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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor – 2-6-2012

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Toys Hill & Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 2nd June 2012

You would think that organising a ghost hunt outdoors in June would be a fairly safe bet that the weather would be reasonable, possibly even warm? But no the British weather was unpredictable as ever and instead of a nice warm evening we were treated to a night of torrential downpours, thunder and lightning. Not the best place to be with lightning around, standing under trees on top of a hill holding electronic gadgets and conductive umbrellas!

However we proceeded with the ghost hunt armed with hats, hoods and umbrellas. I decided that due to the amount of rainfall we wouldn’t go to my normal starting point, as this was the most exposed, instead we headed into the woods, where I had hoped that the trees would give us some protection from the rain.

We have never tested our equipment in the rain, but assumed that it would be OK. After handing out KII meters and our ghost communicators to the guests, one of the KII meters showed some brief activity but then promptly stayed lit (when the other KII did nothing). After some brief tests we had to assume that water was affecting the device. The other meters however were working and we managed to get contact with a male energy, who looked like his was from about 12th Century, this was solely due to what I could see him wearing, although he did answer some of the guests questions via our communication devices. We also tried Carl’s (Paranormal Investigator with me) Spirit box and speaker but this proved to be unsuccessful or rather we couldn’t hear any obvious answers above the sound of the rain.

Deeper into the woods we held a séance because although it was raining heavily the tree cover was acceptable and the guests really wanted to experience something. We were joined by a male energy called Norman, he was approximately 5’6” in height and looked to be in his late 40s wearing a white shirt, grey flannel trousers with braces. He was also wearing a grey bowler hat which covered his mostly bald head. Norman gave me the impression that he worked with numbers, possibly an accountant or someone in that field. Norman then proceeded to give the guests some physical activity and he gently pushed the guests forward and then all of a sudden pulled some people backwards, much to their surprise. He also moved the arms of some of the guests. When he was moving the guests, especially when moving Jon (guest) it seemed very forceful. Norman was also able to rock most people, either from side to side or from left to right with ease.

I noticed that there was also a female energy nearby, she seemed to ignore us as she looked like she was out for an afternoon’s walk. She was dressed in expensive looking Elizabethan clothing and she was quite tall, about 5’10” in height and she carried a parasol. She did not interact with us and just walked by.

After the séance I used my spirit box to see if we could get a response and although we heard “hi” and “hello”, when I asked the spirit to say the name of anyone present, we think we heard the name “John” but due to the amount of rain hitting our respective umbrellas it was very difficult to distinguish actual words.

From here we walked back out of the woods, as we were all thoroughly soaked and whilst making our way through the woods the rain stopped briefly. I decided that since it wasn’t raining too heavily if at all, this would be our only opportunity to investigate around the remains of Weardale manor, as this is the most exposed location.

At this spot under some very tall pine trees I became aware of a female energy; either Anna or Annabelle who was standing near to us. She was dressed in a maid’s uniform and she was approximately 19 years old. Once again we had some KII meter activity and some communication. I also tried to do an EVP experiment, although the device would not play back at the time, there were some EVPs recorded but due to the noise of the rain (which had suddenly increased) we cannot clear the recordings up enough to identify the words spoken. We also tried the spirit box again although this stopped working after a few minutes, probably due to the rain. Just as this stopped working we all saw a huge flash of lightning and heard some very malicious thunder claps and decided that we would be better off not standing under the trees during the thunderstorm.

Although a very wet ghost hunt it was enjoyable and the guests did get a physical experience although we were all very glad to get back to the cars for a warm drink.

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