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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 9th May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our second visit to the museum and considering the time of year we had planned to use different buildings as it is light later in the evening. However some of the team who came in February wanted to use the same rooms and buildings.

I chose a building called C-Mag (Magazine).

This is one of the older parts of the museum and this magazine felt interesting. A magazines room is where gunpowder or ammunition would have been kept.

Both sessions we were joined by a male spirit called Chester who was a Navy man aged in his early 30s and quite a stern type of person from Second World War era. Chester wasn’t a talkative spirit although he did oblige when asked by the guests.

Chester was able to move the majority of people’s arms and push and pull people. Some of the movements were very gentle when moving the ladies whilst other times very forceful but this only affected the men. The arm movement was on command and the pushing and pulling back only happened to a few people, usually when they least expected it!

On several occasions a few people would be pulled to the floor by their hands and arms, this was also unexpected but not forceful, it was just like a heavy weight being applied to the shoulders, which in turn made each person slowly kneel down.

In the first session at various times we called out for spirit to repeat sounds that we were making, on one or two occasions we heard a whistle back, or a knock. All of these sounded like they came from an adjacent building although this was strange because there is no adjacent building!

In the second session although we asked several times nothing unusual was heard.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with all the guests having some form of paranormal experiences in one of their sessions.

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