and stopped. Asking spirit to do this again, it did so this time clockwise.
During the Ouija session we had a spirit join us by the name of Tom. He was 4 years old and died in 1906. He told us that he was lost and looking for his parents, and there were 4 spirits in the room with us and he knew two of them. Tom then left us and there was another spirit moving the glass. We established this was the spirit of a young girl of 12 years old named Rebecca. She went on to tell us that she looked after Tom after his parents had passed away and that she was hung in 1906 for stealing bread to feed her and Tom. We then sensed that we were joined by a stronger energy. One of the guests asked if we were speaking to a male spirit to which he confirmed. He went on to tell us that he was 45 years old and that he had hung Rebecca and Tom for stealing.
Three of the guests (Fay, Gemma and Nicola) decided to use the writing planchette. Once the planchette started to move Fay asked the spirit if they could spell out their initials which to their amazement spirit did so. They then asked if the spirit would draw them a tree, and straight away spirit drew a tree.


Session 2 – Group C
In this session the table tipping was quiet and all through the session we only had gentle rocking. We all tried to encourage spirit but to no avail.
During the Ouija session, Rebecca came through again. She went on to tell us the same stories as the previous session only with the difference that she was born in 1906 not die. Her spirit came through really strong in this session. We asked her if she could spell out some of the names of the people around the table. She went on to spell out Kevin, Chris and Louise. Kevin and Chris (guests) were mother and son. We then asked Rebecca if she would like to communicate through the writing planchette and play a game to which she replied yes. The game consisted of a set of cards numbered 1-10. Setting the cards out face down, I asked Kevin to pull on forward but not look at it. Once the writing planchette began to move, we asked the spirit to write the number on the paper. The spirit drew the number 2. When we turned over the card we were all in shock as it said number 2. We tried this experiment another four times and spirit got two more right, drawing them out on the paper. I then asked the spirit to draw the animal that I was thinking of in my head (fish). The spirit went on to draw a perfect fish shape. Spirit then went on to draw random things. At the end of the session, when we looked at the paper, there was a perfect heart shape with the initial R in the corner. We assumed at this point that we had been communicating with Rebecca.


Session 3 – Group A
Again we started the session with table tipping. Movement to start was initially very slow with steady rocking from side to side. Encouraging spirit to move the table more or in another way, it went up on to one leg and gently spun round and then stopped. No more movement was experienced on the table despite encouragement from the guests.
During the Ouija session, to start to the glass never moved. With plenty of encouragement from the guests however, the glass began moving in a circle around the table very quickly first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. As the glass was moving around in a circle it was also spinning around under the guests fingers. Once the glass had centred we were joined by the spirit of a young 7 year old boy by the name of Richard. He went on to tell us that he was at the location in 1059 but unfortunately we couldn’t get the reason why or how he was connected to the land. One of the guests asked Richard to take the glass to where he was standing in the room. He took the glass to Sue (guest) and kept the glass at this point. I asked him if Sue reminded him of anybody and he spelt out mum. He went on to tell us that he was lost and trying to find her, but was in the company of two other spirits ‘Smith aged 9 and Eli aged 7’.

Very enjoyable evening, with lots of communications and footsteps and tapping noises also being heard

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 10th October 2015

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015

We have investigated Charlton House on a number of occasions and it is safe to say that we know that it is haunted and have many reoccurring incidents in various rooms of the house.

However every time we go there I try to investigate a different area or room and move the team around so that they can experience the different spirit energies.

This time around I chose the Library for my séance sessions and several spirits came to join us. We were joined in the first session by an Army Captain from the First World War, he didn’t give me his name but he was aged in his mid-30s. There was also a Priest present who was from a much later time period but he was not a happy fellow, but we really never discovered why he was so unhappy.

Various noises were heard within the room as well as people feeling their arms tingle and move, some people also felt cold spots that came and went but not consistent with a draft.

The second session we were joined by Dave a soldier also from the First World War, Dave was able to manipulate people much more than in the first session, with people being twisted and their legs moved, sometimes against their wishes.

Strange an odd noises were heard throughout this session some of the noises sounded like people walking on the upper mezzanine floor.

