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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – Paranormal Investigators – 6-7-2013

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 6th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

Paranormal Investiagtors Report (Jo & Marc)

Session 1: We began our first session with a short seance involving 6 people, myself included. Some firm arm movement was felt between some of the guests, and spirit was using our arms to “push” the male guests. After about 10 minutes we had built up some energy, the group began using the Ouija table to see if Spirit would communicate. From the outset the glass did not move, so we then asked spirit to move the table. The table began to move quite strongly, but seemed to be moving towards one guest in particular consistently. I asked Julie (the guest) to change places with another around the table to see if it would remain the same. The table continued to move towards Julie even in her new position. Marc and I both found this extremely interesting. Marc then suggested trying the Ouija again. This time the glass began to move immediately, and began by spelling out the name STRIVEN. Julie seemed quite moved by this, so we asked her if it meant something to her. It is the surname of a patient she cared for at work who had been moved to another facility and had been to rumoured to have passed away. The glass then spelt out PETER, which she confirmed as his christian name and also his age, 78. Neither Marc or myself were on the table. This concluded this session.

Session 2: This session we had a total of 7 in the group, including Marc and myself. We began again with a short seance, which again saw some arm movement and pushing of the male guests. The group then had a short table tipping session with the table moving between the men in the group, Simon and Jason. After a while we all moved to the tunnel area of the capponiere, where we all began to feel slightly uneasy, particularly the women. Whilst we were standing there, we heard a noise as if something was thrown, and went on to find 2 bullets on the ground which had not been there before. We asked for spirit to throw something else, which we heard in the other room but were unable to find the object. It sounded like a stone. A little while later Charlotte (guest) was standing in the corner of the tunnel and said she felt like she needed to move her arm up and point, as if in arm movement in a seance. We asked her to go with it, and sure enough her arm began to move and finger pointed out, trembling severely. She was pointing at Marc. Just out of curiosity, I asked spirit if they could move her legs as well and to take her to where he was standing. Marc and I were then astounded, she began to move very slowly and in a very unnatural like manor towards Marc. For want of a better description, it was almost like a Zombie walk! She was completely lucid the entire time, but when she reached the wall, Charlotte became extremely emotional, so we removed her from the room and ended the session. This footage can be seen at

Session 3: Again we had seven in the group total. As usual we started with a short seance and had very slight arm movement. We then went on to try ouija and table tipping, both unsuccessfully. The group moved to the tunnel, where we asked one of the female guests (Nickie), to stand in the same corner where Charlotte had been stood in the previous group. She began to feel very uneasy, and was not communicating with us clearly, so we removed her from the room as she requested. We moved back into the main room and asked spirit to throw something again. On demand a stone was thrown, and when found it was still warm as if it had come from outside, it was a very warm evening (approximately 24 degrees Celsius), and freezing in the capponiere (approximately 12-14 degrees Celsius). Another object was thrown, which we unable to find. This concluded this session.

All in all, we feel there was a very angry male presence that really did not like female visitors!     Additional information:   The Ovilus III was used on all vigils with varying degrees of “intelligence” in response to some of the questions we were posing. Planchette contact was sought but to no avail. Additionally, a trigger object, a brass miniature dinner gong, was positioned in the room and spirit was requested to force the disc to move. Regrettably nothing materialised in this experiment. Numerous full spectrum photographs were taken the results of which still need to be reviewed by our experts. High pitched “noises” resembling screaming or perhaps whistling were noted during the evening and remain unexplained. Several instances of “footsteps” were also apparent though this remains inconclusive. Marc heard several low, monotone groans within the capponniere during the evening which remain unidentified and unexplained.

The breakout sessions, towards the end of the evening, proved interesting but with nothing major or tangible to report. Initial, and very brief, review of the various EVP samples has proved interesting and the data can be further analysed and considered during the forthcoming tech night when the team are all present. Female voices are evident on the EVP data which is a surprising development as I do not recall experiencing similar contact or activity such as this before at this venue?

Conclusion: an excellent night overall with some astounding and newly encountered phenomena, least of all the apparent “possession” of the young lady in the first vigil group. Kurt, the ever present “contact” made an appearance (not literally I might add) during the several and various Ouija sessions and on this occasion, portrayed himself as a very low level contact exhibiting no aggression as in previous engagements.

