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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 30th May 2015

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 30th May 2015
Rye, East Sussex

I often wonder why we don’t come across more criminal spirits at this venue, however I now believe that this is because what we call criminal today is not as bad as it were 200, 300 or even 600 years ago. This Castle has seen many people over the years and that stealing a loaf of bread is looked down upon in today’s society, but 300 years ago it could have meant spending several days in a cell where fights and disease might have killed a person.

The first group in the Keep the séance started with lots of arm movements, which quickly evolved into twisting and dragging people towards the cells and sometimes the movement would drag a person to the floor, but generally the movement was always towards one particular cell. Once in this cell Amber felt arms around her neck which freaked her out.

However once we came out of the cell the atmosphere for the room had changed, before it was this maleficent sensation, now it was a calm feeling. So I asked each guest in turn to stand by the front window to see what happens. Each guest reported that they felt pushed or pulled (depending on which way they were facing) into the wall. Why this should happen we have no idea, but it happens most of the time to the majority of people.

The second group had a more placid time although there were different spirit around; Gordon a gentleman and Percy, a guard I think I have come across before here. Both who tried to manipulate the guests which did result in some arm movement but nothing like the distinctive movements of the first group.

Once again this was an interesting ghost hunt and we look forward to returning later in the year

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Rye Castle – 10th October 2014 (Kym)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 10th October 2014
Rye, East Sussex

Area: Women’s Tower/Prison
Equipment: Writing Planchette, Glass Work, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

Group B – This was my first visit to Rye Castle this year, so was looking forward to the investigation.  Whilst setting up earlier I had noticed the Ghost Pro was doing a lot of random flashing so decided not to use any electronic equipment.  We started with the pendulums & rods, and all had some movement.  One person didn’t and seeing his frustration, I asked him to control my pendulum, so whilst I was holding it he would ask in his head for spirit to move the pendulum in a particular way, and each time my pendulum moved to his request.  This surprised him.  We were asking the spirit questions, and we were receiving the same information: male, British, died here in his 50’s, possibly 8 or 10 spirits with us.  Ted (curator) was feeling his pendulum being pulled from his fingers.  He felt he had the female spirit of Dorothy with him, but she wouldn’t come closer because the Jailor was present.  One guest, whilst holding the rods, asked for them to rotate continuous, and was surprised when they both did it instantly.  We tried the writing planchette but no movement.  We tried the glass, but only little movement.  We then tried table tipping, and the table lifted up slowly one side, but just stayed there until it fell over.  We tried again and it did the same.  Tash (guest) had started feeling pins & needles in her hand, and when she started feeling stabbing pains, looked down to see her hand had swollen a lot.  The pain then started moving up her arm.  We moved the guests around the table, but Tash’s hand remained swollen and painful.  However, Ted was now in the corner where Tash had been, and he was being pulled backwards off the table, until he was in the corner.  Ted decided he should step outside, and with only a little more movement on the table, we tried the writing planchette again, but without the paper and pen.  The planchette started moving around the table slowly, then the planchette started lifting up and down on one corner.  Then it moved to the edge of the table and started moving around the table edge.

Group A – Started with the rods & pendulums, most receiving movement, and we had between 20 – 25 spirits with us!  Adam (guest) whatever he tried would get no movement.  This seemed to be a pattern all night, as if he was being protected.  We started with some table tipping, and had some movement.  We tried glass work which worked better.  Adam, Ryan & Ted were feeling very cold on the backs of their lower legs. We also heard a noise from outside, the same time as Olly (guest) saw a shadow come into the room.  The spirit on the glass was female, aged 33, passed in the 1450’s, and was just passing through.  However she also said she was connected to Adam, and was protecting him.  Adam then asked some personal questions and was very surprised by the answers ie. asking spirit to draw with the glass the dates he was born, house number, and other significant information.
We had now started with the free session and guests went off to do their own investigation with equipment.  I returned to the Women’s Tower, and my last group were back there talking to the same spirit using the glass.  We did switch to the writing planchette and surprisingly we received a lot of drawings, including initials R G for the spirit, go, no, yes, and then Adams name and a heart.
We then went to the basement of the Castle, which had been used as a mortuary, and tried some table tipping.  With only 15 minutes left we asked spirit to step forward quickly, to which he did.  However with table lifting one way for yes, and opposite for no, it seemed spirit did not want Adam on the table.  With just Ryan and friend, the table started lifting and spinning to everyone’s amazement.

A great end to the night – looking forward to next time !

RYE CASTLE 10.10.14 005

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