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Rye Castle – 25th April 2015 (Kym)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) ghost hunt 25th April 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Area: Women’s Tower/Prison
Equipment: Writing Planchette, Glass Work, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group B – We started with table tipping, and could feel the table trying to move.  Some guests were feeling a tingly sensation under their hands whilst touching the table.  Two guests felt they were being touched on their shoulder at the same time.  But with only slight movement we switched to glasswork.  Ted (curator) was sensing a familiar female spirit nearby, and he was being pushed/pulled throughout, but with no movement on the glass we tried the writing planchette.  Again had no movement on the planchette but could feel the table gently moving again.  Whilst asking for the table to move, Ted & I could sense it was a child trying to move it.  As not much more movement we tried the pendulums & dowsing rods.  Everyone was able to ask spirit some questions, and yes it was a small boy aged around six.  He knew the female spirit, was a mother figure but not his mother.  Ted had the names Emma & John given to him.

Group A – We started with table tipping and the table started rocking immediately.  Asking spirit to move the table to show a yes & no, we established the spirit was a male jailor.  He was the nicer jailor, who didn’t like the other jailor.  The table would move however we asked, lifting a particular way, spinning, and walking towards the door when asked.  We asked spirit to lift/move the table to show us where is was standing, and it lifted towards the corner of the room next to us.  Asking spirit if he would like to communicate with us using the glass or writing planchette he chose the glass.  Again the glass started moving straight away, in very fast circles around the table.  We asked spirit to take the glass towards where he was, the glass now moved towards the door.  Ted commented he often stands in those two places when here.  The jailor answered a few more questions:  he worked in the main building in 1840, the women’s tower was built when he was here, and he was scared of the other jailor who was his boss and not nice to the women.  He was aged 34 and died of natural causes, and was buried in Rye church graveyard.  He was married with no children.  We asked spirit to draw using the glass, his first initial.  He drew what looked like a M or W.  Moving the glass to yes he confirmed it was the letter M.  We asked spirit to try and tell us his name and one guest had the name Matthew, the spirit confirmed this was his name.  We then tried the writing planchette and the pen/planchette started moving in lots of random circles.  We asked again for spirit to draw his initials, which looked like M – O or D – S.  Louise (guest) was feeling unwell during this and had to sit down, and didn’t start feeling better until she left the area.  We did try table tipping again, and again had lots of tipping and spinning.  We also tried pushing the table back down when it was lifted up, and with all taking it in turns was amazed by the strength we had to use to push the table back down on to the floor.  When Ted tried he was unable to push the table back down.  This amazed us all, and we could not believe the power/force behind it.

I love Rye Castle – a fantastic venue, with something different happening every time we go!

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