The third session we were once again joined by the Priest who was aged in his late-60s, this time around he was able to push and sway people by moving their arms. We were also joined by another soldier called Lincoln who was only able to make people feel tingly and slightly dizzy.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and we look forward to our last visit of 2015 at Charlton House on 20th November

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 9th October 2015

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 9th October 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Being that this event was the last ghost hunt here for 2015 we had decided to try an experiment after our normal controlled sessions. It was a partial success and one in which we will try again at other venues as well as Rye Castle.

As usual my sessions were in the upper floor of the Keep, both sessions we had active spirit in the room with us and both times they (the spirit) were able to move people on command. In the first session there were two jailer spirits, one aged about 18, the other 32, both were dressed more in military uniforms than what we would regard to be police or jailer uniforms. White or cream trousers with red jackets and black hats. Both looked a little scruffy but gave the year as 1735. Neither one gave their name, but both responded to us and when people asked to be moved or pushed eventually the request was fulfilled.

The second group we were joined by Tobias who preferred to be called Toby, aged in his late 30s, Toby was able to move just about everyone in the circle either by lifting their arms, pushing or swaying them or by dragging people to the floor by their arms.

The Experiment was carried out by using a glass on a table and a writing planchette, with each table in different parts of the tower. The writing planchette on the top floor of the Keep and the glass on a table on the lower floor (the old mortuary). I stayed on the ground floor and held a numbered set of cards (0-10) and selected one at random. The object was to ask the spirit to move either the glass or the writing planchette and once movement was underway, someone on each table was to ask “their” spirit to go and see what card I was holding and the shape that I drew on a piece of paper and then repeat it on either the glass or the planchette. The first experiment didn’t really work as few people understood what they were supposed to be doing. However once we swapped the groups for another chance. The number was successfully drawn by the glass table but not the planchette. The shape no group managed to get.

We have tried this type of experiment before at other venues and have previously had some great results. Usually it is with a child spirit that this can work well, but we will continue to experiment with this idea at future events.

Whilst this event was the last of 2015 and we will be returning in 2016 although we are only holding two events at Rye Castle in 2016.

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 3rd October 2015

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 3rd October 2015
Colchester, Essex

Due to the management at the hotel this event did not go as smoothly as previous events and we had to use public parts of the hotel that we would not normally use for the ghost hunt. That said the information and activity experienced by the guests was relatively normal for the venue.

The first two sessions that I undertook were using our ghost hunting equipment and gadgets, all guests had communication with various spirits including a spirit box where voices were clearly heard answering questions asked by the guests. [A spirit box is a device that scans radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms]

The following two sessions I held séances in the cellar of the hotel with spirit happily and capable of moving the majority of the circles. Some people were pushed, swayed and gently rocked, some people had to be asked to be moved whilst others were moved whether they asked or not. Some of the guests were pulled by their arms to the floor, whilst other were raised high above their heads.

Some people were not moved at all, but these guests did not speak for the entire session. Therefore nothing happened to them.

All in all this event ran as smoothly as we could manage given the difficult circumstances the manager of the hotel had enforced on us. The majority of the guests had great paranormal experiences which left some of the speechless.

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Sandford Mill ghost hunt – 19th September 2015

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 19th September 2015
Chelmsford, Essex

This was our first ghost hunt at this location and we were all looking forward to it with different groups spread out throughout the whole site and no two groups in the same building the scene was set for a very interesting night.

All my sessions were in the cottages which date back to 1890s and we tried séances in the two upstairs rooms of both cottages.

The first group we met a Canadian Airman who was called Toby, he was billeted in the cottage during the Second World War although he didn’t like the person who was billeted with him. Toby was a young man at 27 years old who was able to move people with ease in the group. He was however very shy and felt intimidated by us and was reluctant to complete a task that we asked of him e.g. making a noise.

The second room we met a female energy and children, the children were also from Second World War era and were evacuated to Sandford Mill during the Second World War. The female energy was from the Edwardian era and whilst quite strict she came across as being a teacher although she never confirmed this.

During both séances we heard noises on the landing, Nick (the caretaker) felt something touch his head as he was standing on the landing looking into the room. Jason (GHE camera) was standing beside Nick and could hear noises on the landing and downstairs.

On entering the second cottage and heading upstairs we could all feel the difference in energy, it felt much more calm and peaceful. I had the impression that this cottage was lived in by a nice couple, it felt like two elderly people lived here and the cottage had a warm comfortable feeling about it.