Jo and Marc
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 30-11-2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 30th November 2012
Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is still new to us as this is our second investigation here, however the evidence that we encountered on our first investigation surprised us (the EVPs especially) and we were hoping that the ghost hunt would reveal more to us. We and our guests were not disappointed.

I spent most of the night in the casement galleries which turned out to be the warmest area albeit the most walking to get there.

The first session started with some KII activity and some communication via our electronic equipment but within a matter of minutes we started a séance to get the guests to sense the spirit energy that was present.

His name was Jake and he was a prisoner who had helped to build the Fort, he had short dark hair and was about 6’ tall and of a well-built stature. Although he did not look friendly he seemed a happy sort of person. Jake started by lifting the arms of some of the guests and then some light pushing sensations. Some guests were swayed and twisted.

During the séance heavy breathing, whistles, mumbling and groans were heard from further along the tunnel and since we were the only people in this area and no other group was anywhere near us these remain unexplained. Some guests also reported strange cold spots that emerged and faded around them at various intervals. The area we were in is a sealed area with no possibility for a breeze as all doors were closed and there are no holes for air from outside to come in.

We moved down to the other end of the gallery as the guests wanted to explore, whilst down here I set up a laser grid, which some guests reported seeing the lights change and flicker, two guests volunteered to investigate but came back very quickly because they heard a scream, the rest of us didn’t hear anything.

As we were leaving the area, myself and a guest who were at the back heard footsteps behind us and it sounded like someone wearing dress shoes as opposed to boots, which made everyone want to leave the area quicker!


I took the second group to the same area, as I could still sense that Jake was still around and now had the desire to manipulate the guests more forcefully.

The séance started with lots of arm movement, just about all the guests felt Jake’s energy as he lifted their arms as per the guests requests (which was certain guests asking in their heads). I noticed that there were also two other spirit energies present, both WWII Soldiers, called Dave & Justin. These two energies could obviously see what was happening, they didn’t join in but I could see them laughing at us.

As Jake got more used to moving certain guests the intensity of the movements increased with some guests being pulled downwards to the floor. There were also incidents of peoples arms being moved to stroke the stomachs and hair of other guests. Several guests were twisted and moved into very uncomfortable positions and generally tangled up with each other. Some guests were even forced to the floor and couldn’t get up.

Whilst all this was going on not many noises were heard as we were too busy laughing however just before the end of the séance we all heard a name being called out, I thought it sounded like my name spoken in a female voice. However not all guests could agree on the name spoken.


The third session was also in the same area and room as the second group as the guests wanted to experience the same types of movements.

Once again Jake was present as well as the WWII soldier Justin, once again the spirit energies started to lift the guests arms and move them according to their non-verbal instructions. There was also the same type of stroking attempted, although the guest that this was happening to didn’t like the idea and kept ducking and diving out of the way, which only increased the amount of activity as the spirit energies wouldn’t give up.

Many guests were also swayed and pushed but not quite as spectacular as the second group, this time it was more gentle and controlled.

During this séance many whistles were heard as well as other strange noises which we all heard but couldn’t decide what we were actually hearing, although the noises did sound of a metallic nature.

A couple of times Mercedes (guest) who was opposite me didn’t look well, she also complained of feeling nauseous and on both occasions I had to step out of the séance circle to help her. Both occasions after a few minutes she felt better although on the last occasion she felt drained.

After leaving the area Mercedes felt better although still quite drained.

After we finished our controlled sessions we then let the guests go back to any area they wished to try to get more activity or experience any further activity. All of the guests wanted to experience the Ouija boards again or to investigate the Officer’s Mess. No-one, least of all me, wanted to go back to the galleries, as the staircase to get to this area is a hard one to climb (approx. 130 steps) and it is a lot harder going back up!

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with the level of physical activity much higher than our first investigation unfortunately this time I didn’t record any interesting EVPs or videos, but since we will be returning to this venue in 2013, there will be lots of opportunities to gather more tangible evidence.

The Ghost Hunt Events team on this occasion comprised of:-

Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Psychic Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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