The second group to the first cottage felt the same sort of feeling in both rooms and James (guest) could also pick up on trouble and chaos, he gave his thoughts on the matter and what he felt. James thought that the children were locked into the room when they were in trouble and he also picked up on a foreboding atmosphere. During our séance in the front upstairs room we asked for spirit to make some noise (we asked in the first session too) and we all heard taps and purposeful bangs. The noises sounded like someone trying to use Morse code or trying to repeat the noises we made.

During the séances the spirit were more able to lift people’s arms or rock and sway them gently, this was repeated in both the first and second sessions and both times the guests that had this happen stated that it felt like they were on a boat.

In the second session all of the guests were part of the séance so no-one was outside of the circle, which is a shame as I was hoping that we could have had someone who was standing outside of the circle and for them to have been touched or prodded as the spirit seem very eager to touch someone who isn’t on the room and instead standing on the landing.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we hope to return to Sandford mill sometime in the near future.

Psychic Medium
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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 1st August 2015

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 1st August 2015
Colchester, Essex

We always enjoy our visits to the Red Lion Hotel as the team members are usually different which means that the activities are different and the level of paranormal activity is also different.

This particular visit we held sessions throughout the whole event as opposed to letting guests have a free reign session as we had a small group so we held four types of activity.

My first set of sessions were in the cellar for séances. There were two spirit present although the strongest in energy terms was Alex, aged 27 who was a very well-to-do man in the town, dressed smartly in a light grey three piece suit. The other was a drayman who loitered about in the tunnel part of the cellar. He was an older gent who generally stayed in the background.

Alex however was able to lift the guests’ arms and manipulate peoples’ balance. Alex pushed, pulled, sway and generally moved everyone in the first group séance circle around the room. Some people, myself included were pulled to the floor by our arms on more than one occasion, whilst others were tangled by their arms into the centre of the circle. The second séance group did not have the same enthusiastic movement, but they still experienced their arms being raised and some light movements in the form of slight pushing and wobbling. The second group however jumped every time someone walked on the grate on the pavement.

The second sessions I conducted a Ouija board session, the first group had loads of response and a sensible conversation with a local person, however the second group didn’t have any movement at all, so we took the Ouija board into the cellar where there was some good communication, but inevitably the grate on the pavement was walked on much more vigorously which made some of the guests try to vault the Ouija table!

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal experiences encountered by the guests.

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Explosion Museum – 24th July 2015 (Kym)

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Area: Officers Admin Building
Equipment: Pendulums and Dowsing Rods

Group B – This was a lovely old untouched building, with a tremendous amount of atmosphere to it, and I wanted the guests to enjoy exploring and feeling the energies around them.  With Louise’s assistance we showed the guests how to use the rods & pendulums, establishing their yes & no’s, and then communicating with spirit.  We had a male spirit with us initially who worked here in the 1900’s.  The spirit said there were more than 10 spirits in this building with us.  Everyone then went off to explore, myself I ventured to the opposite end of the corridor into a small room and immediately felt like I was being punched in the stomach, not a physical feeling could just sense this.  I felt there were two men in here that had fought.  Louise joined me and said what she had picked up here: A male spirit called Arthur, worked in the building, died in the 1950’s age 41, was married with two children.  His wife had died during childbirth in her 30’s, his children are still alive.  He worked with his brother who also died here, they didn’t get on and fought alot, and a possible fight here.  Whilst on her own later Louise asked spirit to give her a sign, and she had pins & needles suddenly in her left hand.  We stayed for a short while talking to the spirits, I asked for the spirits name I was talking to and was given the name Peter, Louise said she was also given this but when asked if that was the spirits name her pendulum said no, I asked if I was talking to Arthur’s brother called Peter, and my pendulum said yes.  Peter also confirmed there was a fight in this room with his brother.  He was here 1925-1950, and died aged 47.

We joined the guests downstairs, and one guest said he felt uncomfortable in the bathroom and wouldn’t enter that room.  We went with him, and could feel the energy when entering that room.  It felt like a static energy all around us.  I sensed someone had been strangled here, and could feel pressure on my throat.  Louise was also picking up on the same.  All three of us could feel the energy, but also quite bizarrely we all felt it suddenly go at the same time.

Group A – Again we started in the large end room upstairs with showing the guests how to use the rods & pendulums.  We asked spirit what this room was used for and it was the recreation room.  Louise had connected with a female spirit called Mary, she had worked here, and died here, age 49 in 1944.  She worked here in the war as a maid/housekeeper.  She had not married and had no children.  A guest (Kim) joined her, and Louise asked her to see what she could find out from the spirit, and Kim got exactly the same, including the name Mary.  I was with the remaining guests who were initially picking up on the two brothers from earlier, and were surprised by the amount of energies in the room, with rods & pendulums spinning erratically.  We all then went downstairs, and could hear noises, at first thinking they were from upstairs, then realising they were in a room next to them, followed the noise.  They sensed they were talking to a mischievous male spirit.  Louise took Kim (guest) to the bathroom that we felt the energy in earlier, and with no knowledge from myself of Louise, Kim could feel the energy, could sense someone had been strangled, and by using her rods had confirmation that someone was murdered here by strangulation.

Area: Grand Magazine
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette

Group B – I had now moved to the Grand Magazine and started with five guests and myself on the ouija, and Louise with two guests trying table tipping.  The table started moving very gently at first, and establishing their yes & no found out they were talking to two children.  Then the table started moving with a lot more energy, and was able to confirm this was now a male spirit.  On the ouija we didn’t have any movement on the glass, but did feel the table move.  We did try asking spirit to move the table, but with no movement we switched to the writing planchette.  Although we didn’t get any drawings, the planchette did move up and down, and the guests were able to communicate with the spirit this way.  I did join the others on the table tipping, and asked spirit to lift the table up so we could all feel how strong the spirit was by trying to push the table back down, which was incredibly hard.  Two male guests tried the ouija and had some glass movement with the letters P D Q then the glass went to goodbye.  The five guests then tried some table tipping together and had some movement, whilst I joined the two ladies on the ouija.  We had a male spirit called Mark, from 1824 and was married with 4 children.  He didn’t work here, but did live here.

Group A – This group of guests had a lot of experience talking to spirit so didn’t really need our assistance, so initially Louise & I asked spirit to move a chair whilst we rested our hands on it.  And to our surprise the chair started rocking quite fast, and did twist slightly.  I then joined the guests as they had stopped the table tipping and were asking spirit to move the glass on the table for yes & no answers.  They were talking to a 13 year old boy, who worked on HMS Victory as a powder monkey.  He knew Nelson and was involved in battlement on the ship, and had died in combat on the ship, although it did not sink.  He was at the battle of Trafalgar.  He gave the year initially as 1850.  They were fighting the Spanish.  They were also able to establish the spirit’s name was William Henry.  We then switched to the ouija table and the spirit stayed with them.  Asking spirit to spell his name, he gave us William Henry.  Asking for his family name he spelt FUGR twice.  Asking if he meant Fergus – confirmed yes.  He also confirmed he was 13 years old, but the year was 1803.  He had 4 brothers and 1 sister.  He was the middle child.  His mother died in childbirth.  His father and other children fought too.  William died in an accident, a canon had backfired.

Some guests wanted to return to the Admin Building with the Ouija and when they came back said they had spoken to the female spirit Louise & Kim had spoken to earlier, and she confirmed her name was Mary Smith.  Also they took the Ouija in to the bathroom and spoke to the sprit(s) there and confirmed that a man was strangled there because he was gay.

Wow – what an amazing place – still didn’t explore everywhere so definitely looking forward to coming back!

Kym & Louise
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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 24th July 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was the third time that we had investigated the Explosion Museum. The original plan was to use rooms and buildings that would be dark because it was summer. However as it turned out there was no problem with light because 24th July it rained constantly all day and it was a dark and miserable day.

Sometimes we have several members of the team present, but being July some were on holiday so I decided that Kym, Louise and I would hold two different activities in different parts of the site so that the guests could experience different aspects of ghost hunting. The first two sessions, one with each group would be a séance session, followed by a tech and gadget session both sessions would be held in different buildings.

After splitting the guests into two groups I headed off to a building known as C Mag.

We were joined by a spirit called Colin who had a Dorset accent, aged in his mid 20s and was someone who worked in this building unloading explosives. He had a colleague but this person who was aged in his late 30s was only called by a derogatory name; Stupid.

Both séances Colin and his accomplice touched, pushed, twisted and swayed people as part of the séance, many times our arms were lifted as high as we could reach and then pulled downwards so that we touched the floor.

Many guests felt uncomfortable in the room and there were odd noises heard and cold spots felt. The cold spots weren’t in the same place on each session and those who reported the coldness sometimes were the only person who could feel it. On more than one occasion people saw something that they described as a person or a shadow moving behind people. On one of the occasions a guest and I saw something that looked like a person wearing a hooded jacket, turn and walk away from the group. If the workers in this room wore felt suits which is likely during its early days then this could be an explanation of what we saw.

The following two sessions were tech and gadget sessions held in a building known as 309 which is a store room and maintenance room for all the large guns, missiles and implements of war that don’t fit in the main museum. Adjoining this building are the two former cottages.

After explaining how the gadget work and handing out kit to everyone I let people roam around the building. I had also set up a laser grid. I had hoped to use a spirit box, as it was still raining I thought it might be better to listen to that noise, but unfortunately the two spirits boxes that we brought to Gosport neither of them worked, both had the same problem which was a battery leakage. This is strange as our kit is used weekly and it was fine 6 days ago.

Nevertheless guests had lots of activity in both groups with our KII meters and Ghost Meter Pro’s (EMF meters) and had unusual spikes in the cottages. The REM Mel meter also went off a couple of times although we heard it no-one was near it on either occasion to witness what triggered it.

Many times we heard footsteps and strange bangs within the building, every time I asked the guests where they thought the noise came from, everyone pointed in different directions.

All in all this was another great ghost hunt at the Explosion Museum and we look forward to returning later in the year.

Psychic Medium
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Charlton House ghost hunt – 4th July 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 4th July 2015
Greenwich, London

Since we have been to this venue before I decided to move the team around and for different activities to take place in different rooms.

This time around I used the Library for my séance sessions.

I joined Wayne & Paula for their first session in rooms that used to be bedrooms. I pointed out at various times the spirit who I could see, the first one was a stocky chap who was called Antony who was a Rose gardener and he wore a green shirt or top and light brown trousers. Wayne could sense someone in the doorway but did not know who it was.

Also when three people left the room with Paula I noticed that there were two nurses, both dressed in World War One uniforms chatting in the corridor, neither seemed to be interested in what we were doing.

The first group to the Library we started a séance on the lower level and we were joined almost immediately by a strict looking Edwardian gentleman who turned out to be a banker. He was wearing a smart three piece pin stripe suit and a top hat. Whilst he didn’t give me his name he looked to be in his late 50s. As I said at the time, he looked like the bankers from the film Mary Poppins.

The was also an old couple, walking hand in hand down the side of the room holding a small bunch of flowers, both looked to be in their 70s and the man called his wife Agatha. They looked to be on their way to church or to place flowers at a grave side. They did not interact with us.

During the séance we all heard a number of clicks and bangs within the room, one of the guests suggested that this might have been materials of the building cooling down after a hot day, although this sound was not heard by the following group. We also heard footfalls on the upper level but the sounds were not heard by everyone in the same direction.

There were a few arm movements during the first séance and some swinging of arms, this was a soldier from the First World War who was responsible for these movements although he tired quickly and the group did not encourage him to do anything.

After everyone had explored the upper level we held another séance this time sitting down and although no movement was felt by anyone it did increase the energy in the room as we heard a lot more odd noises and towards the end of the session we all clearly heard a noise that sounded like a cane being tapped on the wooden floor twice.

The second group to the Library we started a séance more or less in the same spot as the first and quite quickly people around the circle started to feel pressure on their arms and hands, but more noticeably on their backs and legs. Some people were swaying uncontrollably, others being forced towards the floor.

It seemed that those in a certain spot felt the activity greater than the rest of the guests and some of those who were being moved also felt cold spots and a general coldness (this was on a hot day where the air temperature was 26-28 degrees Celsius in the day and 17 degrees at night).

During the séance we all heard noises that sounded like footfalls on the upper level, these were in different areas to the first group and these noises sounded more complete, like proper footsteps rather than the sound of just one, like something had been dropped.

Several people had their arms moved by spirit too and swayed as there were children spirit about, although I did not see these, but other people in the group could sense them.

A few times the circle of people moved clockwise so that everyone could feel the spot where it was colder and where movement seemed to occur.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity experienced by everyone.

We look forward to returning later in the year.

Psychic Medium
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